30 July 2011

Shedding Some Weight

I am shedding some weight tonight. Not literally, but figuratively. I am getting rid of a lot of belongings that I simply do not need anymore. I was digging through my storage trunk and found some old toys. One of the guys I dated back in high school gave me a Cabbage Patch doll, something I never had when I was a little girl. I have been carrying that thing in my trunk for seven years. (He gave it to me in 2004 when we tried the dating thing again - it didn't work once again. I thought it was because I wanted more than he was ready to give - turns out he has a thing for fat girls and I am very thin. For such a handsome man that can get any woman he wants, I would have never thought of him as a chubby chaser!) Then there is the hand puppet given to me by another boyfriend from high school. What on earth do I need a hand puppet for now? Looks like my goddaughter is going to get a few new toys. She is my pride and joy, and I can't wait to see the look on her face when I give her the doll. It has blonde hair and blue eyes just like she does so I can already see her excitement.

I also went through some of my old essays. I kept the ones I was proud of, and the ones I wasn't pleased with went into the recycle bin to be put out on Tuesday. My old digital publishing portfolio also went into the recycle. Just because I have a portfolio from 2003 doesn't mean I still hold any of those publishing skills.

Next on my list is my big box of pictures. A lot of those people I could care less if I ever saw again face to face, let alone looking at their faces in pictures from high school. The important pictures are being kept. Everything else has got to go.

It's just stuff.

It's stuff I don't need that is holding me back.

I may have a heavy heart while I am sorting, though I will feel much lighter once it is gone.

And my music for the night. While I love the original, Lenny Kravitz did a kick ass job on this. It's definitely one of those songs I can cruise to after a long day at work.

I hope whoever is reading this has a great weekend. Take care of yourself, and keep your  pimp hand strong!

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