07 February 2012

Anime Festival Orlando

Like the true dorks we are, my bro and I are heading to Orlando for Anime Festival Orlando in August.

Now it comes down to what we are going to dress as. Since this is my first con since 2004, I want to totally dork it out and cosplay. We've decided we are going to take one day and go as Mordecai and Rigby from Regular Show. Not an anime, but we love the show and will take every chance to go around saying the catch phrases.

We also talked about going as the characters from Samurai Champloo. I would be Fu, he would go as Jin, and we are going to try and talk my boyfriend into going as Mugen.

It wouldn't take much to make my boyfriend's hair look like Mugen's, and he's already tan enough. I've already got a great kimono pattern, and then we'd just have to figure out how to make the costume for Jin. Easy peasy.

I also thought about going as Rukia from Bleach for the last day, though my bro said he's got to find a character from the show that he could do since we are going to roll in a pack, not just show up in random costumes that don't go together.

I even threw out there (as a joke) that we could go as Tom and Sarah Dubois from The Boondocks.

He said the only problem with that is he doesn't know if he can act that white for an extended period of time XD

I am so crazy excited. It's been so long since I've been to a con, and I've got enough time to save up for the weekend so I don't go up there and end up broke like I did during my first con. This is going to be awesome!

If you are in Florida, check out http://animefestivalorlando.com/ for all of the details. If you decide to go, let me know! It would be cool to have a mini-meet up while there!

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