10 February 2012

Review: Sally Hansen Nail Nutrition Green Tea & Olive Growth

If I take care of one thing more than another beauty wise, it has to be my nails. I love my nails. They are generally strong and thick and tough to break, until they get to a certain point in their growth. Then, of course, I only have one break and am forced to trim my other nails so I don’t look silly.

A  few weeks ago I had a nail break so close to the nail bed that I wasn’t going to trim the others that low to match. Instead, I trimmed them to a manageable length and then picked up a bottle of the Sally Hansen Green Tea & Olive to hopefully even my nails out.


I was enchanted by the packaging. I am a sucker for nifty packaging. I like the opaque bottle and metallic top. Like most nail products, it has that general chemical smell, which I wasn’t exactly expecting considering it’s a green tea and olive thing.

For best results you are supposed to apply one coat on bare nails every other day for a week.

Unfortunately, my results were terrible. My nails started to crack and peel within the third day, so I had to stop using the product. Then, for about two or three weeks afterward, my nails continued to crack and peel. I’ve been keeping a coat of Hard as Nails (also made by Sally Hansen) to keep my nails in one piece and strong. Slowly my nails are returning to normal.

This has taught me that it’s best to stick to my old standby when it comes to certain items.

The Nail Nutrition was a total bust for me.

Hard as Nails? Always a winner.

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