22 January 2012

I <3 My Customers

I have some of the best customers a shop girl could ever ask for.

Today one of my regular Sunday customers came in and gave me and the other girl working a gift.


Check my brand new pimp cup!

What was even neater was he did the etchings right there in the shop while I watched. I was beyond blown away, very touched. It was a very unexpected gift, and I appreciate it more than I can express. I know it is a very simple gift, yet it makes me so happy.

I also had another customer ask about ‘the girl that passed out’, not realizing that it was me. I thought that was nice, too.

I feel we are truly blessed to have the amazing customers that we have, even the irritating ones.

Before I go drink bitch wine and work on assignments, Happy Chinese New Year to those who celebrate! I wish everyone much luck in this Year of the Dragon!

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