18 July 2011

Harry Potter, New Music, and Stuff

First things first: OMFG*dies* Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II was AMAZING! It was everything I had hoped for and more. It made me fall even more in love with Snape's character (and Alan Rickman's portrayal of him), and give me more respect for Molly Weasley (who kicked total ass, by the way). Unlike when I read the last book, I didn't cry like a child. Didn't stop me from wanting to, but I am not one for excessive shows of emotion in a public place. I can tell you when the DVD comes out and I watch it at home for the first time both part one and part two together I will probably cry like a little bitch.

I also enjoyed that they brought some of the humor back out. Part I had some humor, but this really took it. It lightened up some of the heaviness of the final battle. And the special effects! As always they were top notch. I was a little so so on how they handled the de-aging makeup on Snape and the aging makeup on the other main characters for the '19 years later' segment. Utter rubbish in the book, utter rubbish in the movie, but that is besides the point. In Snape's memories they had to de-age him, of course, so it wasn't an older looking Snape talking to Dumbledore seventeen years in the past. They did a decent job, don't get me wrong. It just looked a little odd. And then the scene with him and Lily after Voldemort left the Potter home... worthy of crying like a child. The utter despair on his face just... yeah.

Fantastic movie, and I'm sad to see the franchise end. At least there are still the movies to watch, the books to read over and over again until they fall apart, and JKR's new Pottermore site. I so cannot wait to read the back story of Professor McGonagall! She is one of my favorite characters in the book and I have always wanted to know more about her. Maybe we will even get to see more adventures of the Marauders!

I also have some new music to listen to! I watched Sucker Punch a few weeks back and fell in love with the soundtrack. If you haven't seen that movie, do it. If not for the action, if not for the hot girls totally kicking ass, do it for the music. I've always had a thing for more industrial and electronica music. This is chock full of an industrial sound as well as classic tunes revamped with the sound. I absolutely adore it. My bestie and I jammed out to it in the car the other day, and I've been listening to it when I have been cleaning. There is something about it that just makes me feel good.

For me and bestie, this is our jam XD

I have also been doing a lot of cleaning. Bestie cleaned out her storage unit the other day and cleared out nearly everything that she had when she moved back down here, all of the things that were in her apartment before she came. Of course, in amazement, I asked how she was able to so easily get rid of those things, remnants of the life that she had built up in NoFl for six years. In reply she just shrugged her shoulders and said "It's just stuff", as she threw another box in the trunk of the car. Hearing that really struck me. It's just stuff. All of these things I have been buying, all of this useless crap that isn't making my life any better, is just stuff. There is no need to fill any sort of internal void by buying all of this crap. Should something happen to me, I can't take it with me. It will all end up in the Goodwill store and be sold for charity. Should a hurricane come I won't be able to throw all of this stuff into the car and run. The important things are hard to find in all of the other junk. It's just stuff. Useless stuff.

With that mantra going through my head, I started cleaning yesterday. It's amazing how much one can get rid of when all that goes through your mind its "it's just stuff". My desk is a lot cleaner now because I was able to sort through and discern the difference between useful (my school supplies, for instance) and 'just stuff' (an old Honda emblem and business cards from four years ago). My desk is now much neater and only contains things that are either of vital importance (the school stuff and books), things that I like (my DS games), and items that bring back memories (my glow in the dark Harry Potter glasses from the book 7 midnight release that I attended with my other bestie). I have been taking that same idea and sorting through my clothes. The things I wore in high school don't need to be there. I am going to be 30 years old in a few years. I don't need to be dressing like a teenager. All of those clothes that look like something a teenager could wear will be going straight to some of the teenagers in my life that will look more appropriate in them than I will. All but the schoolgirl skirt. That thing still looks hot on me!

After the dresser and the closet are cleaned I will be attacking the bookshelf. Books that haven't been read in years will be sold online. All that will remain are books that mean a great deal to me (the Harry Potter series, Vampire Chronicles, a few favorite novels) or can be used (old school books and Visual Basic guides). Everything else will either be sold or donated.

Only things of great personal importance will not go through the 'it's just stuff' thing.

I do not need all of this stuff. The most important thing in my life is my family, and as long as I have my family and those that I love surrounding me everything will be fine.

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