16 June 2011

Fuck You In The Face, Credit Lines

I am really irritated right now. I applied for a credit line that is only to be used for healthcare but I didn't qualify because I didn't have enough credit to get credit. How does that work? How do they expect you to build credit if you can't get credit to start with?

I just got back from the supermarket. Mom and I made a trip so I could get some soft foods. Lemme tell you, aside from soup and mashed potatoes there aren't many foods around that you don't have to chew. I can't close my jaw completely right now my tooth is so swollen. I ended up stocking up on baby food, jello, and pudding along with my mashed potatoes and soup. I will have to eat twice as much of it to get any sort of energy, but at least I can eat.

The only blessing with the swelling is now I can isolate which tooth it is that is causing the problems.

I always end up sick at the end of the semester. I have four opinion papers that are due tonight before midnight in addition to the ten terms that need to be defined within the context of the course (with examples) and two essays. And that is just Ethics. I've got another five sections of math homework to get done, a chapter test, and studying for finals in. Thank the gods I don't have to work tomorrow.

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  1. a lot of work :o Sounds very hard and tiring but but but please keep fighting until the end!!!!
    I will fight as well too!!!! I hope you will be able to keep your energy to fight with them!!!


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