18 April 2015

Sick: Let's Marathon Dramas!

For two days now I've been crazy sick. Yesterday wasn't so bad, but today has been nothing but running fever and a running nose. My poor nose is raw from blowing and wiping it :(

So for two days now I've been holed up in my room for the most part marathoning shows on Drama Fever

I had been working through Emergency Couple since I love my medical dramas, but I watched too much at one time and got burned out. 

17 April 2015

Song of the Night

I think I've already posted all about how much I love Jinkx Monsoon, and the fact that she now has an album! 

The Inevitable Album from Jinkx Monsoon has all sorts of things for everyone, I think. 

Tonight's song is the first song released on her album, Coffee and Wine. 

16 April 2015

Song of the Night

This is one of the songs I loved when I was a kid, but really started to understand the meaning as I got older. I love Tracy Chapman. She's amazing. 

Wishtrend Haul

Ever since my first experience with Wishtrend, I knew I would be back for more. They have such  a wide range of products that make me excited it was only natural to do a full blown haul!

My main reason for the haul was for hair color. I wanted to color my hair and was enticed by the coffee bubble colors from Confume. Hair color I've bought recently here in the states has really disappointed me, and it smells like coffee. I'm a coffee addict, so what more could I ask for?

I've also been in the market for a new eyeliner. I prefer liquid, and what I had just wasn't cutting it. The Wet n Wild wasn't bad, I just found it hard to apply because of the applicator brush being a bit stiff. Same with the Cover Girl liner, it was almost like a magic marker yet the tip wasn't as flexible as I had hoped.

This Rivecowe flexible liquid brushpen eyeliner is an amazing liner. It has the best brush tip I've ever used. It even inspired me to get into full beat! To see the look in full face, go to my instagram!

Having already tried one sort of lip tattoo, I wanted to try another. I've seen reviews all around the blogs lately about Berrisom My Lip Tint Pack and I had to try it for myself. I got it in Sexy Red, which is a pure red, and Virgin Red, a real red. I used it today and ended up layering my Kyoto Red from Tatcha on top of it. It makes a great base for it, and makes it last even longer than expected!

These also came with a My Lip Patch as a bonus gift, and I can't wait to use them. I've seen photos of people using them on other blogs and it excites me like crazy!

My last bit was a hair brush from Eyecandy. As silly as it sounds, I needed one since I haven't brushed my hair in so long I can't remember the last time I used a brush. My kids steal them and leave me to finger through my hair or use a comb if I'm desperate.

Peek a Ru, I see you!

This brush is a volume brush. It's got the strange looking bristles because it introduces air into the hair and makes it have more volume and bounce. It didn't do much for my hair other than make it silky and smooth. My sister, who has very curly hair, used it and it fluffed her mane right out. I love her ringlets so much I'd definitely trade my Cher straight hair for her curls!

My daughter already has her eye on it, and I told her she can't take this one and say that her grandmother bought it for her because it's not something you can find around here!

As always, you always get free gifts with every order from Wishtrend!

I was crazy excited to get more of the B-Salic 2.0 cream (a future purchase waiting to happen), and a mask sheet. My nose needs to finish healing before I can dig into theses masks!

Do you buy from Wishtrend? What are your favorite products? 

15 April 2015

Inspiration and Song of the Night

When I was in my teen years, I had this obsession with Cabaret. I collected records at the time, and found an original cast recording during one of my record hunts. I listened to it so much I'm surprised the record didn't snap in half!

Then I found a copy with the ever great Liza Minnelli in the five dollar DVD bin at my local Walmart and was all over it. Finally putting a face with these characters - remember, this was a time before Youtube - made me fall in love even more. 

I practically wanted to be Sally. 

I obsessively wore green nail polish ("I think it's pretty! I think it's pretty, I reply!), would hunt down cabaret-esque lingerie in my local thrift stores, and learned all of the choreography. 

Of course I have a terrible singing voice, but that doesn't matter. Sally, as she was originally written, did not have a fantastic singing voice. Liza was an amazing Sally, she just wasn't the Sally that John Kander wrote. I was still in love, I cared not.

I wanted it all, from the rosy cheeks to dramatic lashes. 

How can you not just die over those lashes?

I even got false nails and wore them long like that since, at the time I was incredibly ill (story of my life) and my nails peeled back from malnutrition. But that is a story for another day!

I fondly remember finding a vest just like that at Goodwill, made by Bebe I believe, and making some hot pants just like those. Garters, stockings, the whole shebang, just without the hat because I couldn't find one at a thrift store. Just another depressing bit about growing up in a poorer family, I lived in the Goodwill. It had it's perks - I had clothes that no one else in school had other than my bestie, who shopped Goodwill right beside me. Wearing a Christian Dior men's tuxedo shirt as a dress? Yes, please!

As a surprise for my 18th birthday, one of my best childhood friends took me to see the show on stage. He made me think that we had tickets all the way in the back of the theatre, but in the end we were front row center. It is one of my fondest memories to this day. On the way home we sang through the entire cast recording as well as an entire Edith Piaf album. I walked around in a haze for days afterward!

Fun fact: did you know that Liza cut her own hair for the role because she felt Sally would have short hair? She also designed the makeup look for Sally!

For tonight's song, we have one of my favorite numbers from Cabaret. I'm going with the movie because Liza was, and still is, a huge inspiration for me. 

If you ever have the opportunity to see this on Broadway, or with a touring cast, I greatly encourage it! Not only does the story drag you in, but the dancing! *sigh* I loved the dancing. 

Have a great night, everyone!

Skleer Review and Giveaway

Hello, dolls!

Today I have not only a product review, but a giveaway for you!

Skleer is an all natural product that helps to heal all sorts of skin ailments. It is a true powerhouse product. I love that it's all natural and safe for the whole family to use, even on children! This product is designed to make your skin not only look better, but feel better.

It's free of parabens, harmful preservatives, lanolin, hydroquinone, corticosteroids, salicylic acid, retinoic acid, and benzoyl peroxide. My inner nature baby loves this.

14 April 2015

Song of the Night

I'm feeling another drag night. Tonight we are going to go with DWV's Silicone :)

13 April 2015

Holy Grail Lipstick: Tatcha Kyoto Red

I'm generally not a huge lip product girl, but when I got an email newsletter from Tatcha announcing their Kyoto Red, I knew I had to have it. Throw in limited edition, and I'm like a raven darting toward something shiny - I want it and I want it now, haha!

I ordered it on Saturday night, and it got here on  Monday. Talk about fast service!

When it got here, it was this massive box. Unboxing is always one of my favorite parts of getting a product in the mail. 

This is what was inside. 

(Forewarning: this post is extremely picture heavy, mainly because I felt so pretty I kept snapping pictures of myself left and right.)

Song of the Night

This is one of my favorite songs ever, and I wanted to share it tonight :)

Have a great night, everyone!

Natural Anxiety Cure For A Busy World: Nuphorin

If you've followed me long enough, I'm sure you know I've got some pretty raunchy depression and anxiety issues. My list of prescriptions that I take to manage it is pretty crazy; on a regular basis I take Paxil and Valium, and that isn't even touching the things I've tried in the past that gave me really insane side effects. Remeron is TERRIBLE, just for the record. It was a booster for my max dose of Paxil and made me hungry all the time. If I wanted to go that route, I would just smoke pot. Just putting that out there.

As a nature baby and a fan of all things herbal, I was pleased to find this product.

Nuphorin is a fast acting anxiety reliever that acts in as little as 15 minutes to eliminate stress, anxiety, and panic.

I won't lie - I was a bit skeptical at first, but I was tired of all of the stress that regular medicines have been putting on my body.

12 April 2015

Wishtrend's April Deals!

Hello, dearies! Have you already blossomed into spring with flawless skin? 

This month, Wishtrend has rolled out some new coupon codes and goodies for you!

If you spend $55 or over, use the coupon WISHAPR2015 to receive 10% off your order. This coupon is only valid until the end of the month and cannot be combined with any other deals. 

Their second deal for this month is a free gift! Enter WISHGIFTAPR2015 at checkout to receive a full size ElishaCoy Vitamin Collagen Mask Sheet. This can be used on any order! This also ends at the end of the month, so remember to add the code during checkout!

I don't know about you, but I absolutely love sheet masks. I may order some of these masks for myself!

Did you know that Wishtrend has a free shipping zone? Give Wishtrend a try, without the concern of heavy shipping charges. There are always new products cycling through, giving plenty of variety. This month they have added my next splurge of Chica Y Chico Beta-Salic 2.0 Miracle Cream. It's an excellent night cream that will leave your face feeling fresh and moisturized in the morning. 

Happy shopping!

Song of the Night

I'm late tonight because of Game of Thrones!

Did anyone else watch tonight's season premiere? If you did, talk nerdy to me! 

No real reason behind tonight's song, other than it's my bestie's text alert and I hear it go off a billion times when she's here. It gets stuck in my head so now I pass on the head sticky goodness :P

11 April 2015

Song of the Night

I love a good parody. A parody by a drag queen is that much better. For tonight, we are getting a Shangela version of a Bruno Mars hit, Uptown Fish. 

W2Beauty.com Purchase and Experience

I've heard a lot of really good things about w2beauty.com, and the owner Alice, so I decided to give the site a try.

I saw a really cool video she posted for a the Too Cool for School Dinoplatz U.F.O., a multibox that has everything you need to get ready in the morning packed into one convenient little box, on youtube. I was instantly intrigued.

This is the video that convinced me that this is something that I needed to add to my collection:

Cool, huh? 

09 April 2015

I'm Back!

Like magic, my net suddenly came on, even though it was thought by Comcast to be a wiring problem. I'm not complaining, for sure! They are still sending someone out on Saturday to check my lines since some of my channels come in patchy, almost like it's satellite television before a bad storm. No bueno. 

For the last few days, things have been pretty amazing. I've been spending a lot of time with my sister and my bestie, I've received some new products in the mail that I'm going to be writing reviews for, and I've been feeling exceptionally blessed because I won just the right amount of money that I need for a gastroenterologist appointment. I'm seeing a new doctor because I'm very unhappy with the treatment I received at my last gastro doc. $2000 for a colonoscopy and endoscopy after a single initial appointment, then to be told I've got chronic gastritis but not tell me what I need to do to take care of myself? It's time for a second opinion!

Without internet the kids have been mega social. The youngest and I played Super Mario 3 on the Wii for almost two hours the other night. I got some hilarious videos of him being him that I need to upload. He's a total fruitcake when he plays his games, and squeals like a little girl sometimes, hahah. If you want to get an idea of a Purple Haze squeal, I share this video from The Amazing World of Gumball: 

Not having internet was actually really peaceful. The kids were so much more social it was insane. I may turn off the internet more!

I'm so excited to share my Too Cool For School multi box from w2beauty.com with you guys. It is the coolest thing, with all you need to get ready in one little box. Primer, concealer, bb cream and a blush/lippie all in one little neat package that you can carry with you. It's so stinkin cool. 

I also got a lavender oil in the mail today that I can't wait to share. Lavender oil has so many different uses, and I can't wait to share all of the ways I use it! 

Time to play the catch up game now! Thanks for bearing with me. It's so nice to be connected again!

08 April 2015

Will Be Gone For A Bit

My internet is down for who knows how long. I'm at the mercy of Comcast and however long it takes to get someone here to fix my internet and wiring.

For now, keep an eye out on my Facebook, twitter, and instagram. I've still got 4g so I'm not totally disconnected!


04 April 2015

[Sponsored Review] Flower Series Purple Circle Lenses From Lenscircle.com

I have another lens review for you today!

The amazing people at lenscircle.com sent me a pair or the Flower Series Circle Lenses in Purple to review.

Here is some information about these lenses:

Diameter: 14.8mm
Base Curve Radius: 8.8mm
C.T.: 0.07mm (-3.00)
Water Content: 42%
Life: One Year
Power Range: Plano (0.00)
Manufacturer: Geo Medical Inc.

I was expecting a box, since the last two pairs I've gotten have been in a neat little box, but Lens Circle sent mine in an envelope, still very neatly packaged to prevent any damage during shipping ^_^

This is everything that came in the envelope. I was so surprised to see such cute packaging! I think the little leopard bag is tops. 

03 April 2015

[Review] Vita Sciences Maxasorb Vitamin B12 Cream

Upon suggestion of my doctor, I've started taking B-12 supplements. I've always had issues with being tired all the time, and pretty weak, between the different illnesses I've experienced and flat out not eating properly. 

B-12 is a pretty vital nutrient that helps keeps your body's cells healthy, and helps make DNA. You can find it beef, fish, eggs, and dairy products. You can also find it in a lot of fortified cereals and processed foods, something I tend to stay away from. I feel the more processed a food product is, the worse it is for you. 

Your body needs B12 for energy, in addition to the great things it does for you on the cellular level.

Rather than get the B12 injections like my doctor suggested (I hate needles unless it's IV), I decided to try taking the pills, which you can get at any pharmacy or health food store. Then came another problem; all of the pills I already take for my illness combined with the vitamins I had put myself on made my digestive system go absolutely bonkers. (For those of you who don't know, when you take muscle relaxers or opiates and other lovely things like that, you will get constipated. It's not a possibility, it's an unfortunate fact. Think about your worst period cramps ever, from abdomen all the way across your lower back. Then make them last for weeks on end rather than that one week when Aunt Flo comes to visit. That is what I generally experience at any given moment.)

I knew there had to be a better way. 

Thanks to Brand Backer, I've been able to take one less vitamin because now I can absorb it through my skin!

01 April 2015

Wish, Try, Love With Wishtrend!

Get rid of your acne scars with Wishtrend!

Watch the video below to learn how to take care of your skin, for all skin types! 

All products in this video can be found on Wishtrend. This is a fast sale, so be sure to get your kit before April 2nd! The usual price is 99.78, but right now it's on sale for 54.99. 

Even if you do not take advantage of this great deal, watch the video. It's full of great tips ^_^

[Review] Youth Glow Eye Gel from goPure Naturals

My eyes are puffy. 
Most of you who have been following me for some time know that I have issues with under eye redness and puffiness, with dark circles to boot. 

I'm always on the lookout for a new eye gel to try to see if I can reduce the puff and stuff that is going on under my eyes. As one of my favorite features, I want them to have the best canvas to stand out on. 

When I found this on Brand Backer, I got really excited. This product is designed to reduce dark eye circles, puffiness, and wrinkles. It's made with all sorts of all natural goodness, which gave me very high hopes. 


goPure Naturals was started by a mother, Erin Keyan, who was shocked to find that so many products contain toxic and dangerous chemical ingredients. Her solution? Create a company that only has the best natural ingredients that women can trust and use to look their best. 

If you really look at the labels of the products you use, the ingredients can be shocking! Then you ask yourself, why am I using these products? What are they doing to my skin? 

I Am Glad I Stayed Home

My sister came back to my house before the funeral even started yesterday. 

Apparently they had B's hair slicked back, his beard braided to the side like it was in the hospital for the trach, and the put him in a long sleeved gray shirt that he would have never worn in life. 

B always had a long and crazy beard. His hair was wild. He liked to show his ink, or he was wearing his blue plaid overshirt with an old beat up concert t-shirt underneath. 

This is the B I remember. The brilliant artist that liked to scat, bebop and sing while he worked. 

This is the guy I remember, who liked to go to concerts, party with his buddies.

L to R: Keith, Patrick, and Brian
That person my sister described to me is not him. It's just not him. He wouldn't have wanted his ink covered. He wouldn't have wanted the stitches where his trach was sewn shut to be showing. They could have at least had the decency to cover it with a flesh toned bandage. 

They didn't put his jewelry on him. He always wore an onyx ring that had to be cut off in the hospital when his fingers started to swell. They weren't going to cremate him with it. His mother, who has not been in his life for almost ten years, came in and took it. She said she wanted him to look as he did because she wanted to remember her baby like he was before he passed. 

Not as B, but as a man dying in a hospital bed. 

My sister took her to task, right there in the funeral home. She wanted to put his jewelry back on him. She wanted to take his beard down like he always wore it. His mother would not give in, so my sister basically told her to fuck off and came back to my house where we cried it out. 

Last night all of the people that loved him the most (ie not his family) got together out at the prairie and did a bonfire for him. My poor sister was so hung over this morning XD She doesn't drink often, and her boyfriend made her Captain and Coke (with more Captain than Coke) so she was a hot mess this morning. 

We also had a talk with our friend who is dealing with issues of her own with a loved one with drug abuse. We are all a big family, blood doesn't matter. We don't want to see the other loved one in the same situation as B. 

I can't stress this enough; if you have someone who is dealing with addiction, please get them help. Don't let them fall into the same trap that B did, dying in a hospital after his body just gave up from too much abuse. 

It's so hard to beat, but it's possible. I did it. I was never into IV drug use because I hate needles, but I used to love my opiates. I even thought about hurting myself just to go back into the hospital so I could get more opiates. 

Thankfully I have a very supportive family and a big sister who would kick my ass if I ever dreamed of harming myself to get a fix. 

Just thinking about it has given me a migraine again. 

I just feel better knowing that B isn't in pain, but he'd be pissed with the way the funeral turned out. 

31 March 2015

The Funeral Is Today, And I'm Not There

My sister came over earlier to get ready for B's funeral. My boyfriend couldn't go since he works, and I can't bring myself to do it. I cannot remember him like that, I just can't. It breaks my heart that my sister has to go through it, because she is like me and can't stand the idea of remembering him in a coffin and would rather remember him as the loud and crazy dude he was. She's mainly there for her boyfriend's sake, because B was like his brother. 

I know one of the first shop owners he worked for, who has also passed, is beating B up left and right for doing what he did. Doc would have never stood for it, the drug use. 

At least now he's pain free. That's all I can ask for. 

See you on the other side, brother. 


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