20 February 2012

Week In Review

Hello darlings! How have you been. Life has treated me so well over the past few weeks. Last week I went to the dentist and had my root canal and a temporary crown put on. It is so nice to be pain free for the first time in months. The assistant was really nice. She brought my boyfriend and I strawberries to munch on while Mark went to work on someone else. I thought that was incredibly cool. I was also invited to receive Influenster's Love Vox Box. There are going to be some pretty amazing products in this box from what they say, so I am totally excited to get this box. I will definitely be reviewing all of the products that are in the box. I also have the greatest best friend in the world. As a thank you for all that I have done for her over the years, she got me an iPad. It was extremely unexpected! I am writing this post from it right now! I am so glad to have the next two days off so I can get some rest. Time to get a head start! Have a great week, everyone!

15 February 2012

Deals of the Day

Since I only had some x-rays to do today, which were quick, boyfriend and I decided to go around town for the rest of the morning and spend some time together.

As usual, we ended up walking around Walmart, because in a small town that is the place to go if you want to run into people. As usual, we did run into some of our friends and spent some time catching up.

While we were there, I had to hit one of my absolute favorite places in the store: cosmetics.

I'm glad I did! I managed to get some really good deals.

12 February 2012

Wet Seal Really Isn't What It Used To Be

Back when I was in high school, I can remember Wet Seal being one of the coolest places to get your clothes from if you were one of the trendy. From cute tops to perfect fitting pants, I could always find something in Wet Seal, and feel like a million dollars when I wore it, even if I nabbed it off of the sale rack. At the time they sold quality clothes. I've still got shirts in my closet that I got from the Wet Seal in Vero when I was 14 years old!

Unfortunately, their quality seems to have taken a turn for the worst. If you saw my last clothes haul post from my visit to the Treasure Coast Square Mall in Jensen Beach, you saw the totally adorable panda shirt that I got from Wet Seal. After one wash they panda eyes have faded. One wash. I am beyond disappointed now because I was in love with that shirt. Now all I want to do is donate it to the Goodwill because I hate wearing faded clothes.

What makes me so mad about the whole thing is I spent $22.50 on a shirt that I was able to wear one time.

I've gotten shirts at Walmart for less than $15 that have lasted longer than that. I've put those shirts through hell at work and they are still just as vibrant as the day I purchased them, even five and ten washes down the road. All it took was one wash to ruin that panda shirt.

I am supremely disappointed. I used to have such a great view of the Wet Seal brand. Now that view is out the window, and I will be taking my business elsewhere.

This is just a warning for those of you who do enjoy things from Wet Seal. Take extreme care when washing anything from there, because it could be ruined after just one time. Use a detergent that is specifically for delicates, like Woolite. Hand wash, if possible, though even that didn't save this shirt.

I hope you all had a lovely weekend. If you are in Florida and experiencing this sudden cold snap with me, stay warm! Break out those cute winter clothes while you can, before our year round summer returns ^.^


10 February 2012

Review: Sally Hansen Nail Nutrition Green Tea & Olive Growth

If I take care of one thing more than another beauty wise, it has to be my nails. I love my nails. They are generally strong and thick and tough to break, until they get to a certain point in their growth. Then, of course, I only have one break and am forced to trim my other nails so I don’t look silly.

A  few weeks ago I had a nail break so close to the nail bed that I wasn’t going to trim the others that low to match. Instead, I trimmed them to a manageable length and then picked up a bottle of the Sally Hansen Green Tea & Olive to hopefully even my nails out.


I was enchanted by the packaging. I am a sucker for nifty packaging. I like the opaque bottle and metallic top. Like most nail products, it has that general chemical smell, which I wasn’t exactly expecting considering it’s a green tea and olive thing.

For best results you are supposed to apply one coat on bare nails every other day for a week.

Unfortunately, my results were terrible. My nails started to crack and peel within the third day, so I had to stop using the product. Then, for about two or three weeks afterward, my nails continued to crack and peel. I’ve been keeping a coat of Hard as Nails (also made by Sally Hansen) to keep my nails in one piece and strong. Slowly my nails are returning to normal.

This has taught me that it’s best to stick to my old standby when it comes to certain items.

The Nail Nutrition was a total bust for me.

Hard as Nails? Always a winner.

09 February 2012

Update on Health

So I had my second visit with Dr. Cross yesterday, and everything went very well.

Anyone that knows me knows I'm terrified of needles, and the main reason I was going in to see Stella was because she wanted blood work done. I decided that the night before I would take a valium, and then take a second one before I went into the appointment.

Being the great planner that I am, I took the valium as I began my fast and watched a movie until I went to sleep. The next morning I took my second one and off to the doctor I went.

Unfortunately, in the time it took me to be seen and checked out, my second valium wore off. I had to go get my blood work done valium free and hope I didn't freak out.

I was seen by the most amazing lab tech ever, Ms. Dorothy. With my boyfriend on one side, and Ms. Dorothy on the other, she managed to take my blood and I didn't feel anything at all except for the tourniquet.  I was so distracted by talking cooking with both boyfriend and Ms. Dorothy that I barely felt the needle, and instead of the eternity that I thought it was going to take, she was done in less than two minutes. I didn't even bruise from the needle, only the tourniquet!

By the time all was said and done I didn't have to pay a dime for the appointment because they overcharged me on my last visit.

I also left with a new inhaler and some allergy meds that I didn't know I needed. Stupid me took one that afternoon so I passed out and slept most of the afternoon. The good thing was I was able to sleep through the night without waking up at random!

I just feel really good that, after 27 years, I've finally conquered my fear of needles. I was even going to go donate blood today with one of my coworkers. Sadly I wasn't able to because I am on antibiotics in preparation for my next root canal. With any luck, the next time the Blood Bus is at the college I'll be healthy and able to donate blood for the first time :) I can't wait to be able to donate. Who knows, maybe one day I'll be one of the people that is in need of blood and my small contribution will make that possible!

Now I'm waiting on my lab results to come back, and for the chest x-ray scheduled for next week. I can't wait - I've seen chest x-rays before, but I've never seen my chest on an x-ray before XD

I hope everyone has had a great week so far. Stay fabulous!

07 February 2012

Anime Festival Orlando

Like the true dorks we are, my bro and I are heading to Orlando for Anime Festival Orlando in August.

Now it comes down to what we are going to dress as. Since this is my first con since 2004, I want to totally dork it out and cosplay. We've decided we are going to take one day and go as Mordecai and Rigby from Regular Show. Not an anime, but we love the show and will take every chance to go around saying the catch phrases.

06 February 2012

New Addiction

I spent the evening with my bestie and she introduced me to my newest addiction: Wanelo.

This is a site that shows you cool things from stores like Etsy, or other smaller online stores.

Even better, it allows you to build wishlists with various categories. I've been building my wishlist since she left. There are so many cool things that I think I could be on there for days and never scratch the surface. Here is my wishlist so far: http://www.wanelo.com/petitefeet/My+Wishlist-2321942-g.html

Come join me in being a total dork!

03 February 2012

Tip Jar

Bossman came into the shop today. I love days when Bossman is there. It makes the day much more bearable.

On a whim, I asked if I could put out a tip jar. Shockingly, he said 'ok'!

I'm going to put out my tip jar next week, after I come up with some different phrases to put on the jar each day I work. I want to change it every day - it can't say the same thing every day, and 'tip jar' just gets boring after a while.

I've been playing around with some ideas, but nothing sounds really catchy to my own ears.

I thought of something like "Give Vonnie a tip to help put her through college and keep her off of a stripper pole", but many of our male customers would probably say something like 'I'd like to see the girls on a pole'.

I joked around with Bossman, saying that I can see someone putting a 'tip' in the jar in the form of a slip of paper that says something like "You wear too much eyeliner - that is your tip for the day".

Anyone have any ideas for witty sayings that I can tape to my tip jar?

02 February 2012


HitomiNeko is hosting a giveaway that you all should go check out! Isn't that contact case cute?

Click the image below to go to the giveaway and find out how to enter ^.^

New Clothes!

I finally got to go shopping! Armed with a $200 budget, my boyfriend and I hit the mall on Tuesday. The trip had started because I needed new shoes, though I think I went a little overboard. No buyers remorse, since I love everything that I got, just that sensation of 'oh god, what did I just do?' after a life of growing up with little money.

It did offer a bit of good feeling, a boost that I've needed after all of the hospital bills that have come in. I just have to keep telling myself that I will handle it in my own time, and that everything will be ok :)

The day was rather successful in terms of clothes.

First stop was Hot Topic. And, because I'm a massive dork, I absolutely had to have this shirt. I wore it today and got many compliments ^.^

Don't mind the backwards tie - I just noticed that it was backwards XD
Hot Topic - $22.50
Next stop was Wet Seal. I haven't shopped in a Wet Seal since I was a teenager. The styles have definitely changed! I wasn't fond of the staff - they need to understand when to stop trying to up-sell.

On the up side, I did find some great sales.

Simple cardigan, on sale for $10!

Also on sale for $10! I couldn't believe it. I can't remember the price of the tank top underneath, but they have a deal on now where you can get five tank tops for $20. Pretty decent deal!

Unfortunately, this wasn't on sale. It was $22.50. More than I wanted to pay, since I was on a budget, but I couldn't resist it. I adore all of the new panda goodies that are coming out.

I also picked up two pairs of jeans at American Eagle, but I'm leaving out those photos since they are just jeans, nothing really exciting.

I managed to find a pair of shoes, even though I'm not sure if I am 100% pleased with them. They are the classic Chuck Taylors in black and white. I wore them today, and I regret it. My feet hurt so bad. I thought about going outside and jumping in a puddle to get them wet, or even dipping my feet into the tub to get the shoes wet so they form to my feet. I'm still not sure if I am going to do that.

Before we left, my boyfriend picked me up some new jewelry <3

Gun earrings

I am not fully in love with these, though I'm going to modify them. I don't like the barbels. I am going to pull those out and see if I can find some tapers of some sort to thread through, or see if I can find something suitable at Ink Well, our local tattoo shop.

Last, but not least, I got a hookah!

Since I work in a tobacco shop, I thought this would be a fun piece to wear to work.

I can't wait to wear my new shirts to work, especially the panda!


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