28 November 2011

Day 01 - Your Favorite Eyeliner

I am terrible about eyeliner. I love it more than any other type of makeup (except for possibly mascara), so when I get it I like to buy the best I can get.

So far my favorite has been Chanel's Liquid Eye Lines in Noir, pictured below.

This is one of the products I discovered in high school. For me, it is important that my eye makeup lasts all day. I've got generally oily skin, and in true fashion for lower end products most of the products I've tried have either worn off by noon or have smeared without me touching my eye area. Not this! It is completely unaffected by my oily skin and my random tears during touching movies. It even outlasts random Florida rain showers!

Another bonus is the ease of application. I am not very good at liquid liner, so I have to get in there and get the job done in one fell swoop and hope I don't smudge before it dries. This is very quick drying, which made it became my total go-to liner almost right off the bat. The only downside to the quick dry is if you mess up it can be tough to get off without a really good eye makeup remover (water doesn't do the job, obviously), so keep a good remover and cotton swabs on hand for any accidents.

If memory serves right, this retails for about $32 a bottle (holy high-liner, Batman!), but it is one of those products that I think is worth every penny. Mine lasted me quite a while, about six months or so with once or twice daily application, which makes me consider it a good investment. Keep in mind I wore this stuff during my 'gother than thou' days, so I caked it on, haha.

I have yet to find any drugstore brand that even compares. If anyone knows of something that does compare, please let me know. Seeing as I'm a full time college student on a limited income, I am unable to splurge on my favorites like I did when I was working full time.


  1. Wow that's a good brand LOL, I'm too cheap to go over $20 for eyeliner hahah,
    by the way in response to your question on my giveaway- I got the peacock earrings from Love Culture :) That was like half a year ago though >.<

  2. At this point, I am too cheap to go higher than what most drug store brands cost. I had to learn to budget after I got out on my own.

    I will have to look that up. If those earrings are that cute, I can only imagine what else they have! Thank you for responding to my question ^.^


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