18 March 2012

Spring Break!

Hello, darlings! Did everyone have a good weekend? Anyone have their corn beef, cabbage, and green beer for St. Patrick's day? I picked up a pair of green lashes to wear that day, but dumb me forgot to get more glue XD

Tomorrow starts spring break in my school district! Even though I have to work most of the week, I managed to finagle a few days off so I can get out of town with the boyfriend. Depending on how I feel (I am having a wisdom tooth and the tooth next to it pulled on Tuesday), we are going to go to Daytona for Spring Break Nationals to compete. Essentially Nationals is a trade show, car show, and bass competition. Simply put, it is a "who's car is louder" competition. My first year I came home with a trophy taller than I am! 132 decibels, baby!

I decided to put off assignments off for the evening to catch up on some sleep and The Walking Dead. After work boyfriend and I went to Dairy Queen and then came home, where I fell into a carb induced coma for about three hours, haha. Felt damn good! Woke up in time to catch the season finale of Walking Dead, and now here I am attempting to write this entry on my iPad.

I am trying to think of a name for my new kitten. Boyfriend's cat had kittens about three weeks ago, and I am keeping the little gray female. She is a tubby thing so I have been throwing around food names. So far I've considered Tacos and Truffles. Anyone have any good ideas?

Now I am going to catch the rest of my Harry Potter marathon before bed.

Goodnight everyone!

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