24 February 2011

The Wonderful World of Hair Straightening

I have recently been introduced to the world of the flat iron, and from the moment my hair was put in between those two metal plates it was love. Even though my hair is moderately straight as it is, I have gotten so many compliments since I have been getting my hair flat ironed every morning.

The girlfriend who introduced me to the wonderful world of the flat iron is also opening new doors for me in the world of chemical straighteners and relaxers. Earlier this week we picked up a Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine Blow Dry Perfector and it did wonders on her naturally curly hair. While I felt the first step smelled like the same chemicals used during a perm (blech), the results are outstanding. After a blowdry and a flat iron her hair is silky, smooth and straight. Even better is she can wear her hair curly if she wants, by letting it air dry instead of blow drying it. While I may not have curls, I've got frizz, so I'm tempted to try it myself. My problem is I'm lazy and don't like to blow dry my hair, so I won't have the same amazing results that she got unless I keep up a routine.

Today while I was at work she picked up a relaxer from a beauty supply. While I am a little weary after hearing horror stories dealing with a relaxer treatment, this is lye free and has organic ingredients. I'll be sure to report the results of that after we finish!

It's been a long day at work, and I'm just ready to crash. Too bad I've got a program to write among many other school related things that need to be taken care of. Meh, I guess I can sleep when I'm dead!

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