01 November 2011

I emailed my professor about the error I got when I submitted my quiz. Turns out I was in a panic over nothing (as usual).

Not only did my quiz register in the gradebook, but apparently it is my best quiz yet! Fantastic!

Now on to working on Assignment 7 (using functions!) and finishing off some math assignments (with some extra study).

I still have to get started on my term paper for Economics. He said that the paper doesn't necessarily have to be about something mentioned in the class, but anything that concerns economics. I think I want to explore the similarities between what is happening with the US economy now and what happened to the Japanese economy in the 1990's after their own housing bubble burst, and if there is a chance that the US could possibly go through it's own "Lost Decade". I need to discuss the idea with my professor first, since I have a feeling that I may be biting off more than I can chew with this.

I am behind with my accounting, but I don't have class tomorrow so I will use that time to get more done. I am nearly caught up, though not quite as on top of things as I would like to be.

Ok, no more procrastinating. Time to get things done.

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