11 June 2011

Math and Frustration

I'm attempting to work on my math, and I'm slowly becoming more and more frustrated. My teacher only teaches the minimum for us to understand the section because she wants to get out of class as quickly as possible. That is fantastic, but I pay for these classes and I feel really cheated. I'm teaching myself most of the time, so what am I paying her for? The only thing saving me right now is the online portion of the class. All of our homework and tests are online. On the homework page there are links to examples of each type of problem we are presented with. That is how I'm stuck teaching myself to do this stuff, through example and memorization of notes. I am really getting sick of it.

I hope this doesn't continue when I move on to a different school. I found one in St. Petersburg (near Tampa) that serves my needs in both East Asian Studies as well as in International Business. I really need to research this place before I apply to the school. It has one of the most comprehensive programs south of UF (bah, not even thinking about that) other than FIU, which seems to advertise itself as more of a resort than as an institute of higher education. They do have an amazing library, but that isn't enough to draw me to Miami and their resort of a school. No thank you.

On top of everything else, I'm still not sure what I want to do. I know my passions, and I know that I have to keep top marks to even have a chance at the schools that cater to my passions. I also love computers, something I could specialize in right here in my area. The drawback: they don't have the foreign languages I desire. I've already got conversational Mandarin Chinese, though I'd like to explore more into Korean and Japanese. If I plan on focusing on any type of International Business, Asia is really where it's at right now.

I just have to keep going day by day.

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