30 November 2011

Birthday Goodies!

Yesterday was fantastic. My boyfriend and I spent the day together since it was my birthday. First he took me out to breakfast, which really wasn't all that fantastic since I still can't eat anything that isn't soft. Cheese grits and apple sauce really aren't that filling!

After breakfast we first stopped to pick up my mother's birthday present, since her birthday is on Friday. I found the cutest pink and black polkadot wrapping paper for her gift, and I can't wait to use it!

From there we drove to the next city over so he could take me shopping. He's never been good with buying gifts - he is the type that would rather I pick out exactly what I want and take all of the guesswork out of it.

First stop was a shoe store. Unfortunately, they didn't have what I wanted. Neither did any other store in the mall. Yeah, still searching for those perfect pair of track shoes. On the upside, I did find this cute bag:

It looks a little odd laying flat, but it looks much better when filled and hanging. This is the much needed replacement for my poor ripped boho bag that I shared a few entries back. 
He also got me some new earrings!

Epic iPhone camera fail!

 I only got my ears pierced last February, so the world of earrings is entirely new to me. Unfortunately for me, I got mine done at a gauge from the get go. I've got 16 gauge hoops in right now, when the average post for normal earrings ranges from an 18 to a 20. I had problems with the posts, especially the crowns, because if I didn't use both hands (one to hold it in, one to put the back on), it would fall out. Same with the wings. I wasn't going to put the plastic pieces on the back of the hooks (I didn't know I needed them), but my mind was quickly changed after I turned my head to look at something and the earring flew right out of my ear. 
I also proved to myself I have not only poor depth perception, but size perception. Those wings go almost all of the way down to my shoulders. I thought the other two sets were smaller, too, but they are pretty honkin' big. They look lovely, though. Now it comes down to growing accustomed to the weight. My normal hoops are very light, so much so that I can't feel them. 

Our last two stops were to the game store (where I picked up FFX-2), and then to the perfume shop to pick up a bottle of my Harajuku Lovers. I wasn't fully pleased with it, so I did take a moment to test out a few new scents (which all smelled like cocktails and hairspray). In my browsing I found Covet by SJP, which used to be my favorite scent. It has been about two years since I've seen it, leading me to think that it had been discontinued. In my happiness, I purchased the largest bottle they had. 

After shopping, we wanted to see a movie. The only one currently showing there that I really wanted to see was A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas in 3D, but the only showing was at 10:35 PM and it was only 5:00 when we finished our shopping. I'm a little irritated that they had nearly six simultaneous showings of the newest Twilight movie, yet only one showing of Harold and Kumar. Then again, they are doing what is in their best financial interest, so I suppose I should understand given that I am in sales myself. Rather than settling for something I wouldn't be pleased with, we decided to journey home. 

Not long after I got home my mother gave me a goodie bag full of useful things (like body wash and razors), and my brother and sis came by with my niece. We all spent some time together before they had to go take my niece home so she could go to bed (little miss loves to go to bed early so she can get up early for school). My boyfriend and I ended the night with The Hangover. Now I can't wait to watch The Hangover II!

All in all, I had a fantastic birthday. Between spending the day with my boyfriend, the few telephone calls I received, and all of the facebook messages, I really felt special on my birthday for the first time in years.

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  1. happpy late birthday! I'm happy it was fun for you ^^ and those jewelry are so cute!! Even if the photo was blurry x)


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