30 June 2011

Root Canal Tuesday!

Just before I left for work the dentist's office called. I get to go in at 8:30 on Tuesday morning for my root canal. Yay!

Recap of My Week

A lot has happened since the toothache fiasco and my post. Let's do a quick recap!

Thursday - I went to the dentist! As usual, Dr. T was amazing. I got my antibiotics and pain medications that set me on the road to recovery.

Friday - Went to work sick and stoned from my vicodin. Horrible day at work. Our Friday closer had something come up and was unable to work the weekend, which I had requested no shifts for as I had an engagement to attend. Hell broke loose, Bossman drove an hour up here to do some damage control. Manager acted like it wasn't his problem to take care of conflicts at work and I left pissed off.

Grades were also posted. I finished Summer I with a C in Algebra and an A in Ethics.

Saturday - Attended a wedding!

Sunday - Slept all day because of my medicines.

Monday - Slept most of the day again. Went to work that night and worked with the usual closer and had a great time. He is awesome and a half.

Tuesday - Dentist again! This time I had a full set of x-rays done and got some special tooth paste that tastes horrible but does an amazing job. D

Wednesday - Slept most of the day again. Went to the game store and got a new game for my DS. It is more of a learning tool than a video game. It's called My Japanese Coach and it's helping me brush up on the Japanese I already knew as well as introducing new concepts. It is also helping improve my writing and reading comprehension. My writing is still terrible, though.

Worked last night with another one of my favorite people. The night went well.

Thursday - Took the last of my antibiotics this morning. Today was spent mostly reading a book I found at the Dollar Store called Bar Flower. It is about an American girl who went to Japan to teach English but ended up losing her job at the school and becoming a hostess at a hostess bar that specialized in international hostesses.

I go to work again tonight. I do not like night shift. I do get a lot done around the house during the day, but after I get off work all I want to do is go to sleep. I hate that my day starts so late.

And that has been my week! Nothing terribly exciting, just sleeping, working, and having to take medicine every six hours. I think the most exciting part of the week was my new game and book. I go back to the dentist on Tuesday so I can discuss the x-rays with the dentist and form a treatment plan. I am excited, yet so nervous.

18 June 2011

Day 4: Still Sick

While I am much better today, I am still ill. The tooth isn't as swollen as it was though now I am dealing with bloodsugar problems from lack of eating. In the matter of a day alone I have lost 2lbs, bringing me to a grand total of about 5lbs since this whole tooth fiasco started. All because I cannot eat solid foods. It sucks. This has happened one time before in 2005 and I lost about 15lbs. At this point if I did that I would end up around 95lbs, which is underweight for my height. I need to find protein sources that I can eat without chewing, not only to keep my weight in check but to also keep my energy up.

I work all day tomorrow so tonight will be spent putting together a lunch that I can take with me tomorrow. I hate working like this, but I don't have backup. I am essentially our poor excuse of a manager's backup. I cannot fall ill since I have no backup.

I'm going back to sleep. That is all I have been doing, getting up for an hour or two to do bits of housework or homework and then going back to sleep. I am so ready for this to be over so I can go about my normal daily business.

16 June 2011

Fuck You In The Face, Credit Lines

I am really irritated right now. I applied for a credit line that is only to be used for healthcare but I didn't qualify because I didn't have enough credit to get credit. How does that work? How do they expect you to build credit if you can't get credit to start with?

I just got back from the supermarket. Mom and I made a trip so I could get some soft foods. Lemme tell you, aside from soup and mashed potatoes there aren't many foods around that you don't have to chew. I can't close my jaw completely right now my tooth is so swollen. I ended up stocking up on baby food, jello, and pudding along with my mashed potatoes and soup. I will have to eat twice as much of it to get any sort of energy, but at least I can eat.

The only blessing with the swelling is now I can isolate which tooth it is that is causing the problems.

I always end up sick at the end of the semester. I have four opinion papers that are due tonight before midnight in addition to the ten terms that need to be defined within the context of the course (with examples) and two essays. And that is just Ethics. I've got another five sections of math homework to get done, a chapter test, and studying for finals in. Thank the gods I don't have to work tomorrow.

15 June 2011

Feeling Bad.

I've got a toothache. One of my back teeth broke. I don't have the money to go to the dentist so I am eating Motrin like it's candy. It didn't kill the pain so I had to take one of my emergency vicodin from my last dentist trip. Why does adequate medical care have to be so damn expensive?? I don't make enough money on my own for insurance, and I make too much according to the government to take part in any government health care programs.

Work went well today. I finally had a talk with Bossman about all of the things that were bothering me. I feel better now that I told him, though I don't think changes will be made. He also gave me advice on what to look for when transferring to a different school for my B.A.

I skipped class today so I don't know what went on. I was in too much pain to drive. Now I'm doped up on  medication so I'm going to watch Rocky Horror Picture show. My roomie isn't thrilled but she's going to humor me because I'm sick.

And now for a picture of a cat.

Minnie, my little princess

14 June 2011

Picture Post!

Hair before and after. This was done at the salon - I've been banned from home hair color XD
Hair before - Coppery Orange
I looked REALLY stupid with this color XD

Hair After - Auburn Brown
I feel more like myself, and not The Little Mermaid.

Some shots from the road from PSL taken last week.
Sunset on HWY 70
Pedestrian bridge from a distance,
Midway Road.

Closer shot of pedestrian bridge, with sunset.
Taken from HWY 70. 

I need to go to the lake and take some pictures. Lake levels are at around 10 feet right now thanks to the lack of rain. The shower we got a few nights ago did nothing to improve lake levels. I hope this doesn't last all season. This doesn't bode well: normally when we have a really bad drought we are hammered with hurricanes toward the end of the summer. I am all for a good hurricane (hurricane party, hell yeah!), just not the destruction it leaves behind, or the chaos in the few days before it hits caused by people who have just moved here. Locals don't really give a damn when a storm is coming. We are already prepared. It's the people who are new to Florida that don't know what to do. They over prepare and get paranoid over an extended thunder storm. They don't seem to realize that you only need to panic when you see the locals start to worry ^.^

Took my math test and got a 67% thanks to stupid mistakes. I have one more chance of taking it, so I'm going to take the opportunity and see if I can at least pull a 70%. Fuck math in the face right now, I'm going to work on Ethics opinion papers. The first three didn't interest me (porn, euthanasia, and capital punishment), but now I get to work on a paper about war. :D THAT is something that I can write about and make it seem more like an art form. It's all about strategy, baby.

12 June 2011


It's finally raining after...I can't remember how long it's been since it has rained. We are in the middle of a severe drought so this makes me really happy. The lightning show is a definite plus!

11 June 2011

Math and Frustration

I'm attempting to work on my math, and I'm slowly becoming more and more frustrated. My teacher only teaches the minimum for us to understand the section because she wants to get out of class as quickly as possible. That is fantastic, but I pay for these classes and I feel really cheated. I'm teaching myself most of the time, so what am I paying her for? The only thing saving me right now is the online portion of the class. All of our homework and tests are online. On the homework page there are links to examples of each type of problem we are presented with. That is how I'm stuck teaching myself to do this stuff, through example and memorization of notes. I am really getting sick of it.

I hope this doesn't continue when I move on to a different school. I found one in St. Petersburg (near Tampa) that serves my needs in both East Asian Studies as well as in International Business. I really need to research this place before I apply to the school. It has one of the most comprehensive programs south of UF (bah, not even thinking about that) other than FIU, which seems to advertise itself as more of a resort than as an institute of higher education. They do have an amazing library, but that isn't enough to draw me to Miami and their resort of a school. No thank you.

On top of everything else, I'm still not sure what I want to do. I know my passions, and I know that I have to keep top marks to even have a chance at the schools that cater to my passions. I also love computers, something I could specialize in right here in my area. The drawback: they don't have the foreign languages I desire. I've already got conversational Mandarin Chinese, though I'd like to explore more into Korean and Japanese. If I plan on focusing on any type of International Business, Asia is really where it's at right now.

I just have to keep going day by day.

10 June 2011

Scratch Those Plans

All of the stuff I had planned on doing today is going to happen tonight instead.

I'm going to go get my hair done! If I remember I'll post pictures when it is done ^.^

I feel fantastic today!

Oh Shiz! Two Days Off In A Row!

I was shocked when I saw my manager had given me two days off back to back. I NEVER have a Friday and Saturday off. I really don't know what to do with my days!

The past two days have been awesome. I worked with my favorite Roy in the world :D We have a great time when we work together. I pissed him off yesterday because I moved about 30 boxes from the freighter outside into the shop. I didn't want him doing it because he has a bad back and has recently had surgery. I don't want him to hurt himself. In a matter of about six minutes I moved the boxes, then had an asthma attack. Roy made me sit down after that, haha. Sometimes I end up as acting manager, even though I don't have a title, so I felt like I was slacking off whenever he told me to rest for a few minutes. There was still so much to do after I got the boxes inside, but I wasn't capable. It made me feel weak. I did get as much as I could done before I left, though. Everything that needed to be put into the inventory was put in except for a few boxes of tubes and the things that had to be added to the system. I have been hounding Bossman for a while about ordering cigarette tubes with no filters for our customers that smoke filterless cigarettes. I sold the last box two weeks ago and he hasn't ordered more. Instead he listens to Manager and orders filters. Only filters. That are supposed to go into filterless tubes that we don't have anymore. Sometimes I wonder why they even gave me a key and put me into a minor position of power if they aren't going to listen to what I have to say.

Along with an asthma attack I also reinjured my back. The months of April and May were spent doing light work to heal a bruised muscle in my back. I ignored the possibility of injury yesterday when I moved those boxes. Now I am having muscle spasms in my back again. I cannot complain about it - I brought it all on myself by working hard in the shop. I am not satisfied at the end of the day if I don't work my hardest.

Summer semester has been rough. I am not doing well with math again, and I'm falling behind in Ethics. I am making A's on every test, and my first opinion paper was one of only two 100% papers in the class. I have three more of those to write before Monday - one on euthanasia, one on capital punishment (which I am having a hard time rationalizing the moral rightness of it using the theories), and another on a topic that I haven't chosen yet. I know I have to write one on Affirmative Action and reverse discrimination, and then another on War or Torture (I'm choosing war), and the final paper is either Environmental Ethics or Animal Rights. The papers are easy to write, it is just taking the time to write them.

I have a math test due by Monday. It is on a section that I know how to do, so I am not too worried about it. I have a 72% in the class now because I do not do well on tests. As long as I can come out with a C I will be ok.

Looks like today will be finishing assignments, cleaning, and getting my hair recolored. My red hair is fading to blonde XD A word to the wise: Never bleach your hair blonde to do a lighter color if your hair is naturally black or dark brown. Once a month you will have to get the new growth lightened and brighten the rest of the hair before it strips back down to the blonde. This is especially true for red hair.

Sometimes I find the things that we women do for beauty is a little over the top...


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