02 March 2014

It's Adventure Time!

Those of you who know me know I am a gamer.

You also know I love the Cartoon Network Show Adventure Time.

When I discovered that Cartoon Network was giving free downloads of an Adventure Time game, I jumped on it!

Until June, you can get a free download of Ski Safari: Adventure Time for your tablet or phone by going to http://www.cartoonnetwork.com/freeapp. Go there, get your code, and play away.

I downloaded it because I love Adventure Time (and free junk), and it is awesome! I have played the crud out of it and I absolutely love it. It's one of those games where you go in one direction and can jump out of the way of obstacles, but there are so many friend combos to discover. And you can surf a bear on a cloud. Yeah. Surf a bear on a cloud. And who doesn't want to surf a bear on a cloud.

Go while it's free. Take Finn on a ski adventure. Dress him in his pa-jay-jays and surf on a banana guard down a slope of pink gum looking stuff. You won't regret it.

19 February 2014

Song of the Night

Must be jelly, 'cause jam don't shake!

I love me some Ru. Gotta get myself excited for season six of Drag Race. Monday, kittens!

27 January 2014

ImPress Quickie Review

On a whim today I decided to pick up a pack of imPress nails by Broadway Nails. I wanted to go to the salon and get my nails done, but I'm tight on money and still wanted to feel pretty.

A small shopping spree and $32 later at Walgreens, I was home with my nails and a small bag of other beauty booty (which will be covered in later quickie reviews).

Being the girly girl, I had to get the dots and bows. They were the only super cute pair there (to me), so they had to come home with me. 

Application was easy enough. Find the right fit, peel, and stick. Easy peasy. 

The result was also really cute and comfortable. 

The packaging is also super adorable!

It made me feel like a teenager again, using the press on nails XD

The package said that they would last for about a week, though mine only lasted a day or two. These are great for a one night event, or a job interview. They didn't last very long on me, mainly because I'm a stay at home dog mommy/student that always has her hands in something that is hard on nails.

If you're looking for a quick feel good item to make yourself look and feel good, this is it. Don't buy them looking for results longer than a few days.

02 November 2013

Broken Ankle Blues Part 5000

My ankle still hurts me on the daily. It's been nine months and I'm still ready to chop this thing off and go all Hershel. 

The pain varies day by day, like today my entire foot is swollen and I feel like my metal is gonna blow out on me when I walk. Some days it is the pins, like yesterday. 

I wonder if I pushed myself too hard to get out of my wheelchair. 

When I got my tickets for Spooky Empire, I was determined to not be in my chair when I met Norman Reedus, since he was the entire reason I was going. I pushed myself through physical therapy and was walking and had full range of motion a lot earlier than most people with my same injuries. I was gonna walk and stand for a photo op, damn it!

Then he cancelled and I kinda went a little nuts - I had spent my entire tax return on tickets and hotel, not counting the pain I had gone through to get out of that fucking chair. 

I'm not blaming Norman Reedus by any means, even though he's the reason I pushed so hard. Sounds fucking ridiculous, doesn't it? I did get to come back to work earlier than what I was supposed to, so it isn't all bad. I'm just left in a lot of pain on the daily because I am an over achiever that wanted to walk and not be Wheels while my best friend was Leg Man at the convention. 

I'm still proud that I kicked the opiate addiction I developed during that time. Cold turkey. Like a boss. 

Some days I'm still ready to cut the damn thing off. 

30 May 2013

Revamped Maybelline Routine

Hi, guys!

Things have been so crazy, like always, and I haven't really had time to sit down and blog at all. I may start making videos!

This post is an update to my makeup routine. Recently I decided to go on a complete overhaul of my makeup kit and start from scratch since a lot of my products were older and needed to be binned.

Lately I've been on a huge Maybelline kick. All of the products I currently use, except for my eyeshadow and my face care, are Maybelline.

My base product is their Dream Matte powder. Not only does it smell good, it offers just enough coverage for my face. I don't have many blemishes, so I do not feel the need for a heavier product. This product does come with a sponge under the powder in a little twist out compartment, though I don't use it. I use a kabuki brush instead since I like how it lightly deposits the powder on my skin, giving me the ability to build it up for more coverage if I need to.

The Dream Matte powder also prevents my face from getting oily, something that all of my previous foundations failed to do. All day wear, no greasies even in the nastiest of Florida conditions. It's an A+ in my book!

The second addition to my collection was a new mascara. I already used their The Colossal Cat Eyes, and it was time for something different. I didn't like how I would end up with clumps with the Cat Eyes so I decided to deviate from the norm and picked up a tube of Volum' Express The Mega Plush.

It's fantastic! The brush isn't curved like Cat Eyes, and I like it a lot more. I have no clumps and mega lashes that just pop! As always, I do one coat all over and then a light coat on the ends after the first coat has dried. It makes my lashes look amazingly plush and glam.

I also needed a new eyeliner. I've never been a true fan of pencil or kohl, preferring the liquid and gel liners instead. Since I was out of liquid I picked up a pot of Eye Studio Lasting Drama gel liner. It was a lot easier to use than I expected, since I have had varied results with gel liners before. I like the brush that comes with it. Unlike other gels I've tried before, this brush is extremely soft. It's got the ability to create a super dramatic deep line, or a thin simple line for day. The staying power is tops, as is the ease of application. This isn't in my every day routine, but definitely worth mentioning.

My final grab was two tubes of Color Whisper lipsticks. The color is so light and airy. I don't normally use lipstick since my lips are massive enough and the extra color just adds attention to them. I feel I can wear these without having to worry. It's just enough color to add definition, but not enough to drown me out.

I lucked out and found a duo pack of Baby Lips on sale at Walmart last week, so I picked those up too. I'm not as thrilled about those since they have a shimmer to them and make me look a bit drowned out.

So that is my updated makeup bag! I'm in love with all of the products except for the Baby Lips. I think I've finally found something that sets well with me ^_^

I also got my confirmation email today that I've been selected for another Influenster VoxBox program for summer. My box should arrive mid-June, so keep your eyes peeled for new reviews of the products they send me. If you would like to know more about Influenster, and how you can become an Influenster yourself, visit www.influenster.com and sign up. You never know, you may have a VoxBox of your own to review one day!

Stay golden, dears!


08 May 2013

Quickie Review: Clear Hair & Scalp Therapy Mask

I'm a little pressed for time today, so I'm going to do a quickie review on a product that has become a staple for me.

I've been using the Clear products since I got some complimentary bottles from the Influenster program. I've totally fallen in love with the line, and my hair has never been better.

I currently use the Damage & Color Repair products. When I saw they made a hair mask, I was on board.

The mask has the consistency of a deep conditioner, very thick. It smells just like the shampoo and conditioner, which was a perk for me since I am picky about the scent of products that I use. The other products smell absolutely heavenly. I would have been disappointed if this didn't follow suit.

After shampooing and conditioning, slather a generous amount on your hair and let it sit for three to five minutes. Rinse, then style as usual.

I could tell a good difference from my first use. My hair was softer and had more body than it did just from the shampoo and conditioner alone. I've gotten many compliments. Thus far, I've used it only once a week. That's all I really need since my hair is naturally oily to begin with.

One of my favorite things is the repair job it's done. I've done a lot of coloring, more than I should have done in recent years. My hair finally looks healthy again.

You can find this product for around $5 from your local drug store.

04 May 2013

Being A Set

Anyone who knows me knows I spend a load of time on Twitter. While there, I generally get to see and participate in some amazing conversation.

The topic that struck me tonight was someone talking about how they wanted to find that special person that they could settle down with, and being tired of single life.

I know, I may not seem like a good authority on something like that since I have been in a relationship for the past seven years with an amazing man. That seven years has given me time to really grow into my own skin and change as a person. I am a much different person now than I was when we first got together.

What was behind the growth?

Major soul searching. I started to realize that I wasn't getting any younger, that I needed to devote more time to number one before I could truly be a good piece for a set.

I went back to school, threw myself more into art, started writing more, expanding my horizons in general. It's made me much more comfortable in my own skin. I've started to discover what is really me, and I am really digging who that chick is.

The best part? It's the total opposite of the other part of my matched pair!

I'm a total punk rock chick deep down, and he's gangster rap. I'm an adult sparkling fairy princess, and he's darker and twisted. I'm a language enthusiast who loves to read - he's video games and movies.

What makes us work so well is the fact that we are so different, and we roll with it. I am comfortable in who I am, he's comfortable with who he is, and that is why we have lasted so long. There are no fronts, no lies, just openness and acceptance.

It really boils down to loving yourself. Love yourself and you open so many doors to the love of others. Knowing who you are and what you are all about will lead you to more easily accept others and their inner sparkling fairy princess or soccer hooligan.

Try something new. Take a cooking class. Walk around your house naked. Watch a movie that you never thought you'd enjoy. Express your inner feelings with glob of clay.

You will be surprised what a little soul searching can do. You're a damn awesome person, you just have to find who that person is.

In the great words of RuPaul, "If you can't love yourself, how the hell are you going to love somebody else?".

20 April 2013

The Fat and the Furious

I think I have hit rock bottom wardrobe wise.

I have nothing in there, other than large t-shirts, that fit properly.

Even my jeans are snug to the point that they are uncomfortable.

So what did this tubby bitch do?

I bought leggings. Like six pairs of leggings. Since they can expand with my waistline.

For those of you who are unaware, I gained about 20lbs since I broke my ankle. I feel enormous, even though I'm barely 140lbs. This is the largest I've ever been, and I'm simply miserable.

To make matters worse, I'm starting to slip back into some of my old eating disorder habits, such as eating very lightly, if at all, and exercising until I nearly throw up.

The icing on the cake was my roomie telling me she likes the way I look, a bit pudgy. She told me last night that when I was my normal size (of about 110lbs, still big to me) I looked almost ana skinny. And I was absolutely nowhere near ana skinny. Been there, done that, earned the name Skeletor.

(She is a larger girl herself, so I'm not sure if she was being honest, or nice/nasty.)

All in all, I feel pretty terrible about myself right now. I haven't felt this way since I did have the eating disorder. I'm afraid that I will slip right back into old habits. As they say, old habits die hard, especially when it comes to ED. It's like it's always there, at the back of your mind, nagging you. "Don't eat that, you'll regret it." "Oh, you want to eat that piece of chicken? You must love thick thighs."

It doesn't end. It's a fight that I don't feel I'll ever win, both on the weight gain side and then on the battling the ED relapse side.

Let me be clear, telling someone with an ED to eat a sandwich isn't constructive. It's just going to make me mad.

I need to get this weight off the healthy way this time. I can't go back to how I was. I was sickly, too thin, and always cranky. I need to be healthy.

19 April 2013

Most Awesome Professor Ever

I have the best professor ever.

He's given  me until the end of the summer to complete my finance course.

No word from the leadership prof. Little pissed.

That's life.

Back to finance. I'm so far behind I need to double time it if I plan to make it out with an A.

18 April 2013

Spooky Empire Orlando and Norman Reedus

Hello, lovelies!

Life has certainly turned for the better since I broke my ankle.

I've got a strange new family unit going on, I've become incredibly active on Twitter, and I've decided to spend more time focused on me.

My first act of focusing on me rather than work was purchasing tickets for me, my bf, and bestie for Spooky Empire in Orlando. They have tons of guests coming, but my initial target was Norman Reedus.

Who is Norman Reedus?

Unless you've been living under a fucking rock all of your life, you'll recognize him from such roles in the two Boondock Saints movies, as well as Daryl Dixon on The Walking Dead. He's also done various smaller roles in television, quite a few movies (Blade II is an example) and he's pretty much got his own video game (The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct). Then there is his modeling career.

All in all, this man has a pretty vast portfolio under his belt. He's also one of the most humble actors you'd ever wanna meet. Proof? Ask some of the lovely Reedsluts on Twitter that have had the chance to meet him.

When I found out he was going to be at Spooky Empire in May I jumped on that shit. Jumped on it.

Mainly because I want to see if he is really as humble and nice as everyone says. No man that looks that good can be that humble. Most highly attractive men I've ever met in my life were either total douchebags, or just nice enough to get you into the sack before they turned into total demon seeds.

I also wanna ask him if he will let me touch his titanium eye socket. I'll gladly offer my titanium ankle up in exchange. My ankle doesn't feel so weird, so I don't imagine his eye will feel so strange. I also want to know who did his surgery and how on earth he came up pretty much scar free. I'm going to have an ugly scar for the rest of my life on my ankle thanks to this break and surgery. Meh, chicks dig scars, so I think I'll be alright.

As a last hoorah, I want to ask him if he will switch glasses with me for a picture. My Hello Kitty glasses for his Ray Bans. I highly doubt that is going to happen.

I've decided I'm going to wear my Things That Make My Dick Hard shirt, add his name to the bottom, and possibly say "guurl, you made me pop my tuck" if I think about it.

That's if I even make it through the autograph line. I've heard his lines are notoriously long and I possibly won't even get to meet him. That will make me pretty sad, considering I've spent an upwards of four hundred dollars already between tickets and a hotel room for three.

Another really exciting thing about this horror weekend is a Warriors reunion! I told my bf about that, and he immediately wanted to go. Then I leaked that Norman would be there and he got even more excited.

The couple that fangirls together stays together.

26 March 2013

Spooky Empire 2013

Since I didn't get to go to the other con I wanted to attend, I have decided to go to Spooky Empire in Orlando this year.

I've bought the tickets so there is no excuse now, and anyone who tries to stop me can go suck dog buns.

This year Norman Reedus is going to be there, and that is my main reason for going. I really admire him as an actor and as a person. From what I've been told, he is an extremely humble person and very nice to his fans. If I read right, he rescheduled his flight on Sunday just so he could finish up with fans at the con he was at in Ohio. If that's not sweet, I don't know what is.

Now I'm waiting on a friend of mine to work on my cane. I got my cast off today, and I'll have my walking boot until May, so I'm going to need a cast for long distance walking.

I also need to work out some outfits.

My I <3 Daryl and Walking Dead sweatshirt are coming in on Friday. The rest of the things I wear I am going to sew myself. I'm thinking of doing something that is inspired by the Day of the Dead. That would be wicked sweet.

For now, I need to start getting muscle tone back in my leg. My calf has atrophied so much that I now have a leg that looks like it belongs on a young child. It's so skinny compared to my other leg. If the rest of my body matched up, I wouldn't mind being that thin!

23 March 2013

Saturday Night Randomness

Nothing much has changed in Vonnie land. 

I'm still wrapped up to almost my knee thanks to my lovely break. My incisions still itch, and I still have mini bouts of rage/pissiness because I'm so frustrated. It really sucks, this cast life foolishness.

So, to bide my time at home, I've been mostly looking up funny pictures on the internet to lift my spirits, and watching The Walking Dead.

First I wanna share a picture that totally tickled me.

This is wallpaper size, so enjoy Adventure Time fans! One day, I'm going to use this as an insult, probably at a totally random and inappropriate moment. Try saying 'dog buns' and not giggling. 
Can't do it, can ya? 

Watching the hell out of The Walking Dead has really taken my mind off of matters. They are going through so much shit in that show it's hard to really feel down on yourself. 

I do have a bit of beef  - when the hell are we going to see Melissa McBride's name in the opening credits, huh? We get everyone else BUT her and it's pissing me off. 

Carol has been my favorite character from day one. At first, I couldn't really explain it. What would attract me to such a weak human being that has allowed herself to be convinced that she deserves the beatings her husband dishes out on her, to defend him after he has his ass handed to him by Shane? Everyone I know didn't like her because they felt Carol was useless, a waste of space. 
Need I remind you that it was Carol that got everyone out of the CDC? 

I could see something that my friends couldn't. Given the time, even the weakest person will thrive in an environment when they absolutely have to. She could have offed herself after Sophia's death, but she didn't. She carried on. 

Then, between seasons two and three, something changed. She came back as a total kick ass chick. There was a sudden spark, a fire behind her eyes. 
As the season has continued, she's continued to grow. I'm hoping that next season we will really get to expand more on the lesser focused upon characters like Carol, and Milton if the poor guy doesn't meet his end in the last two episodes of this season. 
As for Caryl (the Carol/Daryl ship), I ship it like a mothafucker. What of it? 

Since I'm in a much better mood, it's time for some small Carol/Melissa spam. She's just beautiful. If you have anything negative to say, save that breath for suckin' some dog buns. 

That outfit I find enchanting. I've just never been svelte enough to wear something like that, even at my smallest.

Season 3 Carol ready to stab some walkers in the face with that tire iron. Season 1 Carol would have hesitated, I think. 

 And, for good measure, this one always makes me smile. 

Maybe once something starts going on in my life I'll blog something that is really worth a damn.

For now, stay golden and I'll see you next time, same bat time, same bat channel.

18 March 2013

Song of the Night

This is my jam for the night. No introduction needed, I feel. Enjoy. 

17 March 2013


Lately I've been going through a lot of changes and made some decisions.

In roughly a year, I will be moving to Georgia with my boyfriend, one of our closest friends, and her children.

We are looking into property with land attached, and have discussed ways of becoming totally self sufficient and pretty much off of the grid as far as power and other means of consumption are concerned. We're going to have our own garden so we can grow and can our own food, I'm going to have chickens for fresh eggs, and we are going to rely on hunting during season to feed us the year round. We also plan on making most of our clothing, personal hygiene supplies, and pretty much anything else that we need that we can make ourselves.

Along with those changes comes the decision that I will no longer be studying finance. It just isn't where my passions lie anymore.

After my experience at the hospital, and my newfound courage when it comes to needles, I think I want to go into the medical field.

This works, mainly for the fact that the second largest hospital in Georgia is located in the city we will be moving to. Bonus number two? It's got one of only two level one trauma centers in the state of GA.

And if I need a change of scenery for a few days, Atlanta is only about an hour or so away. Endless restaurants, shopping, concerts, and cons. Life will be good.

Reflecting my change in attitude and mentality, this blog will be changing as well. I know it's gravitated away from a beauty blog. It did that a while ago. Now this will be my personal space for whatever the hell suits me at the time. It will also be my log of daily life.

I thank all of my followers that were following this fledgling beauty blog, and I hope you don't decide to unfollow because it isn't targeting the same demographic it once did. I've met some amazing people through this experience thus far and hope that you will grow along with  me.
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