11 December 2011

Oh, Baby!

This weekend has been a good one. I have had my goddaughter here all weekend and we have had a blast. I cannot tell you how many times we watched How To Train Your Dragon and James and the Giant Peach over this weekend. All I know is I can  quote both movies quite well at this point.

I also went to a Christmas party last night. I didn't really want to go because I spent all day coralling a toddler, but my boyfriend talke me into going because the host called him saying that she was disappointed with how small of a turnout she had. Being the nice people we are, we got dressed and headed to her apartment, only to find that we were the oldest ones there besides the host's husband. Somehow the topic of children got brought up, and I had to school some youngblood. He said that one child in a family is too much, so I nicely laid into him.  My boyfriend has three kids, and I care for my goddaughter when her mother has to work or go to class. We jokingly say I'm her 'baby-daddy'. I have absolutely no patience for some person to talk about children as if they are a menace, especially if they don't have any children. The guy ended up leaving the balcony by the time I was done with him, and I don't feel bad about it. You don't say things like that to a parent and expect no repercussions.

After that we went to the store so I could buy some new hoops. My big silver hoops broke yesterday and needed replacing. I need to get a picture of them. I absolutely love them.

I had another shock when I discovered my favorite radio station gone. I have listened to the Buzz 103.1 for the last sixteen years, since day one. Their morning show was my cup of coffee for years, and their acoustic set on Sunday mornings my hangover cure (once I was old enough to drink, of course!). Over the years, their crew has become like family. You could listen to them on the radio, and then go see them at events and they were just as cool in person as they were on the radio. Now that they are not on the air on FM, they are streaming online and on HD radio. I lack an HD radio, so I am stuck streaming while at home. I am going to miss them on my daily commute, but I'm glad they aren't gone for good. They have been pulled for SoFl's fourth or fifth top 40 station. I am waiting for them to get sued because of someone feeling their tagline is racist. "All of today's hits, without the rap." My brother is fired up over it, thinks it is racially discriminating. 

Today, after a big dinner with bestie and my goddaughter, my bro came by. He is going to bring his Wii over on Thursday so I can get a taste of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword ^.^ I don't have the extra money to buy a Wii, so I will just play with him until I get my fill!

Now that you've had a breakdown of my weekend, on to my tag!

Day 13 - Photo of your fashion/style icon

Gwen Stefani has been an influence for me for years, from back in the early No Doubt years. I love how fierce she is, and always flawless. I think her fearlessness with fashion is what I adore about her.  Even more beautiful is her attitude and graciousness to her fans. She was the influence behind me going blonde. I, of course, didn't look as amazing as Gwen, but she gave me the urge to go out on a limb and be fearless.

I also like that she can pull off very classic looks as well as more punk and rock looks without batting an eyelash.

Day 14 - Photo of a Hairstyle/Haircut You'd Like To Have

I have no idea who this is, but I love her hair. I want to try bangs, and messy curls. My hair is growing out, almost as long as hers, but not quite. When I go for my next hair appointment my stylist is getting this picture so he can work his magic.

I hope everyone has had a great weekend. I know mine has been tiring! I will end this entry with my favorite song of the moment:

I wasn't sure what I thought of this at first, being a fan of Bush since their first major label release in '94 and how much of a departure this is from that, but it quickly grew on me. There is something about Gavin's voice that conveys such emotion to me, that seems to kick me in the chest. He's amazing. Gwen is a lucky gal ^.^

Are there any new songs that have grown on you lately? 

Who are your fashion influences? 

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  1. 1. I watched how to train your dragon so many times too because of my niece and nephew!
    2. I LOVE Gwen! Her fashion, her products, her music... Today one of her old songs was playing in a store I Was in! I felt nostalgic hearing it(Song: Cool)
    3. that hair is soooo cute!!


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