09 October 2011

I Don't Know If I Can Do It

Between work and school, I am having so much trouble this semester.

The only class I am doing extremely well in is my economics class. The others I am passing, but barely.

I only have one more semester before I finish my associates degree, and I wonder if I will actually be able to complete it with top marks like I'd like.

My bestie and I cheer each other on, though I wish I had more people on my side giving me encouragement.

I haven't been feeling well for at least three days now. I have yet another infected tooth so I have been put on yet another round of antibiotics. They are making me sick as all hell. To add insult to injury I am being given more hours at work after Bossman decided to cut another girl's hours. I know I was given the hours because I am one of the lead employees, and I do appreciate it as I have dental bills to pay, though the toll it is taking on my body and my schooling is not entirely worth it.

Sometimes I wonder if I am cut out for all of this, and the jobs that will come in the future once I have my programming degree.

Sometimes I wonder if I would just be content to get married and be a housewife.

Not. Very. Likely.

During my downtime being sick I've been piddling around a lot on the internet. I found a site where I can make little avatars, so I created one. I'm not one hundred percent pleased with it, though I do adore the hair. I have always wanted to do this to my hair, but don't have the courage.

That is how I used to dress when I was in high school, minus the amazingly cool hair. The only thing missing now are a pair of earrings ^.^

I open the shop tomorrow, so I need to go to bed soon. I am just staying up long enough to take my last dose of antibiotics for the night. I cannot wait for this infection to go away so I can go in and get the tooth pulled. I'm scared to death, but as long as I have my nitrous I will be fine. Anymore it seems that in that dentist's chair with my nitrous is the only time I can truly relax and be stress free. 

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