15 July 2011

Picture Post!

A friend and I made a trip to main campus the other day, so I have more pictures from the road!

It rained something fierce so I had her get some shots since I was driving. 

Just as we were coming up to the storm.

A bit closer.

In the middle of things.


After that, the rain wasn't as terrible. We made it to the campus and took care of what we needed to do in less than half an hour, and then we were back on the road home. 

Even though I was scheduled for four days off, I have to go into work for a few hours today for mah bestie. I am not feeling well so I had looked forward to sleeping most of the day. It is a few extra hours on my check so I can't complain much, and I've worked sicker. I never call out if I'm sick, so I can't dib out on coming in for someone just because I'm sick. I don't particularly want to do it, and if it was anyone but my bestie I probably wouldn't. 

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