19 November 2011

Crap Day With Funny End

Yesterday was one of the worst days I have had in a long time.

First off, I dropped my breakfast. I found a slice of school pizza that my mother had brought home in the fridge, so I figured it would be the breakfast of champions. School pizza is awesome. I made it half way to the microwave with it and I dropped it, cheese side down. I considered washing it off, but we have been spraying with flea poison, so it wouldn't have been a good idea.

After a not so awesome breakfast of a burrito, I went to brush my teeth. Somehow in the process I ended up with toothpaste in my eye. Of course it's not just the plain paste, it's the sort with little granules in it for scrubbing off any surface stains, so it burned like hell and was gritty.

I had a test to take for Business Calc, so off I go with a belly full of not so satisfying burrito and a red and irritated eye.

I had been studying for the test all week long, staying up really late on days I had off and spending every spare second of my time otherwise hitting the books, so I was super confident. I took my time, spending roughly an hour on this test, only to fail it spectacularly. I got a 35%. 7 out of 20 questions correct.

I left the school bummed and went straight to work, an hour early, so I could take out my frustrations cleaning the back room.

The day did improve after that (since all I do at work really is get paid to hang out).

The best part was when I checked my class grade when I got home: my failing test brought up my overall grade by 3 percentage points.

Go me.

This time I am working even harder. My final is in early December, so I have to bust my tail if I have a hope and a dream of bringing my grade high enough to pass the class. I must pass this class if I hope to graduate in the spring like I've been anticipating.

I can do this. All it will take is some extra hard work.

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