29 June 2012

Inspiration: Cute Summer Hair Styles

Now that I've got longer hair, I've been trying to experiment with a few different summer up-do's that are cute yet comfortable for work.

So far I've only been successful on one style that I learned by watching a video tutorial created by Jen over at From Head to Toe, which you can watch below:

Super cute, super easy.

I also found this tutorial, made by C'erinebabyy, though I'm having more trouble with this one, mainly because I can't see what I'm doing!

If you get a chance, go check out her blog. She's got some beautiful hair tutorials. I was in heaven when I discovered her blog. So many great ideas!

I also want to try a fishtail braid. My bestie wears her hair like that frequently, but for the life of me I can't figure out how to do it. I've tried tutorials and can't seem to follow them or reproduce what the creator has done.

I am dying to try something new at work to surprise everyone - I generally wear my hair down most of the day, until it gets hot, and then it's a generic ponytail. Nothing special.

What are your favorite summer styles? 

Does anyone have any tips on an easy fishtail braid that even a dunderhead like me can follow?

In the next few days, I should have a post up from my Sally Beauty haul. I got a raise at work and decided to treat myself for once rather than using my money on everyone else. I only went in intending to buy a few things, but came out $70 poorer with a ton of nail polish and a free umbrella! All in all, money well spent :D

Have a fantastic night! Stay beautiful!

Airi's 1st Giveaway

While wandering around, I stumbled among this giveaway and had to share. She's offering so many things that would make a great addition to anyone's makeup box.

Swing by and show the super cute Airi some love!


28 June 2012

Photo of the Day

I noticed this cool little guy when I came home from work. I'm not sure what sort of spider he it, but he made an amazing web.

27 June 2012

Full Vacation Post

Just to prove once again he is amazing, my employer took the management team from both of our locations on a little day-cation to Jupiter so we could go to the beach.

That Tuesday morning, I didn't want to wake up and drive. I was just coming off of another double shift and soooo sleepy. My boyfriend finally managed to drag me out of bed (literally) and we finished packing for the overnight stay. I managed to forget nearly half of the things I needed, but that's a story for later in this post.

From where we live, it's about an hour and a half drive to get to Jupiter. The drive isn't that bad when it's not raining, which it did almost all of the way there, until we got into Loxahatchee, which was about half an hour from our destination.

After going in a big circle to get to US1 from ALT A1A, we managed to make it to the hotel, the Jupiter Waterfront Inn.

The inn is very quaint, with only 34 rooms. Nearly all of the rooms have a great view of the water.

The view from our room.

22 June 2012

Quick Vacation Post

I have the most amazing boss in the world. He took all of the management team on a day-cation earlier this week. I'm still sunburned and sleepy, but I had to share at least one pic before I do a full post.

This is the Jupiter lighthouse. This pic does the structure absolutely no justice. It is a beautiful site.
Jupiter Lighthouse, Intracoastal Waterway, Jupiter, Florida


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