03 February 2012

Tip Jar

Bossman came into the shop today. I love days when Bossman is there. It makes the day much more bearable.

On a whim, I asked if I could put out a tip jar. Shockingly, he said 'ok'!

I'm going to put out my tip jar next week, after I come up with some different phrases to put on the jar each day I work. I want to change it every day - it can't say the same thing every day, and 'tip jar' just gets boring after a while.

I've been playing around with some ideas, but nothing sounds really catchy to my own ears.

I thought of something like "Give Vonnie a tip to help put her through college and keep her off of a stripper pole", but many of our male customers would probably say something like 'I'd like to see the girls on a pole'.

I joked around with Bossman, saying that I can see someone putting a 'tip' in the jar in the form of a slip of paper that says something like "You wear too much eyeliner - that is your tip for the day".

Anyone have any ideas for witty sayings that I can tape to my tip jar?

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