03 March 2015

Song of the Night

I'm feeling a very new wavey vibe tonight, so tonight's song is from The Pet Shop Boys. This is one of my ultimate favorite songs of theirs, West End Girls. 

As a bonus, we are going to have some 80's Madonna as well!

The video is made up of clips from one of my all time favorite movies, Desperately Seeking Susan. My teenage wardrobe was so inspired by Madonna in this movie! I even made my own train case that I carried all of my stuff in, though mine isn't round. I still have it!


xx Vonnie

[Sponsored Review] Bunny Color Brown Circle Lenses

Hi, everyone!

Today I have a review from Klenspop, or simply Lenspop as they are known in Korea.

I cannot even explain how good these lenses make me feel! Lenses, a little of natural makeup and I feel like a total diva! I feel beautiful.

Before we get into the fun stuff, I want to give you a little information about the product. 

These are the Bunny Color in Brown, which retail for $13.00. 

They have a 14mm diameter, a graphic diameter of 13.8mm, and a base curve of 8.6mm. Their water content is 38%, which makes for happy Vonnie eyes, and a life span of one year. They were made in South Korea. 

My lenses arrived in this neat little shipping box.

Inside, they were very securely wrapped in multiple layers of bubble wrap to protect them. This was very snug in the box, something that pleased me because I knew I was getting a product that was not damaged in shipping. 

After a little digging through the wrapping, I got to the main prize!

This is the back of the box, with basic instructions for how to insert your lenses. Very handy for first time users!

These were the items inside the box: the Bunny Color lenses in brown, a case (it's upside down here - when it's the right way it has a pink lid and a clear lid clearly marked with L and R so you know which lens is for what eye) and a pair of tweezers. These come in handy if you have long nails!

I ended up using a cotton swab to remove them from the jars because I was not very handy with the tweezers!

Here is a closeup of the bottles. 

I tried my hardest to get a good image of the lenses in the bottles, I just shake a little too bad to get such delicate images. 

I managed to get one, though I'm not sure how I feel about it. 

I soaked them in Opti-Free Puremoist solution overnight and put them in first thing this morning. 

I was so surprised how thin these lenses are! I had a little trouble getting them in because of how thin they are. They kept getting caught on my eyelashes ^_^

These were my first pair of circle lenses, so they were a bit uncomfortable at first, but after I had them in for a while and got adjusted, I couldn't even tell they were there. 

Now for the good stuff: how they look!

It's really hard to tell here since my eyes are so darn dark, but on the right there is no lens, and there is one on the left.

With Flash

Without flash, natural light from my window (which you can see reflected in my eye).

Then I got a little bit too carried away because of how good they made me feel. I threw on some natural makeup and went to town with my phone. 

This is more natural light. I think adding the makeup really brings more attention to my eyes and how beautiful the lenses are. 

This is outside in the sunlight, lounging in the hammock. I love the reflection of the trees in my eyes!

More Hammock Vonnie, full sun, full happy. 

More outside. I got rather carried away with my camera. 

And with my glasses! Serving that little "I know when the world is going to end and you don't" smile realness. 

Overall, I adore these lenses. 

I would definitely recommend these to a first time circle lens user because of how thin and comfortable they are. If you haven't had any experience with contact lenses before the initial shock of the lens being in your eye can  be a bit uncomfortable. I felt a little initial discomfort and it went away very quickly. I've been wearing them for almost six hours now, closing in on that eight hour recommended limit. 

Since my eyes are already initially so dark, no one has really noticed I'm wearing them if I don't point it out T_T

I've actually forgotten that they are in until I look in the mirror! Such comfort!

Between my new phone having a great camera, and feeling so beautiful in these lenses, I think I've become a bit too camera happy! I love, love, love how I look

Thank you so much, Klenspop, for sending me these lenses to review. I feel so beautiful!

xx Vonnie

02 March 2015

Song of the Night

Since I'm in such an amazing mood tonight, we are going to go with something upbeat that makes me want to dance! 

I'm on such a RuPaul high, we are getting more Mama Ru tonight! She definitely brings the beat. 

Great Day

Good evening, lovelies!

Today has been an AMAZING day. 

I made it both to therapy and to my doctor's appointment without getting sick in the car. I did so well that my fabulous boyfriend took me and bought me a new phone! It's an LG G2, the same thing he has. I really wanted an iPhone since I'm an Apple whore, but the G2 has this really cool feature built right into the camera called Beauty Shot that will smooth out and brighten your skin. Built in photoshop. What more can a girl ask for? The camera is also something like 13 megapixel, so it takes fabulous pictures with both front and back facing cameras. He also got me a cutesie pink case so we can tell our phones apart - he has the same phone and his has a blue case. 

Since stupid me gave him the wrong pin number for my Virgin phone, we had to go back up later that day and give the wireless center the right pin so they could turn off my iPhone's service. What was supposed to happen was I go to therapy, he goes to the wireless center and buys the new phone, ports my number over to said new phone, iPhone service would end, and I'd have a brand spankin new phone by the time I got home from having my head shaked and baked. 

Armed with the wrong pin, my phone service never cut off. Generally it can take as little as 15 minutes, all the way up to 45 minutes. Not four hours. 

We went to a second doctor's appointment (I'm fine, just a Nervous Nancy), then to the phone store where we got it all straightened out. 

From there I walked around the corner to The Tobacco Place, competition of the place I used to work and where I currently refuse to shop. They carry these amazing Smoke Odor candles (which you can buy at Smoker's Outlet Online) and I bought three. When I say these candles are the shiz, I mean they are the total shiz. They will hide any odor from tobacco and cigarette smoke to pets. People that come to my house don't realize I have a cat half of the time. Anyway, I bought Brazilian Coffee which smells just as delicious as it sounds, Sugar Skull which smells like a men's cologne or possibly deodorant, and Spring Flowers which smells just like the Sunflowers perfume that my aunt used to wear in the mid to late 90's. 

The rest of my purchases aren't exciting. A really cool phoenix cigarette case, a digital scale (tiny, and much more accurate than any kitchen scale I've ever used!), and something else my boyfriend tossed onto the counter. 

Most of all I'm pleased that I was able to make it all around town today without getting woozy in the car once! I was able to go on a little shopping spree, even if it was a tobacco store! My doctor is so proud of my progress. 

On top, I got to watch the premier of RuPaul's Drag Race! I'm living for Miss Fame and Violet Chachki! I imagine the episode will be put online tomorrow on Logo's website. Watch it, kiki with me! I'm on twitter, facebook, and google plus. Let's talk about all of the eleganza!

I'm going to let Anna describe how today felt for me: 

I'm also really excited because I got a package in the mail today that I'm SOOO ready to share with all of you, plus another piece of exciting news that I will be sharing with you later. Here's a sneak peak of the package. 

 Any guesses, darlings? 

I hope your day has been as amazing as mine, and if it wasn't just take some advice from Miss Large and In Charge herself, Latrice Royale: get out there, be sickning, and make them EAT it!

Have a great night!

xx Vonnie

01 March 2015

Introducing Wishtrend

Good morning, dearies! I hope you had an excellent weekend!

Today I want to introduce you to an amazing store that has all of your beauty needs covered:

Wishtrend believes that as long as you wish to be beautiful, you will be beautiful. They offer a huge range of Korean brands with everything from skincare to makeup, even beauty tools for both men and women.

Wishtrend brings the best and newest Korean beauty products to you all in one place. No more searching far and wide for the latest and greatest, because Wishtrend has it.

They strive to bring you the best quality products at affordable prices, straight from the manufacturer. You can feel confident that when you order from Wishtrend, that you will not be getting any counterfeit products, a problem I've noticed in the Korean beauty scene for quite some time now. You are getting the real deal at the best price.

You can find brands such as Skin Factory, who makes amazing sheet masks, and Le Nail for those of you who love nail art. If you're like me and have problems with blackheads, check out the SKINMISO Pore Beauty Nose Pack. Follow the link to see before and after pictures - it's amazing what that product can do.

All orders over $69 will have free shipping, and there is always samples with every order. How lovely is that? They also include a surprise gift in your box! I don't know about you, but I do love a good surprise. It always makes my day better ^_^

Orders are shipped worldwide, so no matter where you are you can enjoy the best of the best of Korean beauty.

Their site is also full of information about how to use the products they sell, tips and tricks. For those who are unfamiliar with a product, all of the information you could ever want is right there waiting for you on each product page. It is a feature I have never seen at another store, and I feel it really makes a difference in helping you decide which product is right for you.

If you still have any questions, their customer service cannot be beat. Emails are responded to within twentyfour hours. The dedication they have for you, the customer, is nothing like I have ever experienced in other stores. They are prompt, courteous, and more than willing to help you through anything you need.

Visit Wishtrend today. Change your skin, change your life!

Song of the Night

Since I'm super depresso girl right now, we are going with some Marilyn Manson tonight. 

As a former addict, this song speaks to me. Mentally it takes me back to those days. I'm glad I was able to escape the grip of addiction with my family by my side. Opiates are very nasty things. 

Just remember - you can beat it. 

Everything Sucks Today

I am having one of those days where I just hate everything. Like everything just freakin sucks.

I feel I have been very blessed in the past few weeks, with many wonderful things happening, so I feel really terrible that right now everything is making me mad.

I think it is because of my jerk neighbor. He had the police at his house last night and I had information on the situation that they were there about, so my boyfriend and I ran across the street to talk to the cop (a personal friend of ours), and my neighbor looked at the cop and said "I don't want those two on my lawn". I wanted to tell him to stop being such a fucking chode, but I kept my cool.

Since then, his negative energy has made all of my happiness turn into dark and ugly clouds that are covering all of the happy good things and making the insignificant bad things seem like life threatening disasters.

A few weeks ago I shattered my phone screen. It isn't terribly bad, but my phone is now ugly and I am slowly beginning to hate it. I've never gone long with a phone with a cracked screen so it's bothering me.

I have a theory on this, though: I call it the two year curse. Each time I get an iPhone, almost two years to the day I purchase it I crack the screen. My first iphone I was so proud of. I had gotten a government job and was making great money, and I used my very first paycheck to get my iPhone 3. It was my very first expensive purchase that I didn't have to take out credit for (that was my iMac Pro, which has since gone to Apple Heaven - I miss her dearly.)

Two years and one day after I bought the phone it fell out of my pocket at the supermarket and shattered the screen. I cried, used it for another month or two, and then went and got the cheapest flip phone I could find.

After that I had a ZTE Warp, which was an alright phone, it's just an Android and I do not know how to use those freakin space phones. They are so complicated I hated it. I used it, I just didn't like it.

Not long after that I broke my ankle and my boyfriend, the sweetest man, bought me an iPhone 4s. 

Two years later, as I'm suffering through another bought of illness, I go to get off of my bed, caught my foot in the charger cord, and sent my poor phone flying off of the bed and onto the floor. I knew immediately that she was done, because it had been two years and a week since he had gotten it for me. 

I almost cried, but I held it together. I have been through this catastrophe before. We just patched it up with a screen protector and put my John Wayne case on it to prevent any further damage. 

The other thing that is making me very mad right now is I was stupid enough to update my iPad to the newest OS, and it's such an old model that the newest OS is making it run super slow and all of my apps crash. 

I did it for an app called PopTok. It's a really cool way to practice vocabulary words in another language. Since I'm learning Korean I thought it would be a nice thing to have. 

Unfortunately I can't play it on my ipad because it won't run. It crashes. Now I hate myself for ruining a good thing. 

Such stupid little things have ruined my day so bad that I want to cry it out. 

My boyfriend is scouring Ebay right now to find me a new one at a decent price, I just don't want to ask him to spend too much on a new phone for me. I should be able to buy it, I just can't work right now because I'm ill, and I will be out of the workforce for the foreseeable future. This is going to take six months to a year to heal, I'm going to have to find another way to get a new phone. 

I was going to sell my dad's truck. My father is currently incarcerated for things that I do not wish to speak of. He has given me permission to sell his truck, and the buyer I have backed out. I only want $500 for it because it has a clutch problem, otherwise I'd be driving it myself when I get better. 

If someone would buy that truck, all I'd have to do is throw in an extra $100 (which I have from doing people's taxes this year). I just don't want to sell it out from under the other buyer who is a close friend of mine. That truck is very dear to me and I'd rather see someone I know take it since I know he will take care of it. He's always taken impeccable care of his cars. I also think it would be rude to just sell it without asking if he wants to work out a deal first, like a payment plan. 

I sound so materialistic in this post. I swear I'm not usually like this, but having my phone is my lifeline. It's how I talk with my sister, the greatest sister in the history of sisters. It's how I share my photos, call my grandmother, do my email most of the time. It's become a lifeline, which is sad. Technology shouldn't be such a crutch for me. 

I sound spoiled. 

Bianca is judging me. Hard.

My boyfriend even tried to say that he spoils me, which he does, but I told him "if you spoiled me you'd buy me a new phone". I regret saying that now. He's not mad, he just told me to take my hormonal ass to the next room so he could watch The Walking Dead. We usually watch together, I'm just so upset that I didn't even want to watch it this week. 

If you made it through that rant, you deserve a medal for listening to me whine like a child. 

Maybe I am a little spoiled. 

[Review] InstaNatural Scar Gel & Eye Gel

I think I have found the best scar gel ever. I was given the opportunity to try a bottle of InstaNatural's Scar Gel. I hate to sound all 2000's, but this stuff is the bomb dot com

InstaNatural is a company based out of Orlando, Florida, which really attracted me because I like to support businesses that are based here in my home state. Their focus is all natural and organic ingredients, another thing that really attracted me to their company. 

Natural and Floridian, can it get any better? 

One of the things that made me really happy upon opening the package was the boxes: recycled cardboard that I can toss right back into the recycling bin!

First I'm going to talk about the scar gel, and my experience gaining my lovely ankle scar. 

Two years ago this month I broke my ankle, a chronicle you can read in this post.

I had surgery to repair my ankle, and was left with a nasty scar. 

This is the inner ankle, which now has a couple of screws in it.

This is the outer ankle. I had a tough time taking this picture, so the scar looks really faint. It's actually much darker when you see it in person. 

This is the tube of Scar Gel. 

As you can see, all of the wonderful ingredients that kick the scar's butt are listed right on the front. The epidermal growth factor really intrigued me! Below is a further list of ingredients for the curious. 

My favorite part? They don't test on animals! This is one of my absolute favorite things to see on a packaging of a beauty product. 

I didn't know what to expect with a tube like this, and was pleased to find a convenient little pump. 

Another thing I like is the pump only distributes a little at a time, so you don't risk overdoing it and wasting product. 

This is what the product looks like. It has a light scent to it, nothing offensive, very herbal. When I applied it, it almost felt a little gritty. 

This is from the very first time I applied it. Of course I applied way too much and my boyfriend said it looked like I had a poop stain on my ankle. I told him I didn't care, as long as it worked!

The best part is that it has really worked. I have tried so many different scar reducing products, only to be highly disappointed with the outcome. It did nothing to reduce the scar on my ankle, and some of them actually burned. 

It's been just over a week of applying this product twice a day and I can see a drastic difference in the color of my scar. Some spots on the outside ankle scar are actually disappearing from view completely!

In another two weeks I am going to post some followup pictures, since I generally like to give a product two weeks to a month to work so I can truly see results. 

The second product they sent me was their Youth Express Eye Gel. 

Don't let the name deceive you, you can use this gel all over your face to fight the signs of aging. 

Just like the Scar Gel, they list all of the key ingredients on the front to show you what will be working that magic on your face. 

Not tested on animals, yay!

Also, just like the scar gel, it has a convenient little pump that only allows a little product to come out, so you don't get too much out at once. 

This is the gel itself, transparent. It has a very nice consistency. Once on your skin, it doesn't feel sticky at all. It absorbs very quickly. 

I've been using it morning and night in with my regular face routine. I don't just put it around my eyes, but also on my forehead and the bridge of my nose in between my eyebrows, since I have some fine lines forming there. 

I noticed within days an almost immediate improvement of my eye bags and puffiness that have stemmed from being ill and poor sleeping habits. It's tackled the darkness under my eyes, too!

Here are both products side by side, before I took off the plastic wrap. 

For size reference, here they are sitting next to my iPhone. 

I am so happy that I had the opportunity to try these products, and I hope that you will give them a try as well. They have a full line of all natural beauty products to fit almost everyone's skin needs and concerns. I usually won't go this far when praising a product, but these things are miracle workers. 

You can find their products on their website, InstaNatural

Don't forget to sign up for their newsletter for a 15% off coupon and other great deals delivered right to your inbox!

Disclaimer: I received these complimentary products from InstaNatural to try and review through BrandBacker. 

28 February 2015

Song of the Night

Tonight's song is a little late. My boyfriend's eldest son came by and we hung out and talked for a bit. I haven't seen him in months, so it was nice to just chill.

I have always loved Ice Cube. I've always enjoyed his voice and style. I also like that he does things with a message. The images in this video may be disturbing to some, but it goes perfectly with the things he's talking about, people blaming "violent" music for the problems of the world. This doesn't only go for rap, but also for artists like Marilyn Manson. It's always so much easier to try and blame something like music or violent video games for someone's cruel actions instead of making that person accountable. I was a kick ass sniper in Goldeneye on the Nintendo 64 when I was a kid, but now the only thing I sharpshoot is nature with my camera. I also played The Legend of Zelda, but you don't see me out there breaking my neighbor's pottery and mowing their lawns with a damn broadsword.

I'm going to get off of my soapbox now.

Enjoy tonight's song, and have an excellent Sunday!

27 February 2015

Song of the Night

The newest season of RuPaul's Drag Race starts on Monday (Logo at 9PM EST!), and day by day I'm getting more excited. 

Tonight's song is from one of season five's contestants, Alaska Thunderfuck 5000. 

[Review] DHC Lip Cream

I am a lip balm hoarder. It started in elementary school with Lip Smackers (remember those?) and escalated from there. I've already done a post about my balm obsession, I just didn't have this beauty to add to it at the time.

I am obsessed with this product. I think it's the end all of lip balms, I use so much of it I need to take stock in DHC.

I briefly mentioned it in my DHC haul post, now I want to focus just on this lip cream.

The packaging and design is very simple. I think that the tube is slightly thinner than your average lipstick, and the product itself definitely is. I like that it's a light color and easy to find in my purse.

As you can see, the lip cream itself is a slightly yellow color. That color is only on the product, it doesn't do make your lips that color! It goes on completely transparent and leaves a lovely sheen. It is chock full of vitamin E and olive oil that really nourishes your lips. According to DHC, it also fights signs of aging! Bonus!

This is what I've used since I got it a few weeks ago. It doesn't take me long to power through a tube. It may be a little sad how fast I go through it, but my lips look fabulous. 

In almost every picture I take, I'm wearing this stuff. 

A photo posted by Vonnie (@petitefeet79) on

Keep in mind, that has been on my lips a few hours at that point. Still pouty, perfect, and moisturized.

To get your own tube, go to dhccare.com  and pick up your own tube for $8. There is a deal where you can get two for $13.50, a stellar deal.

Thank you for reading my review!

xx Vonnie

Spanish Moss Makes Me Happy

I love Spanish Moss. It's one of the things that I will always relate to the South, where I live. I have a giant oak tree on my porch, and that oak tree reaches out over to the tree in the next yard. Both are covered in moss. It makes me feel at peace for some odd reason.

The neighbors probably think it's an eyesore, but I don't care. I love my moss. 

Eyeliner Comparisions

Last night I was organizing my makeup drawer and realized I have more eyeliner than I probably need. Then I got the bright idea to do some comparisons!

This is my little collection. Just like when I shared my polish collection, I realized I've got some eyeliners missing, particularly my favorite Cover Girl liquid.

All of these liners came from Sally Beauty Supply except for the Wet n Wild. Click on the links to each color to be taken to the site where you can purchase it.

From left to right: Femme Couture Eye Drama Glitter Pencil in Purple ($3.99), Femme Couture Eye Drama Liquid Eyeliner in Wicked and then Purple Potion ($6.99), and finally Palladio Herbal Eyeliner Pencil in Black ($3.29). Palladio also makes an AMAZING rice powder that I use for a setting powder.

I was honestly disappointed with those glitter liners. I expected a better coverage than what was offered. If you layer it over another liner the result is much better, but still leaves much to be desired. For the price I expected some disco ball eyes. 

Each of these liners is very easy to get off with makeup remover. I used my DHC Deep Cleansing Oil to remove it and the only thing that was left behind was the glitter. 

These are all of my Wet N Wild liners. The Coloricon is a great pencil that you can use for both brows and eyes. It goes on extremely well and lasts if you use a good eyeshadow powder to set it. 

The next is their H2O Proof is boss. It goes on well and dries fast. I did both a thin and thick line to show the versatility of the product. 

I can tell you that it takes a lot of effort to get the H20 liquid off. I used the DHC Deep Cleansing Oil again and I had to scrub hard to get it, and it still didn't get every little bit off. That dark little smudge that's left on my hand? It's still there even after a shower and washing my hands a few times today. That liner is a powerhouse product. 

What I've learned from this?

Never let anyone make fun of you for using Wet n Wild products because they are cheap and in drugstores. Their quality has improved vastly over the years and it shows in that eyeliner! Wet n Wild isn't just for teenagers learning to use makeup for the first time anymore!

My eyes are my favorite feature, so I love to collect eyeliner and play up my eyes as much as possible.

What are your favorite liners?

xx Vonnie


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