14 June 2011

Picture Post!

Hair before and after. This was done at the salon - I've been banned from home hair color XD
Hair before - Coppery Orange
I looked REALLY stupid with this color XD

Hair After - Auburn Brown
I feel more like myself, and not The Little Mermaid.

Some shots from the road from PSL taken last week.
Sunset on HWY 70
Pedestrian bridge from a distance,
Midway Road.

Closer shot of pedestrian bridge, with sunset.
Taken from HWY 70. 

I need to go to the lake and take some pictures. Lake levels are at around 10 feet right now thanks to the lack of rain. The shower we got a few nights ago did nothing to improve lake levels. I hope this doesn't last all season. This doesn't bode well: normally when we have a really bad drought we are hammered with hurricanes toward the end of the summer. I am all for a good hurricane (hurricane party, hell yeah!), just not the destruction it leaves behind, or the chaos in the few days before it hits caused by people who have just moved here. Locals don't really give a damn when a storm is coming. We are already prepared. It's the people who are new to Florida that don't know what to do. They over prepare and get paranoid over an extended thunder storm. They don't seem to realize that you only need to panic when you see the locals start to worry ^.^

Took my math test and got a 67% thanks to stupid mistakes. I have one more chance of taking it, so I'm going to take the opportunity and see if I can at least pull a 70%. Fuck math in the face right now, I'm going to work on Ethics opinion papers. The first three didn't interest me (porn, euthanasia, and capital punishment), but now I get to work on a paper about war. :D THAT is something that I can write about and make it seem more like an art form. It's all about strategy, baby.

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  1. beautiful orange!! :D
    and then looks like something between purple and brown :D probably because of the light. I like the both color :D
    beautiful sunset by the way!


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