14 July 2012

Sally Haul

Hello, lovelies! How are you enjoying your weekend? This is my first day off after working for nine days straight, so I'm a bit knackered.

A few weeks ago, upon receiving my first paycheck after my raise, I had to splurge on myself. For me, spoiling and splurging generally takes place at Sally Beauty Supply. I only intended on picking up a few nail polishes, though in the end I walked out $70 poorer but loaded down with things that made me happy.

Read on for haul pics.

Hairtrition ($2.89), Biotera ($.99 on sale),
and Beyond the Zone Last Call ($2.19)
My hair has been a little unruly lately thanks to excessive heat tools, so I picked up a few different deep conditioners.  I asked each of the girls working what they preferred to help me make my decision. The Hairtrition was the most interesting for me because of the 'nutrition facts' that are listed on the front.

I am such a dork for little things like that!

The woman at the register told me about the Biotera. Her hair looked absolutely amazing, which led me to believe that it couldn't be that bad. She also recommended the Beyond the Zone. The other girl working warned me about a chemical smell to it - which it did have - and a strange texture - which it, again, did have. I'll post a more detailed review of it at a later date.

L to R:  Lighthouse, Grape Juice, Sexy in the City,
Flying Dragon (Neon) ($4.99)
 These are what I originally intended on getting. A few polishes, something to spoil myself for a few days - simple.

L to R: Agro, Hook and Line, Dress Me Up, Foie Gras,
Harvest Moon ($3.29 on sale)

In my search for more hair products, I came upon the clearance rack. Anyone who knows me knows I love a good sale, especially when it comes to beauty products. I've gotten some of my favorite products that way. Spotting nail polish on the rack stopped me. Realizing that it was the rest of the Hunger Games collection that I didn't get sold me. 

Here they all are together. I'm only missing Luxe and Lush, Stone Cold, and Mahogany Magic. Maybe one day I'll find them on another clearance section!

Smooth Criminal hair spray ($6.79) and
thermo protect spray ($6.39)
My last two major purchases this trip were humidity blocking hair spray and thermo protect spray. Living in south Florida guarantees that nearly any style I do will fall by the time I get to work thanks to the lovely humidity. Given the weather here, I had to try this spray. The thermo protect spray was an impulse buy, though much needed since I ran out of my Redken blow dry lotion a few weeks ago. I'm still not 100% sure what I think about it as far as performance. It smells great and seems to work well thus far.

The rest of my haul consisted of little things that aren't really worth pictures - a rat tail comb, some rubber bands for the boyfriend (who has total rockstar hair), and bobby pins.

With the amount that I spent, I wasn't shocked to leave the store with some free items. Because I bought two China Glaze items I got a nail nourisher for free. Somehow I also earned a daisy print umbrella ^.^ It's currently rainy season so I'm sure to get some use out of it before the fall. I haven't owned an umbrella in years.

Thanks for reading!

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