04 July 2011

Photos From the Lake

Tonight I went up to the lake with a friend of mine to see what fireworks we could. Around sunset we decided to load her little one into the car and head up. Of course the baby was terrified of the noise from the fireworks so we didn't stay long. Here are the shots I did manage to get before it got too dark. 

What's left of the lake.
Another shot of where water used to be.
The only fireworks I could get on film.
Sunset over the dike.

Overall it was a nice evening. After we got home we made kebabs with shrimp, meatballs, red and green bell peppers, mushrooms, and tomatoes. Go figure we totally forgot the sausage and didn't realize it until after the food was already done. 

Now we are sitting at the table again, my friend is doing her homework while I sit here nervous. My root canal is in the morning and I am scared to death, yet excited all at the same time. I know the doctor isn't going to hurt me. I know that if the tooth is infected again (which it may be since it started hurting again) they will not do the root canal, but instead put me back on antibiotics and pain killers. I also know that the pain will be gone completely after he is finished. 

What scares me is I also have my consultation tomorrow. The doctor is going to go over my x-rays with me and develop a treatment plan. I have a few teeth that must be extracted. I have had two teeth extracted before, so I shouldn't be so afraid. The last time I was given drugs to go to sleep so I didn't know what was going on until after the teeth were already extracted. This time I will be awake since my dentist here doesn't offer intravenous sedation. For those of you who haven't had IV sedation - it sucks but is awesome at the same time. I got some of the best sleep of my life that day in the dentist chair, but I also had the worst afternoon. I was confused and got pissed very easily. I felt like a child again by the way everyone was treating me. 

The office here only offers nitrous (also known as laughing gas). I love nitrous. I love it. When I have that I am not longer afraid. Then again, I also don't give a damn about anything else that is going on, either. I am calm and happy. I am not as confused and easily angered when it wears off. I still like to be coddled, which always happens when I'm sick. I like to be cuddled or I like to sit in the living room with my dad and watch History Channel. It's just the sensation of knowing that someone cares about me. Sometimes I don't feel that I am cared for, even though I know that people do care for me. Sometimes it is just nice to hear the words, for someone to tell you "I am glad I know you" or "You are special to me".

Now I'm just babbling because I am afraid. I am afraid and I just want reassurance.

I suppose I should go to bed soon. I figure if I stay up late I'll be super tired tomorrow morning and the nitrous will have a better effect on me, possibly even make me go to sleep. 

I may not post tomorrow night, I'm not sure. It all depends on how I feel. I am going to be in the doctor's office from about 8:30 tomorrow morning to probably about noon or even one, and then I have to go to the college to sign up for fall classes. Yay for financial accounting, calculus, micro and macro economics! I'm going to make fall another 4.0 semester ^.^

For those of you in the USA, I hope you had a happy and safe Independence Day! Goodnight, all!

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