15 November 2011

Winter Wardrobe

Today was a fantastic day. Not because I got to spend the day with my dear one (which was amazing as it waas), but because the cutest winter coat. The picture from the website is going to have to do, since I don't have a camera to take a picture with.

This was a great find from my local Walmart. It's faux wool coat made by George, and it cost me $28.47. I found it in the girls' department.

I am a petite girl. I am about 5ft 1inch (155cm) tall, and weigh about 110 (50kg), so I have a really hard time trying to find clothing in my small town. Walmart has almost no petite section, and the petites section at the Bealle's Outlet is filled with clothing that looks like a 70 year old woman would wear it, not a woman in their 20's. Generally my outlet is the girls' departments of my local stores, or majorly lucking out in the local Goodwill store.

For me, this coat was an amazing find. I normally wear a 10/12 in girls' clothes, but I got this in a 14/16 so I would have room for sweaters and other thick winter clothes when it gets cold. The best part is the length. On me, it lands just above my knees. Had I found this in the ladies' department, it probably would have come to my mid calf, which would make me look even shorter than I already am. That isn't counting the other proportions that would be off. My sewing skills aren't good enough to take a garnment completely apart to reconstruct it for my smaller body!

For those petite ladies out there who are on a budget like I am, I think this is definitely something worth checking out.

Now I have to find the perfect shoes an handbag! Anyone have any suggestions? I'm thinking red heels ^.^

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