15 December 2011

Tag Catch-up

Day 15 - Photo of Your Favorite Bracelet

I don't have one, because I don't wear bracelets! In my workplace it's incredibly impractical, so I just don't wear them period.

Day 16 - Music You Like

I listen to a little bit of everything. Classic rock has been my main thing lately, especially The Rolling Stones.

Ever since CBS Radio decided that my normal radio station, 103.1 the Buzz wasn't profitable enough and needed to be replaced by South Florida's fifth top 40 station, I've had to switch to our classic rock station because it is now our only rock station. Luckily, they play minimal Nickleback.

Day 17 - Fashion Pieces on Your To-Buy List

Nearly everything from H&M's Dragon Tattoo Collection by Trish Summerville, which you can view and purchase here. I love the punk/futuristic look to the whole collection.

I'd also like a new LBD, something angular with lovely clean edges like some I've seen in Vivienne Westwood's past collections.

As of right now, that is all I really want. My wants are very basic :)

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