31 January 2012

Strange Dreams

Good morning, darlings!

I finally got that uninterrupted night's sleep that I've been longing for, and it was amazing.

I must have been more knackered than I thought, since I passed out on the couch last night while my boyfriend was playing some military based shoot-em-up game. The constant racket of bullets and explosions turned into white noise for me, and I was done. I ended up waking up at around 1:30 this morning wondering why I was still on the couch. Apparently he tried to wake me up, and sleepy Vonnie said 'no'. We finally made it to bed, where I went right back to sleep cuddling with he cat, and had the absolute craziest dream.

First off, for some reason, my house was no longer in Florida, but somewhere in either Maryland or Virginia. Even stranger was not only was my house there, but everyone else I knew had somehow ended up there as well. My boyfriend's kids were here, talking about how their mom was driving in from Bethesda to come get them.

My porch was covered in some of the most amazing insects I've ever seen. My boyfriend was outside looking at them, which made sense to me since entomology was one of his favorite courses in high school, and something he still enjoys. There was even a Luna moth, something you just don't see in Florida that often (if ever).  

And on my sofa was Michelle Obama and some dude that looked like Herman Cain, watching some movie.

As if the political figures on my couch weren't wild enough, I was running around excited because I was accepted by the University of Miami. I was running around making a 'U' shape in everyone's face because 'bitches, I got accepted to The U! Eat it!'.

For some reason my dad was gathering food and such for the impending political fall of the country, even though the only thing his stash contained was saltine crackers, some chocolate cookies, and a pack of cigarettes. 

Then Jessie Jackson showed up and killed the entire party, if it could even be considered a party. Everybody scattered because 'it wasn't the right place to be' and I was left with my acceptance letter and dad's stash of  supplies.

That is when my alarm went off.

It has been a long time since I've had a dream that vivid and in that much clarity. I wonder if it is because of how deeply I was sleeping, or if it was a side effect of my asthma medication that I took before bed. Either way it was wild, something that will never happen. Especially getting accepted to The U. That would be an absolute dream come true. It's all about The U, baby.

Today I've got a dentist appointment, just a quick check up. I need to see if the tooth I need fixed is still salvageable, especially now that I've got a means of getting it fixed. I've also got a strange pain my jaw where I got my wisdom tooth pulled a few months back. My dad thinks it may be a bone spur or a piece of broken tooth that didn't get removed, which isn't unusual with a wisdom tooth extraction. I hope it's nothing serious, something that will work itself out. If not, I'll just have it taken care of when I go in for my root canal and crown prep.

After that boyfriend and I are going to the mall so I can get a new pair of Chucks. Hopefully. The only store here that carried them only had them as small as a size 9, which would have been fantastic if I had feet that large. Sometimes it is a pain to find shoes in a 6 or 6 1/2 here.

There is also a new store in the mall I want to check out in more depth this trip. They have a lot of lovely lace and girly items, things that remind me of Liz Lisa. It isn't something I'd normally wear, since I'm more punk/rock in style, though some of the pieces are so to die for I'd make room in my wardrobe for them.  

I hope everyone has a wonderful day! Stay fabulous!

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