09 December 2011

First Day of Freedom

Day one of freedom has arrived! Not true freedom, of course, because I still had a store to run today. It felt nice to be able to make it through the day at work without having to worry about some assignment being due, or a quiz/test coming up. It felt truly fantastic.

I did manage to get a lot done. Our backroom looks totally transformed. We have an extreme overstock and not enough room to put it, so the office area has a big wall of boxes. I told Bossman I wanted a privacy wall, and now I have a privacy wall made of boxes. I suppose I shouldn't complain. I did get part of the wall taken down and some of the boxes shoved on our back stacks, though now they are slap full and I still have a mini-wall of boxes. At least now it's not three boxes high over my head. To add insult to injury we got another pallet of goodies in today that I had to get put somewhere. I added another section to the massive box wall. I even got to spray snow the windows!

I lucked out an managed to get this weekend off. There is so much that  needs to be done around my home, mainly in my room. I have done laundry, but I never put any of it away, so I have three baskets to put away tomorrow. My bestie is working a 12 hour shift and leaving her daughter with me, which will be fun. My goddaughter loves to be helpful - I will use this to my advantage XD I have so much fun with that child.

Depending on how my bank account looks after I finish Christmas shopping, I am thinking about picking up some colored lenses. I've always been a bit afraid of lenses, to be honest. I've always had this weird fear of the lense curling up in my eye and getting stuck under my eyelid. Though lately I've been seeing more and more reviews on various colored and circle lenses, which makes me want to give them a try. Hell, I was afraid to get my ears pierced but took the plunge anyway last February, and I haven't looked back since. Trying the lenses may be an experience that I won't regret. I saw a post on Miss VyVy's blog about ColorLensWorld and her wonderful experience, so that might be the company I end up going with.

For those of you who wear colored/circle lenses, do you have any recommendations for a first time buyer? 

Finally, a tag entry that is on time!

Day 12 - Your Favorite Color

This is going to sound endlessly girly, but I love the color pink. My headphones are pink, my office accessories are pink (including stapler!), even my coin bank is pink. All other pink things aside, I don't have much pink in my wardrobe because it looks absolutely dreadful on me!

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  1. congrats for your first day of freedom! Mine will be either on Tuesday or Wednesday depending on how much work I get done these next few days =p

    and if you order from ColorLensWorld, I wish you good luck! I think that since they are new they don't have a rush of orders to take care of like other big companys (example:shoppingholics), so they are able to tend to your order more and contact you more, you know? Their owners Marco&Lisa kept me so well informed that I was seriously impressed! The downside is that they don't have too much of a variation of lenses yet, but I will still continue to purchase from them in the future ^^
    Tip: if you order from them, go to their facebook page first and ask for a discount coupon and they will email you instructions how to activate it! Here is also a link to their giveaway: http://whenthreeisacrowd.blogspot.com/2011/11/colorlensworld-contest-everybody-is.html

    I'll also tell you some info on other sites that I am going to receive lens from:

    LensVillage- I didn't purchase from them but my sister won lens from them. They were kinda slow at replying and when my sister informed them what lens she wanted they said they would send it "soon." 5 weeks later no lenses from them and no email updates. She emailed them and asked what happened, but they claimed to have "email" her about them running out of stock of what she wanted.... Trust me, she didn't get an email. I also heard a few other bloggers bad reviews on lensvillege, and me and other bloggers noticed that lensvillage treats their sponsors much better than regular customers (good review purposes I suppose). You probably don't get a free lense case either I heard. (I'm not gonna even bother ordering from them now lol)

    Kiwiberry1-collection- I heard many good reviews and they have good prices, but I think you have to be the one to initiate the email to get information on your package. They don't send you an email confirmation of your order (you only get a reciept from paypal), and I think you have to buy a tracking code for a few bucks >.< (Colorlensworld gave me free tracking code) On facebook I see people complaining about lack of information from the site and I don't see them reply much to comments lol... when they do though, they usually tell you to send an email to them. On the good side, people who have emailed them seem to be pretty pleased, but once again, I think YOU have to be the INITIATOR for info.

    Uniqso: I didn't buy lenses but I won some from a facebook contest, they respond emails pretty well but it took them a few days to tell me that my lens I wanted was out of stock, then it took a few days for them to send out my lens package. So I waited about a week something later for my package to finally get sent out

    anyways sorry for really long comment, I just want to help you a bit ^^ I'll do full review on each of those websites when my package gets home!


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