15 February 2012

Deals of the Day

Since I only had some x-rays to do today, which were quick, boyfriend and I decided to go around town for the rest of the morning and spend some time together.

As usual, we ended up walking around Walmart, because in a small town that is the place to go if you want to run into people. As usual, we did run into some of our friends and spent some time catching up.

While we were there, I had to hit one of my absolute favorite places in the store: cosmetics.

I'm glad I did! I managed to get some really good deals.

I picked up these three Nivea lip balms as a set for only $1.25!

This is the one I am wearing now. My lips feel so soft and smooth from just one use!

A Kiss of Smoothness has always been one of my go-to products, especially during the winter.

I haven't tried this one yet, but I can imagine this will be one of my favorite date night goodies.

My other deal of the day was this compact for $3.15. The paint is a bit damaged, though it's not going to matter since it will be pretty beat up by the time all is said in done (my makeup bag can be a rough place to be!).

Isn't it pretty, though?

Happy late Valentine's Day to all of you! Any hot dates? Fun time with the family? As with nearly every holiday, I spent it in a doctor's office XD I had a root canal and temporary crown put on yesterday. Dr. Mark was amazing. Three hours in the chair and I left completely pain free. I was even able to go out to dinner with my boyfriend and and another couple to have Valentine's Day dinner and eat. I'll do a post about Dr. Mark later, and his awesomeness. I could gush all day about that man and the things he has done for my teeth.

I can't believe my blog will be one year old on the 23rd! It really doesn't feel like it's been one year! I've managed to meet so many amazing people in the course of that year that I can't wait to have many more years of running Petite Feet. Feminine Step.

For my one year anniversary, I will be hosting a giveaway of my favorite products, so keep your eyes peeled for that entry!

Thank you so much for reading, both commenters and lurkers alike ;)

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