30 June 2011

Recap of My Week

A lot has happened since the toothache fiasco and my post. Let's do a quick recap!

Thursday - I went to the dentist! As usual, Dr. T was amazing. I got my antibiotics and pain medications that set me on the road to recovery.

Friday - Went to work sick and stoned from my vicodin. Horrible day at work. Our Friday closer had something come up and was unable to work the weekend, which I had requested no shifts for as I had an engagement to attend. Hell broke loose, Bossman drove an hour up here to do some damage control. Manager acted like it wasn't his problem to take care of conflicts at work and I left pissed off.

Grades were also posted. I finished Summer I with a C in Algebra and an A in Ethics.

Saturday - Attended a wedding!

Sunday - Slept all day because of my medicines.

Monday - Slept most of the day again. Went to work that night and worked with the usual closer and had a great time. He is awesome and a half.

Tuesday - Dentist again! This time I had a full set of x-rays done and got some special tooth paste that tastes horrible but does an amazing job. D

Wednesday - Slept most of the day again. Went to the game store and got a new game for my DS. It is more of a learning tool than a video game. It's called My Japanese Coach and it's helping me brush up on the Japanese I already knew as well as introducing new concepts. It is also helping improve my writing and reading comprehension. My writing is still terrible, though.

Worked last night with another one of my favorite people. The night went well.

Thursday - Took the last of my antibiotics this morning. Today was spent mostly reading a book I found at the Dollar Store called Bar Flower. It is about an American girl who went to Japan to teach English but ended up losing her job at the school and becoming a hostess at a hostess bar that specialized in international hostesses.

I go to work again tonight. I do not like night shift. I do get a lot done around the house during the day, but after I get off work all I want to do is go to sleep. I hate that my day starts so late.

And that has been my week! Nothing terribly exciting, just sleeping, working, and having to take medicine every six hours. I think the most exciting part of the week was my new game and book. I go back to the dentist on Tuesday so I can discuss the x-rays with the dentist and form a treatment plan. I am excited, yet so nervous.

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