08 December 2011

And It's Over

I took my last finals of the semester today.

I bombed the calc exam. It had me so discouraged I didn't want to go back to take my economics exam, but I did. It was a good thing. I learned that I had retained more than I thought, and that my professor doesn't like gin. Random information to be stored away for a rainy day :)

I was feeling great this morning so I got up and did my makeup a bit heavier than usual. Normally I don't wear much more than a light liner, mascara, and gloss. Today I dolled it up a bit more with a thicker mascara and some pinkish-red eyeshadow topped with my liquid liner from Sally Beauty Supply. It is really nice! Not as quick drying as I would have hoped, but it's got pretty good staying power. Hasn't flaked off yet, so bonus!

While studying I've been listening to a lot of music. Lately my biggest thing has been the soundtrack of Headwig and the Angry Inch. The song I've put in here is one of my favorites from the film, other than The Origin of Love (amazing song - you should check it out!). It's called Wicked Little Town and for some reason it always makes me feel good. 

Again, I'm behind on my 30 Days of Beauty Tag, so here are the next few I've missed.

Day 10 - Current fashion/style you like

Lately, I've been going a bit more punk. Punk was and will always be my first love, so I try to throw it in wherever possible, hence the plaid bag from a few entries ago.

I have never been truly current in my fashion, preferring  more retro styles over what is happening now. I love to mix older pieces with something more trendy.

Day 11 - Bag you want to have

This one is uber-doober easy:

Harajuku Lovers messenger bag
Harajuku Lovers messenger bag
(see more harajuku lovers bags)

I am a total sucker for messenger bags because they hold all of my crap. Yes, I carry a lot of crap in my bags.

And the heart! The heart with the logo is one of the things that sold me on the bag. Love it!

Alright, I am off to relax after a long and stressful week.

For those of you still taking finals, best of luck! Keep your pimp hand strong and own those tests!

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