11 July 2011

Saving Money

I haven't ranted much on the subject since I like to stay positive, but my hours at work have been seriously cut. I spoke to the owner of the store and he said he would look into it. That made me feel better, though I really need to figure out ways to save money and stretch every dollar as far as it will go.

The first step was changing phone plans. I cannot believe that I not only got a new phone but got a month of service for less than I normally pay for one month of service with AT&T. I paid $115 for a Sanyo Mirro and a $50 monthly plan through Boost Mobile. With my iPhone and AT&T I was paying between $120 and $130 a month. This will offer me a savings of around $75 a month give or take, and then each few months my bill will drop from $50 down to around $30 a month for unlimited everything. This will enable me to save up for a new phone later down the road! Fantastic!

I also used to think that mother was insane by clipping every coupon she found in the Sunday paper. Now that I'm having to stretch my money I've been doing the same thing. I haven't been shopping yet since buying my new phone used over half of my money for this two weeks, but it will all even out in time.

The next step is taking my old video games down to the game store and either selling them back or trading them in for something new. It won't be much, but it gives me the opportunity to either get new games or get enough money to take some of my loved ones out for a nice dinner one night for a family night (something we don't do often).

I am tired of being broke. It really sucks.


  1. it's great that you don't forget to think of the family and do something with(or for) them even in this situation!! \(^___^)/

  2. and thanks for answering my question!!


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