28 November 2011

Birthday Mini-Haul: Sally Beauty

Did an uber-mini haul from Sally Beauty Supply. Tomorrow is my birthday and I wanted some new polishes to wear for my mini-birthday holiday.

China Glaze in Below Deck
First I fell in love with this color. It looks a little lighter in the bottle than what it looks like when on, but I love the almost heather color. I put this one on not ten minutes after I got home with it. Just as I've grown to love from China Glaze, it was easy to go on, darkened up nicely after two coats, and dried extremely fast.

China Glaze Cha Cha Cha
This is the second color that caught my eye. Anyone who has known me for years knows I have this diehard love of the show Cabaret, particularly one Miss Sally Bowles. Sally paints her nails green, so for years I've been in search of the perfect Sally Bowles green. I think I may have found it! It has a lot of sparkle in the bottle, so I hope that comes out more muted when on.

Last but not least, I needed a new liner brush.

Face Secrets Concealer/Liner brush
I'm starting to really fall in love with brushes over using the applicators that come with the various producs. If you look closely at the tip of the brush it has a very fine contour, which will be perfect for the powder liner I've been using from my Physician's Formula palette, wich can be found in this entry.

For my birthday tomorrow, the boyfriend and I are going out of town so I can do a little shopping. Not two days after my adidas blew out their shell top, my Chucks started to fall apart. I have had those since 2003, so I am beyond shocked that they have lasted this long. Tomorrow I am going to search for some new shoes (I am down to one pair of work shoes now), and for some foundation that won't make me break out like mad. One last goodie I have to get before I leave is a new bottle of perfume. I've worked my way through almost everything I have, with Harajuku Lovers G and Love being the last two standing. I need something that will last all day, and neither of the Harajuku Lovers truly cut it.

Does anyone have any good foundation recommendations for sensitive skin that is prone to breakouts? I've tried Clinique, but that didn't go very well. I am tied between going back to my old standby of Chanel, or trying Mac. I have heard endless good things about Mac and want to try it for myself.

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