11 July 2012

Foolproof Summer Makeup

For us ladies living in the south, finding ways to make your makeup last in high humidity and heat is a must. As a Floridian, it almost feels like I'm in constant battle with heat and humidity when it comes to my hair and makeup. Melting makeup, flat and limp hair one day, frizzy hair the next, summer can be terrible!

I have had trouble with heavier foundations in the summer months. In the heat of the day it feels very heavy, almost like a mask. My solution is a tinted moisturizer or, more recently, BB creams. Maybelline's Dream Fresh BB has been amazing in this area, and it's got built in sun protection. The beauty of a good bb cream is the ability to build up on trouble spots and still keep a fresh look, even in the summer. For added protection I lightly dust my face with a transparent powder.

I've also discovered that using powder blushers and eye shadows is much more difficult to apply, especially in a home that doesn't have air conditioning! I switch to cream based products for more reliable coverage that won't streak as I put it on, nor will it streak as I sweat. For day, I even use the cream eye shadows as a substitute for eyeliner and reserve my liquid liner for night. The look is much softer and less harsh - the summer is all about relaxation, which carries over to my daily makeup routine.

While I wear waterproof mascara year round, it is even more important in the summer. I wear Maybelline's Volum Express The Falsies waterproof mascara. It is amazing in terms of creating a lasting look, though it can be a bit difficult to get off even with a good eye makeup remover. There are also great water resistant products on the market which are much easier to remove, yet offer the same lasting power as its waterproof counterparts. Just remember, waterproof is different from water resistant. Water resistant products are perfect for even the hottest of summer days, when humidity is high and you know you will sweat lightly. Waterproof, on the other hand, is better for those days where there is a high chance of rain, you will be going to a pool or the beach. Living in south Florida, where you can expect afternoon showers almost every day, waterproof products have become my best friend.

I also exchange out my heavier, more pigmented lipsticks for lighter glosses, stains, and balms. My most recent favorite is Avon's Shine Attract Lipstick in Shimmer Pink. It offers a nice amount of color that isn't overwhelming, as well as a hydrating gloss. Some other favorite's are Hard Candy's World Balmination in Bridal Blush (a nude) and Nivea's A Kiss of Moisture (my old standby).

Last, but not least, don't forget your sunscreen!

Everyone's routine will be different, based on skin type. This is my plan that works well for my combination skin.

What is your routine for foolproof summer makeup? What are your favorite products? Let me know below in the comments - I'm always on the lookout to test new products and add things to my routine, or even replace products I currently use with products that work even better!

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