10 June 2011

Oh Shiz! Two Days Off In A Row!

I was shocked when I saw my manager had given me two days off back to back. I NEVER have a Friday and Saturday off. I really don't know what to do with my days!

The past two days have been awesome. I worked with my favorite Roy in the world :D We have a great time when we work together. I pissed him off yesterday because I moved about 30 boxes from the freighter outside into the shop. I didn't want him doing it because he has a bad back and has recently had surgery. I don't want him to hurt himself. In a matter of about six minutes I moved the boxes, then had an asthma attack. Roy made me sit down after that, haha. Sometimes I end up as acting manager, even though I don't have a title, so I felt like I was slacking off whenever he told me to rest for a few minutes. There was still so much to do after I got the boxes inside, but I wasn't capable. It made me feel weak. I did get as much as I could done before I left, though. Everything that needed to be put into the inventory was put in except for a few boxes of tubes and the things that had to be added to the system. I have been hounding Bossman for a while about ordering cigarette tubes with no filters for our customers that smoke filterless cigarettes. I sold the last box two weeks ago and he hasn't ordered more. Instead he listens to Manager and orders filters. Only filters. That are supposed to go into filterless tubes that we don't have anymore. Sometimes I wonder why they even gave me a key and put me into a minor position of power if they aren't going to listen to what I have to say.

Along with an asthma attack I also reinjured my back. The months of April and May were spent doing light work to heal a bruised muscle in my back. I ignored the possibility of injury yesterday when I moved those boxes. Now I am having muscle spasms in my back again. I cannot complain about it - I brought it all on myself by working hard in the shop. I am not satisfied at the end of the day if I don't work my hardest.

Summer semester has been rough. I am not doing well with math again, and I'm falling behind in Ethics. I am making A's on every test, and my first opinion paper was one of only two 100% papers in the class. I have three more of those to write before Monday - one on euthanasia, one on capital punishment (which I am having a hard time rationalizing the moral rightness of it using the theories), and another on a topic that I haven't chosen yet. I know I have to write one on Affirmative Action and reverse discrimination, and then another on War or Torture (I'm choosing war), and the final paper is either Environmental Ethics or Animal Rights. The papers are easy to write, it is just taking the time to write them.

I have a math test due by Monday. It is on a section that I know how to do, so I am not too worried about it. I have a 72% in the class now because I do not do well on tests. As long as I can come out with a C I will be ok.

Looks like today will be finishing assignments, cleaning, and getting my hair recolored. My red hair is fading to blonde XD A word to the wise: Never bleach your hair blonde to do a lighter color if your hair is naturally black or dark brown. Once a month you will have to get the new growth lightened and brighten the rest of the hair before it strips back down to the blonde. This is especially true for red hair.

Sometimes I find the things that we women do for beauty is a little over the top...

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