02 December 2012

Oh, The Things You Learn

EDIT #1: This post was written about two weeks ago, and this is the first chance I've had to post it.

I went to Big Lake Eye Care today for my first appointment with Dr. Bartels and had an amazing experience.

Unlike the other places here that offer eye exams, they use some killer technology. I was pleasantly surprised that I did not have to have my eyes dilated. It made the experience much more comfortable! I was stupid and drove myself up there not even thinking about it, knowing I couldn't get myself home afterward if they did. I'm glad they have some top notch gear!

One of the tools they used was a Topcon Digital Retinal Camera. Seeing my optic nerve on a screen in front of me was really cool - almost as cool as the first time I saw my chest x-rays. I've seen optic nerves and chest x-rays before, but never my optic nerves or my chest x-rays. I also learned that I have an amazing lash count from the image of the front of my eye.

It is amazing how much a few simple images of the front and back of my eyes could tell. It turns out I've got astigmatism! All of the other doctors I've been to have never caught it, but Dr. Bartels found it after a few quick and easy tests.

What exactly is astigmatism?

According to WebMD, Astigmatism is caused by a cornea or a lens that is not symmetrical. The 'lens' of my eyes aren't perfectly curved as they are supposed to be - or in basic terms, I've got misshapen peepers. Unfortunately, it is something that will get worse as I get older. For now, corrective lenses will help me see more clearly.

Everything was so high tech, and then he used a traditional phoropter to figure out exactly what strength I need for each eye to help me see better. Of all of the things I had encountered, that had to be the only piece of equipment that I recognized, haha.

After the exam ended I was introduced to Jenni, a member of the sales team, so I could pick out my first pair of glasses. She let me roam through the selection of women's glasses and try on anything that I wanted. I had loads of fun trying on pairs of Prada and D&G glasses that I would never be able to afford!

In the end I picked out a pair of Takumi glasses that had magnetic sunglasses that pop on, mainly because I will only need my glasses for driving, watching television, and just whenever I want to see clearer at a distance. I don't have to wear them 24/7.

I get to pick them up in about a week.

I had such an amazing experience. I am glad to have them included in my regular health care routine and cannot wait to develop a good relationship with Dr. Bartels and the rest of his team.

EDIT #2: I got my glasses last week and they make such a HUGE difference in my vision. I know he said I don't have to wear them all of the time, but I can't seem to function without them anymore. Everything looks so different without them. I can't believe I spent so long not being able to really see the world in clarity. Now if I don't wear them, everything is fuzzy. Think about watching one of the older televisions with rabbit ears and not getting a channel very clearly. All of the images are a bit fuzzy and you can't make out much detail. I feel like I've gone from rabbit ears straight to HD.

I have a feeling I will be turning into a total glasses whore and have a pair for every day of the week and every outfit.

Unfortunately, I have to have them refit already because the BF accidentally nailed me in the face with his elbow on the couch the second day I had them.

I will post pictures if I can ever get my camera back from my other half. I know what I'm getting him for Christmas!

22 November 2012

Being Thankful

For those of you lovelies living here in the United States, I hope you all had a happy Thanksgiving! I know I'm totally stuffed. This year I did my very first Thanksgiving dinner all on my own. While I was a bit disappointed that I didn't have the turnout of guests that I had anticipated, I am very happy that I did have my brother in law come with his family. Their boys loved my cooking! This has been, by far, the best Thanksgiving ever, even though I didn't have my entire family with me.

It is crazy how many people just spend this month or this particular day counting their blessings and what they are thankful for. Even I don't sit down daily and count the things that I am thankful for, I just go about my day as usual. While I may not have much, I am very grateful for what I do have, and the people that I'm surrounded by. I have had a lot of terrible things happen over the last year, things that I have learned from, and I've survived and become a stronger person in the end.

I'm thankful for my family, blood relations or not. I'm thankful for the fact that I've got friends that are close enough to be family, that we take care of each other like family.

I'm thankful that I have a roof over my head, even if it isn't the best looking place on the planet; I'm thankful that I have food to sustain me; I'm thankful that I have a piece of shit car that is ugly but gets me from point A to point B; I'm thankful that I have a job in this terrible economy, even if it does feel like I'm running a daycare center at times. 

I'm thankful for my fur babies and my feathered baby.

I'm thankful for my 25 followers. 

No matter how you look at it, I believe that I'm blessed. There are so many people out there that don't have, that didn't have a Thanksgiving dinner this evening, that don't have a roof over their head or all of the luxuries that so many take for granted. I grew up quite poor, though I was always happy. My mother always taught me that things don't make the person, that we don't need material things to be happy. Sure, they make life better, but do we really need them?

 I'm off to do pilates now to work off dinner. That brings me to another thing that I'm thankful for - Blogilates!

I hope you all have a wonderful evening. Don't forget to count your blessings. Every day on this planet is what you make it, so make it awesome!

19 November 2012

New Buys, Size Rant

As my birthday is coming up next week, I did a little splurging this week.

Last night I picked up a few new pairs of pants, a really cute Marilyn Monroe shirt, and a Minnie Mouse Sweatshirt. What made me angry was the sizing of the pants. In the juniors department, a size seven is too large, and apparently a size five is too small. Like way too small. I can get them zipped, but my hips bulge over the sides because of the size of my hips. I'm petite and have so called child bearing hips. Lower rise pants don't do so well for me anymore. Now I've either got the options of returning them, or just exercising my ever loving tail off so I can fit into them.

Tonight's gets were makeup. I needed a new mascara, so I picked up Maybelline's Colossal Volum' Express Cat Eyes mascara in Glam Black. I haven't tried it yet, though my previous mascara was the same line and I adored it. 

I also picked up a pink glittery liquid liner from Hard Candy. I LOVE it so far and can't wait to wear it to work.

Even though I don't wear lipstick much, I picked up two Wet n Wild colors on an urge. I got Hot Red and a mauve color, though I'm not sure how I feel about the mauve. I have always been terrible at picking colors that work well on my skin. I also can never seem to find the perfect nude color. My lips are so large, wearing bright colors makes them take over my entire face. My eyes are my favorite feature. I love to play up my eyes. Given that I do a lot of color on my eyes, I try to stay away from a lot of color on my lips to prevent the entire look from going to classy to drag queen.

I need to get some sleep. I've got a long day ahead tomorrow!

Have a great night! Pictures of the new gets are coming soon!

14 November 2012

Walking Dead OMFG

This is going to be another post gushing about the latest episode (Season 3, Episode 5) of AMC's The Walking Dead, so if the series doesn't interest you, or you aren't caught up to the latest season, I'd skip this entry entirely.

Spoiler Alert 

09 November 2012

Song of the Night

Recently, my boyfriend and I watched The Dictator. It wasn't quite what I was expecting, but it did make me giggle. Admiral General Aladeen's definition of democracy at the end of the movie had me in stitches.

Tonight's song is from the movie, Next Episode.

08 November 2012

What You Wear and How It Effects You

Let me begin this post by stating that I am a high anxiety person. I've always been high anxiety with lots of minor things, mainly because I was extremely sheltered as a child. I had supervision for almost everything that I did and was rarely allowed to to do anything with friends or go anywhere for more than a few hours without one of my parents being present. That lead me to be a more high strung individual, quite neurotic in fact.

Even now at twenty seven years old I deal with high anxiety to the point that I've been given medications to take when everything gets to be too much and I have the urge to freak the fuck out, putting it simply.

What really had me thinking about this was driving yesterday.

Driving is one of my anxiety triggers because within the first two months of owning my car I was in three accidents (rear ended) within three weeks of each other, all in the same spot. This has made driving a terrifying experience for me because I have fear of being hit again. I am perfectly fine in light traffic situations when there are other responsible drivers that know the meaning of a car length away. It is when traffic gets heavier, and people start to drive like it's Drive Like Ray Charles Day, that I get extremely nervous to the point that I will pull over if I get too anxious and wait for traffic to thin out before I go about my business.

The reason that I started to really think is because yesterday I was in one of those high traffic situations where I'd normally freak out. Instead of losing my gourd and parking until traffic thinned out enough to satisfy me, I trucked on to my destination as if there was no one on the road at all.

What does that have to do with anything?

I felt like a badass.

Wearing my aviators and blasting Aerosmith, I felt like a badass that could tackle anything that got in my way.

I didn't think about the idiot riding my ass like a hemorrhoid, or the little old lady in front of me that loved to ride her breaks.

Nothing mattered in that simple moment in time, I was in control behind the wheel and everyone else could go eat a peen.

It was a small triumph for me, really. As dumb as it sounds, it was a triumph.

In my mind, it truly validated the saying of "the clothes make the man". I was confident and worry free, all thanks to some kick ass rock music and a pair of $5 aviator sunglasses that I picked up at a Goodwill.

I already knew that clothes could bring confidence, as I have certain outfits for certain moods when I go to work. Some things make me feel like I'm the head bitch in charge, while some more dressed down pieces make me feel like a regular peon that just works there instead of running the place.

It really is amazing how something as simple could make me rethink my outlook entirely.

02 November 2012

Absentee Lady

I'm so sorry I've been absentee lady. Life has been extremely busy between having to work more and then Bossman opening a new store. My boyfriend is running it! He opened a video game store where the main attraction is the play, not the purchasing of merchandise. For a flat fee, you get to play all day.  I got to play free yesterday for the soft opening and it was so much fun. I really want to get Assassin's Creed III to play at home, though I don't see how that will work out since I don't even get to play FFX, my ultimate favorite game.

School has had a lot on me lately, and I've been loving it. It is time to sign up for more classes, though I'm not sure which ones I should take. I need to talk to my advisor to get her advice.

I've also been working out a lot more! I found an amazing site called Blogilates. Cassey Ho, the lovely lady that runs the site, offers so many different workouts and different tips and tricks on maintaining a healthy diet. She's also got meal plans that match up with various workout plans. I adore her videos because it is almost like you're working out with one of your girlfriends. It's not all chat about exercise, but other things while you are exercising. There is even a section of printables, so if you don't have access to videos you can save/print the images and do some pop pilates on the go! I cannot recommend her site enough. I've already felt a change in myself since I started two weeks ago.

I've got a camera full of photos that I need to upload, including dozens of BB cream swatches from the slew of new American versions of BB creams that are popping up. I still have to get all of my Influenster posts up, too. I've got a new list of favorite products that I'm dying to share with all of you.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

17 October 2012

Getting Better

My sinus infection is slowly getting better. I'm better functioning and able to study, finally. I was afraid I wasn't being productive enough and warned my professors. So far, only one has responded, and has been amazing.

I still hate my week old bouquet smelling nasal spray and my horrid tasting cough medicine that looks like antifreeze, but it works. That's the important part.

In the mean time, I've been blogging way too much, watching cartoons snuggled up with my cat, and watching Charmed like it's going out of style. The later seasons have been coming on TV early in the morning, though I've just started a mini marathon of the first season.

It is sooooo grainy on this HD tv! Doesn't stop me from loving the hell out of it.

Eventually I will get all of the seasons. Eventually I'll get all of the seasons of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, too. Those shows were my favorites in high school, and generally the only bits of television I watched after I got entirely sick of The X-Files after Mulder disappeared. After that, I hated that show. Most of my fashion at the time was inspired by characters in either Charmed or Buffy, haha.

I need to study now. I leave with another song of the night, Love Spit Love's version of How Soon is Now. This song was originally done by The Smiths in 1985. I most fondly remember this version of the song from the movie The Craft (another one of my all time favorites), and then later as the theme song for the show Charmed.

Have a great night, everyone! 

PinkyParadise Savings

Good afternoon, darlings!

I have recently opened an affiliate account with PinkyParadise, and I've got some special savings to spread to all of you!

When you use the coupon code, you get a free cute animal lens case PLUS mystery gifts. It can also be stacked, so if you purchase three pairs of lenses, you will receive three cases and three mystery gifts. It also has no expiration date!

For this code to work, you must purchase at least one pair of circle lens.

The coupon code is: petitefeetblog

Thank you, PinkyParadise, for offering this savings to my readers!

What are you waiting for? Let's go shopping!

16 October 2012

Song(s) of the Night

Got some more tunes for the night for you, lovelies.

Tonight is a bit of a three for one special - I've been listening to Placebo and David Bowie a lot lately. David Bowie has always been an inspiration to me because of how versatile he is. I grew up listening to his music with my father, and wanting to be Ziggy Stardust. I love his transformations, his music, and - being frank - the man is damn sexy. When I read through Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles I could see him in my mind as the perfect Lestat.

So I begin with one of my favorite Bowie songs, Let's Dance. Every time I hear it on the radio I blast it and sing it like a madwoman, not giving a damn about who is watching me. I have a rule in my car: if David Bowie is playing, you shut the hell up. Period.

I've always loved Placebo as well, from the moment I heard the song Pure Morning on 103.1 The Buzz  in 1998. I played the album Without You I'm Nothing so much that I finally wore out the disc. Brian Molko used to be one of my biggest fashion inspirations. He is so androgynous, something I've always fancied, that I tried my damndest to be like him fashion wise. 

My song for them tonight is Taste In Men, off of the Sleeping With Ghosts album. 

Now, the cherry on top, both Placebo and David Bowie performing Without You I'm Nothing live. This has to be one of my all time favorite songs period. I love the lyrics, I love the music, and I love it even more when two of my favorite artists team up to sing one of my all time favorite songs.

I'm off now to continue my nightly medicine routine to help kick this sinusitis. So far the z-pak has helped kill some of the breathing issues, and the nasal spray has only made my poor abused schnoz bleed even more. The cough syrup is the color of antifreeze that would go in a car, and the muscle relaxers for my TMJ make me go to sleep. This week is going to be one big blur.


Influenster Got A Makeover!

If you've been following this blog for any length of time, I'm sure you know that I'm a member of Influenster.

What is Influenster? Influenster is a community of trendsetters invited to share their lifestyles and show their influence to quialify for personalized product shipments, special rewards and exclusive deals from brands they love.

Each user has an individual score depending on how much they participate. To receive a higher score, and a better chance at earning special perks, all you have to do is be an active member! Leave reviews, ask and answer questions, do blog posts, and share on your social media. Your score goes up as you participate more.

Now that the site has been improved, you have to request an invite from the site itself or from an existing member.

It is definitely worth it to sign up. So far, I've received three VoxBoxes so far (Love VoxBox, Summer VoxBox, and Bride to Be VoxBox). I've had the opportunity to try so many products that I would have probably otherwise bypassed thanks to this program. And it's not always sample sizes! I have received quite a few full size products and money saving coupons through the VoxBox program.

If you are interested in learning how you can become an Influenster, click on the Influenster logo below.

source: influenster.com

15 October 2012

The Results Are In

The illness that has been making my life hell for the past week and a half is definitely sinusitis. She said it was caused by a combination of my allergies and smoking.

I now have a slew of medications to take on the daily until this beast is gone.

Until then, I'm bundled and wearing scarves that cover my jaws and ears even though it's about 85 degrees outside. We don't get fall in Florida - just a slightly lower temp with the same awful humidity. I look like a loon out there in my scarves and hats.

My next challenge is to quit smoking, if stress doesn't get to me this time. Another one of my employees called me earlier to tell me he might be quitting, and I'm losing another because of a medical condition. That is all well and good, but I'm the one who has to take up the slack when it comes to picking up shifts. It just so happens that I have a deposition coming up and if both people decide to leave this week, my choices are to either close the store or wind up in contempt of court and face potential jail time.

I'm ready to quit myself, I just don't have a backup job to pay the bills.

I'm sick of all of the drama.

14 October 2012

Walking Dead Season 3 Premier

I've spent all weekend watching the Walking Dead marathon in anticipation of the new season.

All I can really say is Oh Em Gee. Times infinity.

Thar be spoilers ahead, so if you haven't seen the episode please disregard this post, or come back after you've seen it and share your thoughts!

11 October 2012

Hells Yeah!

The twenty page paper that was due?

Not only did I get it in on time, but apparently writing about pot was the right thing to do.

I got a perfect score and my professor loved it.

How does it make me feel?

10 October 2012

Hunger Games FTW

Old post is old. I just realized that I hadn't published this, and it was only a draft. Enjoy the geekery.

After a few months of anticipation, I got my copy of The Hunger Games last night. In true need fashion I got the special package with the pendant, which I wear with pride ^_^

Let me just say it was fucking awesome! 

I read all of the books, so I was almost afraid when I heard they were making a movie. 

I wasn't disappointed. Jennifer Lawrence is the perfect Katniss. I cannot wait for the other films to be released. 

I was particularly pleased with how absolutely dreary District 12 was. It was everything that I had hoped for after reading the books. I also adored the hallucination scenes. And Rue! That girl made me cry so hard. It was love from the first moment she appeared in the books, and it was love when she first appeared in the movie. It's hard not to love her, to root for her, to develop an attachment.

I still have to do a full post with all of my China Glaze Hunger Games Collection colors (that I'm missing a few of T_T). I'm so geeked over this series it's not funny. 

I finally got earrings to match the pendant, but they are so heavy that they are almost impossible to wear for more than a few hours. They leave my ears in pain.  

Drive Like Ray Charles Day

It appears that it is Drive Like Ray Charles day in my city.

In a simple fifteen minute drive, I was nearly sideswiped by some kid who fashioned himself to be a billy badass and thought I wasn't turning fast enough at a three way turn, nearly smashed between a school bus and a big truck, nearly clipped the rear end of a trailer because the idiot driving didn't pull fully into the turning lane, honked at by some asshole riding my bumper when there was an entire empty lane next to us where he could clearly pass, almost hit again by the truck riding my ass after a paint truck in front of me didn't have break lights on their trailer, and then nearly hit by a small Chevy in the turning lane going to my house because I apparently wasn't going fast enough for his taste.

All of that in the less than four mile drive from my mother's school and back to my home.

What pisses me off the most is half of that happened in a school zone. A fucking school zone.

I would have expected this when I lived in a larger city, not in this town of less than 70,000 people.

It doesn't help that I'm PMSing like hell and don't want to deal with any sort of crap today. I'm not in any mood for any sort of dumbass behind the wheel of a vehicle that they don't fully know how to control.

This is on top of seeing articles about a friend that passed away recently. The articles aren't bad - it's the comments on the articles that make me want to choke someone. You didn't know him, have some fucking decency. My boyfriend and I knew him, and no, we won't talk about it. End of story.

I'm done with this post for now. All I have wanted to do for the last few days is rip heads off of people.

09 October 2012

Song of the Night

I'm on a huge 80's kick. I was lucky enough to be old enough to catch some of the music toward the end of the decade and remember watching the videos on Mtv. This one came out the year I was born, but still got airplay for quite a few years after that.

I was SO excited to see Shannon's Give Me Tonight on the Party Monster soundtrack. At the time I was experimenting with the club scene in central Florida, so it almost seemed like it was my soundtrack at the time. There are so many songs that seemed so fit for me and the scene at the time. Listening to it always brings back great memories.

This one will always be one of my favorites - another song that reminds me of my days of leaving the house after 10PM and not coming home until just after dawn, after watching the sun rise over a cup of coffee at Denny's.

05 October 2012

Song of the Night

Song of the night: New York New York by Nina Hagen (1983)

The cool thing about this woman is she was considered an opera prodigy as child, then combined those skills with electro and punk and then bam, instant magic.

She's not going to be everyone's cup of tea, I will admit. My parents hated her voice, and hated when I blasted this song, but I always thought it was amazing. She is in her own league with sound and fashion. She's amazing. 

Enough with my blabbering. Enjoy!

20 Page Paper Due Sunday

Have I started said paper?



At least it's about a topic I'm quite familiar with: pot.

I can write twenty pages about pot and it's many uses.

I know it's not very beauty related, but I may share it after the semester is over, if I get a decent enough grade.

04 October 2012

Recent Health Issues and Stress

Recently I've had more health issues come about.

A few weeks ago I was told by my dentist I've got TMJ. I was given some medication, but now that I'm finished with the meds, my jaw hurts on BOTH sides when it was originally only one side.

My muscles and joints have been going haywire for a while now; diet changes have had absolutely no effect since I assumed it was a potential dietary thing. I've got an appointment with my doctor in a few days to discuss the possibility of arthritis, which does run early in my family. I'm hoping that I don't end up on more pills. I've already got a decent daily regimen thanks to allergies and other issues with my teeth.

I'm too young to be falling apart! I'm only 27 for cripes sake!

I just want to be healthy and stress free. Stress is the largest part of my TMJ. I grind my teeth at night. My boyfriend says it sounds like two balloons being rubbed together. The stress of school and my job don't help, and the only days I don't grind are my days off. Last night wasn't a very good one, and I did grind a lot, mainly because we are in the process of training a new hire (which went well tonight - she's the one) and then one of my top employees being out with a contagious virus.

I've got quite a few things that need to be finished before bed, though tonight I'm going to forgo my usual duties and just go to sleep. I've had such a stressful week otherwise I think I deserve one night where I just lay in bed and watch the History Channel until I fall asleep.

Bride-to-Be VoxBox 2012

Hello, everyone!

I was qualified for another great VoxBox from Influenster, this one for brides to be.

There are some amazing products in this box, including hair care products from Schwarzkopf Professionals, eyelashes from Kiss, and some herbal relaxation aids. I'm really excited to try it all!

In conjunction with this box, I've created a new blog focusing on all of the nerdy ideas that we come up with for our wedding. Zombie wedding cake, anyone? The new blog can be found here: nerdweddings.blogspot.com

Interested in becoming an Influenster? Go to www.influenster.com to find out how you can receive great products to test.

02 October 2012

Long Time, No See

I aplogize for such a long absence. Life has been insane, as usual!

School has started once again, and I've been going full force with school and work.

My store's second anniversary was over the weekend, and I drank entirely too much.

This degree has proven to be much harder than the last, and the workload is very high. I think I'm in over my head, though I will try my best.

I'm also going to be creating a new blog full of wedding ideas. Our date hasn't quite been set yet, thought want to have a space to keep my ideas.

I hope you've all been well!

03 September 2012

Two Facebook Giveaways

Hello, lovelies!

I just wanted to pass on the love about two Facebook pages that I adore, and that show the love in return by doing giveaways for their fans.

Holika Holika USA is giving away a BB Balm with a roller right now on their page! For every 100 fans reached, they are giving out a full sized BB Balm. To show your support for Holika Holika USA, and to find out the details on how to enter to win, visit their Facebook page for more information.

Pretty and Cute also does great giveaways every Monday. This week's prize is a full size bottle of Holika Holika: Luminious Silk BB Cream, which retails for $28.00 USD. When they reach 15,000 fans, everyone will get a 15% off an entire purchase! To enter, and show your support, visit their Facebook fan page.  

That is all of the exciting news I have for this evening. I'm feeling rather under the weather, so I am going to bed soon.


17 August 2012

Quick Mani

A few nights ago, I got a bit creative with my China Glaze colors and some plain reinforcers that are used for hole punched paper.

The colors that I used are China Glaze Lighthouse and China Glaze Grape Juice. I originally purchased these colors for my step-daughter to wear to her big brother's high school football games since she's all about school spirit, but I had to try them myself first!

Not the best job in the world, but isn't that what experiments are all about?

Read on to see how the reinforcers came in handy for this look.

14 August 2012

School Shopping

I had completely forgotten how stressful and expensive school shopping can be.

The other half and I took his children shopping for clothes this morning in preparation for school next week. I took his daughter, he took the boys, and we all met up an hour later. His daughter and I had so much fun. She is 10 and really beginning to get into fashion and develop her own style. I absolutely love it. Instead of the typical denims that I expected her to get, she picked out the coolest pair of electric blue skinny jeans. By far they were the most exciting thing that we got. We also discovered out Walmart doesn't seem to carry collared uniform shirts for girls. Great job, Walmart.

The rest of the day wasn't very eventful. Watched a Top Model cycle 7 marathon, got creative with the little circles reinforcers and did a cute mani, and now I'm sitting with the other half watching Ancient Aliens. Looks like I'm going to have strange dreams tonight!

Goodnight, lovelies!

10 August 2012

Weight Gain and Anger

I'm very angry with myself.

Over the last three months I've gained almost 15 pounds. My life has been extremely stressful which has lead to both eating on the go (since I'm always at work) and then good old comfort eating. I'm only at 123.2 lbs, which doesn't sound like a lot, it just looks like a lot on my five feet tall frame.

After being 105 lbs at my slimmest, that feels like defeat. I feel like a total fatty mcfatfat, always eating and unable to fit into her clothes.

What was even harder than realizing exactly how much I weighed was the realization that my ten year high school reunion is coming up in two months. I don't want to go there looking like I do. I'd rather sit at home and drink pink champagne crying while listening to the 90s station on the radio, remembering better days.

Tonight I worked out for two hours, on top of the crazy cleaning I did at work. Light dinner, which will be followed by a light breakfast tomorrow morning and two more hours of working out after I get home from work.

I know healthy is the way to be, that thin isn't always in, and all of that rubbish, but I'm simply not happy with myself at this point. I feel tubby and frumpy and out of shape. I'm going to do my best to change that fact.

06 August 2012

Quaker Soft Baked Banana Nut Bar

Another great product that I received in my Influenster Vox Box was the Quaker Soft Baked Banana Nut Bar. I had already tried these before, only the cinnamon pecan flavor, and it quickly became a favorite of mine for work.

Notice the bit about great warmed up - they aren't joking! Nuke it for about ten seconds for that fresh out of the oven taste.

Nutrition facts! Healthy, and yummy :) This bar contains 5g of fiber, 20% of your daily value of 5 B vitamins, and 6g of protein. When you work in a high action job, those added bits of B vitamins and protein go a long way in satisfying those munchies in between breakfast and lunch.

I was a bit turned off by the 140 calories. As someone who always eats low cal, totaling out to only about 1200 calories a day, this scared me a bit. The high fiber and protein did help me get over the fear of the added calories.

To be perfectly honest, I'm not a huge banana nut fan. That said, I was very surprised with how good this was. The banana isn't overwhelming at all. It's very mild, doesn't take away from any of the other flavors. I actually had to fight the urge to pick off all of the nuts and eat them first like I did when I was a kid!

Quaker Soft Baked Bars are available in a variety of flavors at most mass retailers for $3.49 for a box of five bars.

Disclaimer: I received this product complimentary for testing purposes from Influenster. Find out how you can be an Influenster by visiting their website, http://www.influenster.com.

Clear Scalp & Hair Beauty Therapy Review

Around a month back I received my Influenster VoxBox. To see the contents of this box, you can find my review post here.

As everyone knows by now, the product that truly excited me is the Clear Scalp and Hair Therapy shampoo and conditioner that was included. As a refresher, here is an image of the cute travel size bottles.

These bottles are propped up width wise on my iPad, to give you an idea of exactly how large these bottles are. Normally, from a sample bottle of shampoo, I only get maybe three washes out of them thanks to how long my hair is. I've been using this nearly three weeks now, once a day, and I've still got product left. How awesome is that?

According to Clear, 99% of hair's natural strength and beauty comes from the scalp. Rather than treating the ends like most shampoos, Clear's target is the scalp. With Nutrum 10 technology, a combination of vitamins and nutrients, Clear nourishes the scalp to create healthy, strong hair from root to tip.

The first thing I noticed about this product is the scent. It is fresh and floral, but not overly sweet like some floral scents. It reminds me of some of a shampoo that I used as a kid, though I can't remember the name of it for the life of me. Some reviews I've read have compared it to the scent of the pink Rose Hip Herbal Essences shampoo that they sold in the mid-90's. It's got similarities in scent, though I honestly think this smells better. It doesn't have that same tartness to it that the Herbal Essences did.

It was a pleasant surprise that the product is nearly the same color as the bottle!

Upon closer inspection, the shampoo has a faint shimmer. I was also pleased with the thick consistency. Some shampoos I've used feel like they've got a very high water content to them, so much so that it's almost like it leaks through my fingers before I can get the product to my hair. This almost seemed to coat the little glass bowl as I poured it into my hand. That said, it's easy to get out of the bottle.

The conditioner has a pleasant smell and great consistency as well. For a conditioner so thick, I expected some difficulty working it through my hair. I had absolutely no trouble working this through my hair. It saturates well, and stays put once you've applied it. The beauty of it is my hair feels moisturized after I wash it out, unlike some conditioners that wash out so much that my hair feels like I never used conditioner at all.

My hair is generally very oily and requires two washings to handle it. Since I've been using this, I don't have to wash, rinse, repeat - I can live with only one wash followed by conditioner without having to worry about being an oil slick by the end of the day.

One tip I do have for the conditioner - any conditioner, really - is apply after you finish your hair and leave it on for about five minutes while you finish the rest of your shower. The heat from the shower combined with the sitting conditioner gives the effect of a deep conditioning treatment without the hassle. Remember to apply more to the ends rather than the roots, since that is where you need the most moisture.

Since I've been using this, my hair has totally changed. Between the oil issues near the scalp and crazy split ends from color and heat damage, my hair was a total mess. Now it is very soft, never oily (unless I go more than two days without washing my hair), and extremely shiny. My hair has never looked this healthy. I used to swear by Aussie products, but I think I've finally found something that beats it in my book.

The whole line of Clear products can be found at most mass retailers, select drugstores, and supermarkts nationwide for between $4.99 to $5.99 a bottle.

Clear also has a men's line, with ingredients like mint to help invigorate the scalp and fight dandruff. I ordered a sample for my hubby so he can give it a try on his rockstar hair. I'll share the results once he's tried it!

Have you tried the Clear line yet? If so, did it do amazing things for you?

If you haven't tried it, what is your favorite line of hair care products?

Disclaimer: I received this product complimentary for testing purposes from Influenster. Find out how you can be an Influenster by visiting their website, http://www.influenster.com.

26 July 2012

Over My Head

It's a bitch to grow up. Sometimes I wish I was a kid again, with the worst thing to worry about being where I'm going to sit at lunch when I'm at school, or if I'm going to be able to catch my favorite program on tv at night.

I feel like I'm in over my head.

About three weeks after I graduated my father was arrested. The charges are so severe that they set his bail in the ballpark of five million dollars. I have come to terms that I'm never going to see my father in anything other than prison orange and shackles as long as he lives. I'm not one hundred percent okay with that, he's my father after all, but he's broken the law and has to live up to it.

Now I'm left wondering how my mother and I are going to handle our finances.

I'm still paying off medical bills from my lovely trip to the hospital at the beginning of the year, plus a high bill from some dental surgery that I had.

To add insult to injury, my beautiful Yetta, the car that I've had since I was sixteen years old, is starting to bite the dust. She's fourteen years old and had a long and lovely life, though it doesn't damper the feeling of potentially being without a car in the midst of one of the worst summers Florida has experienced in years.

I'm not sure what to do. I've been working my ass off, selling books online, doing things like Amazon mechanical turk, yet nothing ever seems to change. Sure, I've got a college degree. Unfortunately, no one is hiring in my field within my area of travel with a crappy car.

It really makes me wonder how so many people out there can have no job, live off of the government, and be in debt to their ears, yet be completely happy. I'm not saying I want to be unemployed and living off of the government, that's not something I'd ever want to have to experience, I just want to know how they can be in so much financial crisis and still act like their lives are the greatest.

I know money isn't everything. It's something that's nice to have, but it's not everything.

I should be thankful that I'm healthy, that I've got a job, a roof over my head, and an amazing family.

I wish I had a way to control the stress and anxiety, the fear that I'm not going to be able to handle what life has handed me.

This post really has no point. I needed to get all of this off of my chest.

19 July 2012

Apple, Y U So Expensive?

I need a new computer so bad. Doris (my lovely PowerBook) is on her last leg after seven long years together so I've been looking for a new one. I had totally forgotten how much they cost! I applied for financing, though the limit I was given wasn't near enough for a new compy like the one I want. I can afford the Air, but it doesn't have the disc drive. It shouldn't matter since I rarely used the one I had on Doris before my mother dropped her and broke the fan and the drive.

One more thing to save for after I get my next root canal, crown, and bridge, I suppose!

14 July 2012

Sally Haul

Hello, lovelies! How are you enjoying your weekend? This is my first day off after working for nine days straight, so I'm a bit knackered.

A few weeks ago, upon receiving my first paycheck after my raise, I had to splurge on myself. For me, spoiling and splurging generally takes place at Sally Beauty Supply. I only intended on picking up a few nail polishes, though in the end I walked out $70 poorer but loaded down with things that made me happy.

Read on for haul pics.

12 July 2012

Influenster's Summer VoxBox

Hello, lovelies!

Once again, I was chosen to participate in Influenster's VoxBox program.

What is Influenster? It is a community of trendsetters invited to share their lifestyles and show their influence to qualify for personalized product shipments, special rewards and exclusive deals from the brands they love.

The Summer VoxBox is full of goodies for the summertime.

Read on to see the goodies that were included in this box. 

Feeling Crafty With Duct Tape

About a week ago I had the craft bug bite me hard. Luckily I had some cool new duct tape that the kids picked out - neither of them know it yet but I made them both something from their tape  :3

Hello Kitty Change Purse

Sponge Bob Wallet

I haven't made anything out of duct tape since I was about thirteen years old. When we picked up the tape, the kids wanted me to make something, and I was at a total loss. After seeing some of the things one of my girlfriends at work had created from duct tape, I started to really think. 

In the end, I ended up with a change purse with a bead strap for my step-daughter, and then a standard wallet for my step-son. I can't wait to see their faces when I give them their goodies :)

The best part was all together, this project cost less than $15 for both rolls of tape and the beads. Even better is I still have a lot more tape on each roll, leaving me room to make more things!

Full shot of purse, with strap. 
I went a bit far with the change purse, I think, since I deviated from all duct tape. To hold the bow on, I used a bobby pin. The strap is plastic pearl beads on cotton cord, then taped on the inside with matching duct tape. A small velcro dot on the front flap holds it closed.

Open Wallet Detail

Open Wallet

The wallet is nothing but duct tape. This took a bit longer to make because of the details (the pockets), though I'm pleased with the overall final product.

11 July 2012

Foolproof Summer Makeup

For us ladies living in the south, finding ways to make your makeup last in high humidity and heat is a must. As a Floridian, it almost feels like I'm in constant battle with heat and humidity when it comes to my hair and makeup. Melting makeup, flat and limp hair one day, frizzy hair the next, summer can be terrible!

I have had trouble with heavier foundations in the summer months. In the heat of the day it feels very heavy, almost like a mask. My solution is a tinted moisturizer or, more recently, BB creams. Maybelline's Dream Fresh BB has been amazing in this area, and it's got built in sun protection. The beauty of a good bb cream is the ability to build up on trouble spots and still keep a fresh look, even in the summer. For added protection I lightly dust my face with a transparent powder.

I've also discovered that using powder blushers and eye shadows is much more difficult to apply, especially in a home that doesn't have air conditioning! I switch to cream based products for more reliable coverage that won't streak as I put it on, nor will it streak as I sweat. For day, I even use the cream eye shadows as a substitute for eyeliner and reserve my liquid liner for night. The look is much softer and less harsh - the summer is all about relaxation, which carries over to my daily makeup routine.

While I wear waterproof mascara year round, it is even more important in the summer. I wear Maybelline's Volum Express The Falsies waterproof mascara. It is amazing in terms of creating a lasting look, though it can be a bit difficult to get off even with a good eye makeup remover. There are also great water resistant products on the market which are much easier to remove, yet offer the same lasting power as its waterproof counterparts. Just remember, waterproof is different from water resistant. Water resistant products are perfect for even the hottest of summer days, when humidity is high and you know you will sweat lightly. Waterproof, on the other hand, is better for those days where there is a high chance of rain, you will be going to a pool or the beach. Living in south Florida, where you can expect afternoon showers almost every day, waterproof products have become my best friend.

I also exchange out my heavier, more pigmented lipsticks for lighter glosses, stains, and balms. My most recent favorite is Avon's Shine Attract Lipstick in Shimmer Pink. It offers a nice amount of color that isn't overwhelming, as well as a hydrating gloss. Some other favorite's are Hard Candy's World Balmination in Bridal Blush (a nude) and Nivea's A Kiss of Moisture (my old standby).

Last, but not least, don't forget your sunscreen!

Everyone's routine will be different, based on skin type. This is my plan that works well for my combination skin.

What is your routine for foolproof summer makeup? What are your favorite products? Let me know below in the comments - I'm always on the lookout to test new products and add things to my routine, or even replace products I currently use with products that work even better!

04 July 2012

Weather, y u suck?

I hope everyone in the United States is having a happy and safe, and rain free, Independence Day.

For the rest of the world, happy Wednesday!

Couponing Buddy

I found a coupon buddy! One of my new hires at work enjoys doing the same couponing things that my mother and I do, with the exception she prints hers as well (go figure I don't have a working printer - I'm missing out on so many great deals!). It's amazing to finally have someone else to talk about these things with, and to share deals!

Most recent find:

Free Ivory soap at Walgreens!

In this month's P&G Brand Saver, there is a coupon for $1 off Ivory soap. Walgreens just so happens to have their three pack of Ivory soap bars on sale for 99 cents. If you use your coupon on the sale item, you're pretty much getting free soap!

I am going to take advantage of this deal so I can make other things out of it. You can make your own body washes out of soap shavings, glycerin, and your essential oils of choice. Since I've always wanted to try this, I'm going to go with the basic recipe and add a few other things that are good for the skin.

I'll definitely share my results and recipe if I find a true winner :)

29 June 2012

Inspiration: Cute Summer Hair Styles

Now that I've got longer hair, I've been trying to experiment with a few different summer up-do's that are cute yet comfortable for work.

So far I've only been successful on one style that I learned by watching a video tutorial created by Jen over at From Head to Toe, which you can watch below:

Super cute, super easy.

I also found this tutorial, made by C'erinebabyy, though I'm having more trouble with this one, mainly because I can't see what I'm doing!

If you get a chance, go check out her blog. She's got some beautiful hair tutorials. I was in heaven when I discovered her blog. So many great ideas!

I also want to try a fishtail braid. My bestie wears her hair like that frequently, but for the life of me I can't figure out how to do it. I've tried tutorials and can't seem to follow them or reproduce what the creator has done.

I am dying to try something new at work to surprise everyone - I generally wear my hair down most of the day, until it gets hot, and then it's a generic ponytail. Nothing special.

What are your favorite summer styles? 

Does anyone have any tips on an easy fishtail braid that even a dunderhead like me can follow?

In the next few days, I should have a post up from my Sally Beauty haul. I got a raise at work and decided to treat myself for once rather than using my money on everyone else. I only went in intending to buy a few things, but came out $70 poorer with a ton of nail polish and a free umbrella! All in all, money well spent :D

Have a fantastic night! Stay beautiful!

Airi's 1st Giveaway

While wandering around, I stumbled among this giveaway and had to share. She's offering so many things that would make a great addition to anyone's makeup box.

Swing by and show the super cute Airi some love!


28 June 2012

Photo of the Day

I noticed this cool little guy when I came home from work. I'm not sure what sort of spider he it, but he made an amazing web.

27 June 2012

Full Vacation Post

Just to prove once again he is amazing, my employer took the management team from both of our locations on a little day-cation to Jupiter so we could go to the beach.

That Tuesday morning, I didn't want to wake up and drive. I was just coming off of another double shift and soooo sleepy. My boyfriend finally managed to drag me out of bed (literally) and we finished packing for the overnight stay. I managed to forget nearly half of the things I needed, but that's a story for later in this post.

From where we live, it's about an hour and a half drive to get to Jupiter. The drive isn't that bad when it's not raining, which it did almost all of the way there, until we got into Loxahatchee, which was about half an hour from our destination.

After going in a big circle to get to US1 from ALT A1A, we managed to make it to the hotel, the Jupiter Waterfront Inn.

The inn is very quaint, with only 34 rooms. Nearly all of the rooms have a great view of the water.

The view from our room.

22 June 2012

Quick Vacation Post

I have the most amazing boss in the world. He took all of the management team on a day-cation earlier this week. I'm still sunburned and sleepy, but I had to share at least one pic before I do a full post.

This is the Jupiter lighthouse. This pic does the structure absolutely no justice. It is a beautiful site.
Jupiter Lighthouse, Intracoastal Waterway, Jupiter, Florida

29 May 2012

It has been quite a while, lovelies!

While I don't want to go into much detail, I will say that my life has been a bit of a train wreck lately. Between false accusations being thrown at me, picking up an extra day at work so I am there six days a week instead of just five, and trying to get my health back in order I've been a busy bee!

A few days ago I posted a little blip about sulfur soap.

After over a week of using it, my skin has changed dramatically in the way it looks and feels. I still have minor breakouts, due to a medication I'm taking, but nothing compared to what I was experiencing before. My skin isn't as oily as it used to be, either.

Grisi sulfur soap
I have been looking at various soaps online, thinking that I wouldn't be able to find them locally. To my surprise, I found this bar at Walmart in the strangest place. Rather than in the section with the facial cleansers, it was back in the hair care products area on an oddly placed end-cap that features products that are targeted toward our Mexican population.

If memory serves, I paid $2.97 for this little miracle bar of soap.

Out of all of the things I've tried, the instructions for this were the strangest. Wet your face with warm water, work up a good amount of suds with the soap, and then apply to your face. Leave it there for 10 minutes (your skin will feel odd) and then rinse with cold water. Thanks to the lanolin, you really don't need a moisturizer, but I always use one as I'm a firm believer in the power of moisturizers.

They say your skin should clear in between 1-8 weeks, depending on the severity of your case of acne, but mine cleared in about four days.

Word to the wise: do not use this in the shower. I tried, and it ended up making my face burn. I have a feeling it was the heat from the shower reacting to the soap as I let it sit on my face.

After years of searching for the perfect product for my skin, I think I've found it <3

24 May 2012

Sulfur Soap

Why haven't I seen many things about sulfur soap? I found a brand that is absolutely amazing. Over the course of only three days my skin has cleared up. Yeah, I need a moisturizer, but I am a firm believer in moisturizer regardless of skin type.

A lot of things have happened lately that have kept me from blogging on a normal basis, and I may go into that in a later post.

Have a great night!

25 April 2012

Guess Who Is Finally Graduating!

On Friday May 4th, I will be an official graduate! After three years of hard work, I'll have my AA degree in computer science and able to finally start a real concentration. I'm thinking graphics and web, mainly centered on the programming behind the sites rather than designing them. I can't design for anything.

I've got three more finals to take, one today, one to turn in tomorrow, and then another to take at the end of the week. I'm hoping all works out well.

And, thanks to more time on my hands, I will be able to actually post again!

I am so excited to finally be done, I'm not sure what to do with myself!

18 March 2012

Spring Break!

Hello, darlings! Did everyone have a good weekend? Anyone have their corn beef, cabbage, and green beer for St. Patrick's day? I picked up a pair of green lashes to wear that day, but dumb me forgot to get more glue XD

Tomorrow starts spring break in my school district! Even though I have to work most of the week, I managed to finagle a few days off so I can get out of town with the boyfriend. Depending on how I feel (I am having a wisdom tooth and the tooth next to it pulled on Tuesday), we are going to go to Daytona for Spring Break Nationals to compete. Essentially Nationals is a trade show, car show, and bass competition. Simply put, it is a "who's car is louder" competition. My first year I came home with a trophy taller than I am! 132 decibels, baby!

I decided to put off assignments off for the evening to catch up on some sleep and The Walking Dead. After work boyfriend and I went to Dairy Queen and then came home, where I fell into a carb induced coma for about three hours, haha. Felt damn good! Woke up in time to catch the season finale of Walking Dead, and now here I am attempting to write this entry on my iPad.

I am trying to think of a name for my new kitten. Boyfriend's cat had kittens about three weeks ago, and I am keeping the little gray female. She is a tubby thing so I have been throwing around food names. So far I've considered Tacos and Truffles. Anyone have any good ideas?

Now I am going to catch the rest of my Harry Potter marathon before bed.

Goodnight everyone!

15 March 2012

Truvía® natural sweetener Product Review

Looking for something sweet to add to your morning coffee or tea and don't want all of the calories?

Thanks to the wonderful people at Influenster, I was given the chance to try Truvia, an all natural sugar alternative derived from the Stevia plant. In my Love VoxBox I got a complimentary sample box, an entire week's worth, for testing and review purposes.

It is so sweet, I was able to make one packet last through four cups of tea! It feels good to go from two packets of other lo-cal sweeteners in each cup of morning coffee to a quarter packet of Truvia.

Of course there are many uses, just like you would use sugar. Other than coffee and tea, my favorite use is sprinkling a little bit on my grapefruit to take the edge off of the bitterness ^_^

I have definitely found a new staple on my bi-weekly shopping list!

If you would like to know more about Truvia, go www.truvia.com.

11 March 2012

Review: Dial NutriSkin Replenishing Lotion

Hello, darlings! Has your weekend been well?

I'm back with another review, this time for another one of my favorite products, Dial's NutriSkin Replenishing Lotion.

For those of you who have been reading this for a while, you know my feeling on being moisturized - the more you moisturize, the better. I am always on the look out for budget friendly moistures that actually do what they claim on the bottle, and I think I've found the holy grail of the budget friendly, yet effective, lotion.

This formula for dry skin has not only shea butter, but Dial's BioNutrient Complex with omega 3 & 6, Vitamins F, A, and E, and Amino Acids. It also claims to last for 48 hours. This lotion is also hypo-allergenic and will not clog pores, something that caught my eye because of my sensitive skin.

I love the scent and texture.

It's got a light and lovely scent, not too sweet and not too heavy. The shea butter can definitely be detected among all of the other scents in the lotion.

It is also very thick, yet very light for a super moisturizing lotion. Even better is it doesn't leave any sort of sticky or greasy feeling like some lotions do.

Since I've started using this lotion, my dry spots are few and far between. My elbows and knees have always been trouble spots for me, and this lotion keeps them soft and smooth. It even works wonders on my feet, which take all sort of abuse since I am on my feet all day at work.

Very short and sweet review, mainly because, for once, I found a lotion that did exactly as the bottle claimed. I'm in love.

I've also decided to go on a mission to quit smoking. I am sick a lot, my lungs are sensitive, and I couldn't run a mile even if I wanted to. It's time to do this for myself. If anyone has any tips, I would love to hear them. This is going to be a long journey!

08 March 2012

Influenster Love VoxBox

After an anticipation filled week, I finally got my Love VoxBox from Influenster!

What is Influenster? It is a community of trendsetters invited to share their lifestyles and show their influence to qualify for personalized product shipments, special rewards and exclusive deals from the brands they love.

Based on your activities and badges, you have the chance to be invited to try a box of goodies in their themed VoxBoxes. This most recent is the Love VoxBox, which is filled with goodies to get date-ready, and even goodies to share with someone special!

This is what I got inside the box.

Continue reading to get the details on all of the products received!

04 March 2012

Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize

I apologize for such a long gap between posts, and lack of commenting on all of the blogs of the lovelies that I follow. Life has been so hectic lately I have neglected this blog, something I don't plan on letting happen very often. With my upcoming graduation I have been very focused on school.

Tonight, though, is a night for relaxation! I've been laying around clipping coupons and trying out a Freeman Beauty avocado clay mask, which is brilliant, by the way. There will be a review soon!

Now to the meat of this post: moisturizing. I may be a little lax on some beauty routines, but moisturizing is one that I never skip. I really started to think about this because of a friend of mine suffering from reoccurring breakouts, varying from light to pretty severe. Of course, me being me, I grilled her about her skin care routine. I was appalled by the horrible things she was doing to her skin, all in the name of ridding herself of her acne.

 What she didn't realize was all of the harsh soaps she was using was doing nothing but exacerbating the problem!

Something that most people don't seem to understand is how the skin works. Just like the hair, the more you strip yours skin of its natural oils, the more it will produce to make up for the deficit. Using harsh soaps and cleansers that dry the skin in an effort to get rid of the acne is going to make the problem worse as your skin tries to recover from the damage you are doing. Hello oil slicks! I am all about using soaps to treat acne, but if they strip your skin of the natural moisture it is vital that you use a moisturizer to replenish what you are taking away. Otherwise you will end up with breakouts that are even worse than those you are trying to treat.

I ended up revamping her routine by adding a few simple steps and substitutions.

First, I have found using a gentle exfoliating face wash does the trick for my clear skin.

Morning and night I use a Neutrotena scrub.

If I have any breakouts, I follow with an acne cream.

Finally I moisturize, morning and night, regardless of if my skin feels like it needs it at all. Your skin always needs to be moisturized to replace what you take away by cleansing.

With this simple routine I've managed to keep my skin clear and even, so much so that I don't need to wear foundation at all! I may need the occasional correction for under eye circles, but that is about it.

The moral of the story is keep your skin moisturized. Your skin will look and feel amazing!

 Your face isn't the only place that needs moisture! A great body lotion will do your skin wonders if you develop a routine. Dial makes a lovely moisturizer that is effective, and less than $3! I bought a new bottle, so expect a review soon!

 Before I close this entry, I do want to say that this routine might not work for everyone. This is just something that I found to work for me. You know your skin better than anyone and need to modify any skin care routine to suit your own needs.

 I have some interesting things planned for the next week or so. I am backed up on reviews, and I was chosen by Influenster to receive their Love VoxBox! It is in the mail, so expect a full report when I get it. I may make my first video dedicated to the unboxing! I hope everyone has had a great week, and we will talk again soon!

20 February 2012

Week In Review

Hello darlings! How have you been. Life has treated me so well over the past few weeks. Last week I went to the dentist and had my root canal and a temporary crown put on. It is so nice to be pain free for the first time in months. The assistant was really nice. She brought my boyfriend and I strawberries to munch on while Mark went to work on someone else. I thought that was incredibly cool. I was also invited to receive Influenster's Love Vox Box. There are going to be some pretty amazing products in this box from what they say, so I am totally excited to get this box. I will definitely be reviewing all of the products that are in the box. I also have the greatest best friend in the world. As a thank you for all that I have done for her over the years, she got me an iPad. It was extremely unexpected! I am writing this post from it right now! I am so glad to have the next two days off so I can get some rest. Time to get a head start! Have a great week, everyone!

15 February 2012

Deals of the Day

Since I only had some x-rays to do today, which were quick, boyfriend and I decided to go around town for the rest of the morning and spend some time together.

As usual, we ended up walking around Walmart, because in a small town that is the place to go if you want to run into people. As usual, we did run into some of our friends and spent some time catching up.

While we were there, I had to hit one of my absolute favorite places in the store: cosmetics.

I'm glad I did! I managed to get some really good deals.

12 February 2012

Wet Seal Really Isn't What It Used To Be

Back when I was in high school, I can remember Wet Seal being one of the coolest places to get your clothes from if you were one of the trendy. From cute tops to perfect fitting pants, I could always find something in Wet Seal, and feel like a million dollars when I wore it, even if I nabbed it off of the sale rack. At the time they sold quality clothes. I've still got shirts in my closet that I got from the Wet Seal in Vero when I was 14 years old!

Unfortunately, their quality seems to have taken a turn for the worst. If you saw my last clothes haul post from my visit to the Treasure Coast Square Mall in Jensen Beach, you saw the totally adorable panda shirt that I got from Wet Seal. After one wash they panda eyes have faded. One wash. I am beyond disappointed now because I was in love with that shirt. Now all I want to do is donate it to the Goodwill because I hate wearing faded clothes.

What makes me so mad about the whole thing is I spent $22.50 on a shirt that I was able to wear one time.

I've gotten shirts at Walmart for less than $15 that have lasted longer than that. I've put those shirts through hell at work and they are still just as vibrant as the day I purchased them, even five and ten washes down the road. All it took was one wash to ruin that panda shirt.

I am supremely disappointed. I used to have such a great view of the Wet Seal brand. Now that view is out the window, and I will be taking my business elsewhere.

This is just a warning for those of you who do enjoy things from Wet Seal. Take extreme care when washing anything from there, because it could be ruined after just one time. Use a detergent that is specifically for delicates, like Woolite. Hand wash, if possible, though even that didn't save this shirt.

I hope you all had a lovely weekend. If you are in Florida and experiencing this sudden cold snap with me, stay warm! Break out those cute winter clothes while you can, before our year round summer returns ^.^


10 February 2012

Review: Sally Hansen Nail Nutrition Green Tea & Olive Growth

If I take care of one thing more than another beauty wise, it has to be my nails. I love my nails. They are generally strong and thick and tough to break, until they get to a certain point in their growth. Then, of course, I only have one break and am forced to trim my other nails so I don’t look silly.

A  few weeks ago I had a nail break so close to the nail bed that I wasn’t going to trim the others that low to match. Instead, I trimmed them to a manageable length and then picked up a bottle of the Sally Hansen Green Tea & Olive to hopefully even my nails out.


I was enchanted by the packaging. I am a sucker for nifty packaging. I like the opaque bottle and metallic top. Like most nail products, it has that general chemical smell, which I wasn’t exactly expecting considering it’s a green tea and olive thing.

For best results you are supposed to apply one coat on bare nails every other day for a week.

Unfortunately, my results were terrible. My nails started to crack and peel within the third day, so I had to stop using the product. Then, for about two or three weeks afterward, my nails continued to crack and peel. I’ve been keeping a coat of Hard as Nails (also made by Sally Hansen) to keep my nails in one piece and strong. Slowly my nails are returning to normal.

This has taught me that it’s best to stick to my old standby when it comes to certain items.

The Nail Nutrition was a total bust for me.

Hard as Nails? Always a winner.

09 February 2012

Update on Health

So I had my second visit with Dr. Cross yesterday, and everything went very well.

Anyone that knows me knows I'm terrified of needles, and the main reason I was going in to see Stella was because she wanted blood work done. I decided that the night before I would take a valium, and then take a second one before I went into the appointment.

Being the great planner that I am, I took the valium as I began my fast and watched a movie until I went to sleep. The next morning I took my second one and off to the doctor I went.

Unfortunately, in the time it took me to be seen and checked out, my second valium wore off. I had to go get my blood work done valium free and hope I didn't freak out.

I was seen by the most amazing lab tech ever, Ms. Dorothy. With my boyfriend on one side, and Ms. Dorothy on the other, she managed to take my blood and I didn't feel anything at all except for the tourniquet.  I was so distracted by talking cooking with both boyfriend and Ms. Dorothy that I barely felt the needle, and instead of the eternity that I thought it was going to take, she was done in less than two minutes. I didn't even bruise from the needle, only the tourniquet!

By the time all was said and done I didn't have to pay a dime for the appointment because they overcharged me on my last visit.

I also left with a new inhaler and some allergy meds that I didn't know I needed. Stupid me took one that afternoon so I passed out and slept most of the afternoon. The good thing was I was able to sleep through the night without waking up at random!

I just feel really good that, after 27 years, I've finally conquered my fear of needles. I was even going to go donate blood today with one of my coworkers. Sadly I wasn't able to because I am on antibiotics in preparation for my next root canal. With any luck, the next time the Blood Bus is at the college I'll be healthy and able to donate blood for the first time :) I can't wait to be able to donate. Who knows, maybe one day I'll be one of the people that is in need of blood and my small contribution will make that possible!

Now I'm waiting on my lab results to come back, and for the chest x-ray scheduled for next week. I can't wait - I've seen chest x-rays before, but I've never seen my chest on an x-ray before XD

I hope everyone has had a great week so far. Stay fabulous!

07 February 2012

Anime Festival Orlando

Like the true dorks we are, my bro and I are heading to Orlando for Anime Festival Orlando in August.

Now it comes down to what we are going to dress as. Since this is my first con since 2004, I want to totally dork it out and cosplay. We've decided we are going to take one day and go as Mordecai and Rigby from Regular Show. Not an anime, but we love the show and will take every chance to go around saying the catch phrases.

06 February 2012

New Addiction

I spent the evening with my bestie and she introduced me to my newest addiction: Wanelo.

This is a site that shows you cool things from stores like Etsy, or other smaller online stores.

Even better, it allows you to build wishlists with various categories. I've been building my wishlist since she left. There are so many cool things that I think I could be on there for days and never scratch the surface. Here is my wishlist so far: http://www.wanelo.com/petitefeet/My+Wishlist-2321942-g.html

Come join me in being a total dork!

03 February 2012

Tip Jar

Bossman came into the shop today. I love days when Bossman is there. It makes the day much more bearable.

On a whim, I asked if I could put out a tip jar. Shockingly, he said 'ok'!

I'm going to put out my tip jar next week, after I come up with some different phrases to put on the jar each day I work. I want to change it every day - it can't say the same thing every day, and 'tip jar' just gets boring after a while.

I've been playing around with some ideas, but nothing sounds really catchy to my own ears.

I thought of something like "Give Vonnie a tip to help put her through college and keep her off of a stripper pole", but many of our male customers would probably say something like 'I'd like to see the girls on a pole'.

I joked around with Bossman, saying that I can see someone putting a 'tip' in the jar in the form of a slip of paper that says something like "You wear too much eyeliner - that is your tip for the day".

Anyone have any ideas for witty sayings that I can tape to my tip jar?


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