08 January 2012

Quick Update

Hello, lovelies! How have you been?

It has been a crazy few days for me. School is back in session! I had my first accounting II class last Thursday and it was just like being in accounting I all over again. My teacher is so much fun.

I also started my business calculus class. I am doing much better this time. I am even enjoying what I'm working on!

To make things even better, I got a raise at work! Of course I've done a bit too much splurging, spending about half of it already. I just decided to purchase some things that I have wanted rather than needed for once. Later this week I will definitely have some pictures of my new tops, as well as a review for a new mascara I picked up, a nail growth/strengthening treatment, and cuticle balm that I picked up tonight.

I went a little overboard on movies, too. I found Bunraku and had to have that. I thought it was a really cool movie, especially the combat scenes. I also purchased the first two Harry Potter movies, the last two I needed for my collection. They were about $4 a piece, so I had to splurge!

For now, I need to concentrate on finishing some assignments. I look and feel totally ragged.

I took this at work this morning, with slightly damp hair and no makeup other than a touch of eyeliner. Sorry for the crappy cell shot - I only had my phone on me. Between being stuck in the hospital, having the flu, being worked twice as hard, and then school I feel a bit worn out. I can't wait to have a few days off so I can sleep!

Have a lovely night, everyone!

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