27 June 2012

Full Vacation Post

Just to prove once again he is amazing, my employer took the management team from both of our locations on a little day-cation to Jupiter so we could go to the beach.

That Tuesday morning, I didn't want to wake up and drive. I was just coming off of another double shift and soooo sleepy. My boyfriend finally managed to drag me out of bed (literally) and we finished packing for the overnight stay. I managed to forget nearly half of the things I needed, but that's a story for later in this post.

From where we live, it's about an hour and a half drive to get to Jupiter. The drive isn't that bad when it's not raining, which it did almost all of the way there, until we got into Loxahatchee, which was about half an hour from our destination.

After going in a big circle to get to US1 from ALT A1A, we managed to make it to the hotel, the Jupiter Waterfront Inn.

The inn is very quaint, with only 34 rooms. Nearly all of the rooms have a great view of the water.

The view from our room.

The rain had already gone, leaving us with a most exquisite warm and sunny day, perfect for the beach.

Once settled in, we went and found Bossman's wife and my co-worker Roy, who were sitting outside enjoying the weather.

View from Bossman's patio.
In the mean time, I decided to call my mother to assure her that we made it safely. Boyfriend managed to snap a picture when I wasn't looking.

Shortly after, Bossman arrived with the manager of our other store, and we all set out for Guanabana's, where we all boarded the Pon Tiki Party Barge. It is was relatively small boat, only meant for around seven passengers and a captain, with a beer tap in the middle and a slide going off the back.

I didn't take many pictures after we boarded, mainly because I was terrified of dropping my phone over the side since it's completely open.

LP and Roy
Boyfriend on the front of the boat, sunning. 
We went to two different beaches before returning to Guanabana's for a few cocktails.

Roy, Faith, Bossman, Blas, and me
I never realized how much of a beak nose I have until I saw this profile shot!

After a few drinks, it was back into the taxi and back to the inn for dinner.

Faith had organized an amazing shrimp boil that we cooked outside. In the time it took for it to cook, we had a visitor join our group.

Blas and the squirrel
I was surprised to see how friendly and almost domesticated the little guy was.

LP and squirrell
LP crumbled some crisps up for it, and it came up to eat from her hand. I was too afraid it would bite me!

The shrimp boil was so filling, Blas and I retired to our room so he could watch the Heat game.

During half time we went out to the pier (which can be seen in the photo of me on the phone). It was late, the weather was really starting to get bad, and my sunburn started to sting, so Blas and I retired for the night.

It was at this point I realized that I left my makeup bag with all of my toiletries on the bed at home. Nothing shows love like sharing a tooth brush and not being grossed out about it.

The next morning, the weather was TERRIBLE. I finally crawled out of bed around 8 and battled the rain to the lobby for a cup of coffee.

Waiting for everyone to wake up. 
We all gathered later that morning for breakfast with Bossman and his wife. She put together trays of fruit and pastries that were absolutely heavenly compared to the breakfast that the hotel offered, which consisted of cereal, juice, coffee, and muffins.

Outside our room, facing the parking area.

Once we realized the weather was not going to clear, we all went our separate ways. Blas and I decided to drive north and go to the mall in Jensen Beach. The weather stayed this nasty all the way up. It was truly terrible to drive in.

While I wish I had more pictures of the trip, I'm glad I spent most of my time experiencing it rather than camwhoring it up. I've got all of the memories I need in my heart <3

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