06 December 2011

Dead Week

Finals are upon us! My bestie and I are like the walking dead, we've been studying so much. She's got straight A's this semester. I am so proud of her! I'm feeling pretty good about two of my classes, though I've got one that I don't feel confident about, and a class that I am accepting an I in so I can go back and do remedial testing. It's been a terrible semester.

Went to the dentist today. I have been cleared for takeoff! Next Tuesday I go in to have two wisom teeth pulled. I told Dr. Mark I was afraid of having another panic attack on the day of the extraction, so he gave me some anti-anxiety drugs to fix the problem. One before bed the day before, and one before the extraction. Hopefully that does the trick! Maybe after all of this work is done I'll be able to get the Invisalign on my bottom teeth like I want. They are really crooked.

I've been terrible about doing the 30 Days tag. Here are days 8 and 9 to make up for what I've missed!

Day 8 - A Photo That Makes You Laugh

This dog reminds me of my chihuahua that I had after I graduated high school! Too cute!

Day 9: Your Favorite Pair Of Shoes

I won't take a picture of these shoes, because they are hideous. I have been wearing my Volatile skull and crossbones style Chuck Taylor sneakers for the last ten years nearly. They are my most comfortable shoe, and they are falling apart because of how much I wear them. Ever since my trackies had their blowout I've worn nothing but these shoes, which is making them fall apart faster.

Not really the most glamorous shoe, but very comfortable.

For those of you who are taking finals in the next couple of weeks, good luck! You can do it! Like a boss XD


  1. such a cute photo LOL! and GOOD LUCK WITH FINALS!!! I have 2 more weeks to go ! study beast mode =p

  2. Remember to take your 'me' time with all of that study :)


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