23 February 2011

Starting Again

I've moved from my old blog (which I don't feel any connection to anymore) to this new one. I can't guarantee I'll be the best blogger in the world with the limited time I have, though I feel the need to chronicle the things I encounter in my every day life (from the mundane to the ridiculous).

Here's a bit about myself:

- I am a full time college student studying Computer Information and Technology. I want to be a programmer!

- I work nearly full time at a tobacco shop.

- If you can't tell by my background, I love the GazettE.

- I knit and sew.

- I love cats, but one day I want a Boxer puppy.

- I've studied Mandarin Chinese in school, and I'm currently studying Japanese (once again).

- I love to clean and watch cartoons.

- I collect books and cigarette packs from other countries.

That's all I really feel the need to reveal about myself!

I hope that I won't get to the point that I hate this blog like I did the other one. It just doesn't make me feel good anymore.

Here's to new starts!

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