25 August 2011

Brief Update

I'm on my dad's computer again. No hope on mine yet, but I won't give up saving.

I started classes on Tuesday. So far Calculus is easy, and makes me fall even more in love with math. My programming class looks promising too. My professor this time is very helpful.

Went to my first accounting class yesterday, and my professor looks like an aged Draco Malfoy. Watch Deathly Hallows Part II and you will see what I mean during the 19 years later portion. He is really nice, if not a bit chatty. The class went the full two hours, mostly because of his chatter.

Have Economics today. I am looking forward to it.

We are starting to get the winds from that hurricane that is in the Atlantic. We aren't going to take a direct hit thank god. I do worry for those on the east coast, though, since the storm is heading right for them.

Time to get things done. It's going to be a long day!

12 August 2011

Computer Issues

My Mac finally started to go bad. After six long years Doris (yes, I named my computer) is having problems. She freezes at random, and will only last about 20 minutes before the operating system fails. I will definitely miss that computer. It was my first Mac.

Updates will not be as frequent as they were, at least until I save to get a new Mac. I am on my dad's computer now, and I'll probably hop onto the computers at school every now and again once classes start again.

If you need to get in touch with me, email is the best way since I can check that with my phone.

03 August 2011

Road Trip!

The fam and I went on a little road trip yesterday, so I come today with pictures from the road!

I-95 at 75 MPH

Somewhere in West Palm

More West Palm

Traffic backed up after an accident.

Storm on the way back.

Stuck on the side of the road in the rain.

It was a pleasant journey, though I will say I don't see how people can live in that area and drive on a daily basis without going insane. It was CRAZY!

On a side note: Mama likes to go fast. I was in a good car and I was able to go some nice speeds on the highway. I was so into driving I didn't realize that I was going around 80 mph in a 65 mph speed zone. In my mother's car (which has a nice engine) it was really easy to go high speeds and not think about it. Hearing that engine purr with acceleration... Boy, does Mama like to go fast.

Went to a financial lecture tonight with Bossman. It wasn't all it was cracked up to be, and they want like $100 for a 13 week set of lessons. I am doing my own special things to save, so I am not really wanting to do this. Bossman says it pays off in the end. I couldn't do it right now even if I wanted to. I have $7 to my name. I had to ask my mother to buy my medicine for me so I could start getting rid of the infection I have in one of my teeth. I just don't have that sort of money right now to spend on some sessions that are supposed to help me gain more confidence in my finances. There is another showing of the video next week so I may take my mother with me so she can check it out.

Time to calm down for the day and get ready to go to bed. I think I open the store tomorrow! Fun times!


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