21 July 2011

Patience, My Friend

On day two of rolling my own cigarettes. I saved about $10, which is great, though I don't have the convenience of an already rolled carton of cigarettes when I want one. Each afternoon I have been coming home and rolling about a pack and a half that I will keep on hand for me and Dad during the day. So far it isn't bad, but it is a bit tiring. It's something I can do while watching the news each night.

I had to switch to rolling my own, anyway. The RYO machines we have at work only run cartons of tubes with white paper. Bossman finally got in my favorite tubes again, which are black. Vera Cruz Midnight tubes are fantastic, and eye catching!

Maybe I will smoke less now that I am doing this, which will save me even more in the end.

I would love to be able to quit smoking. I wish I hadn't even started.


  1. I never knew I work for cigarettes!!!

  2. When I first saw the machine, I nearly died with giggles. I should take a picture of it, for you!

    It took me about a month to connect the initials R.Y.O. with 'roll your own'. I am so slow sometimes.

  3. I hope that is not what my name came from. sounds lonely lol


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