14 August 2012

School Shopping

I had completely forgotten how stressful and expensive school shopping can be.

The other half and I took his children shopping for clothes this morning in preparation for school next week. I took his daughter, he took the boys, and we all met up an hour later. His daughter and I had so much fun. She is 10 and really beginning to get into fashion and develop her own style. I absolutely love it. Instead of the typical denims that I expected her to get, she picked out the coolest pair of electric blue skinny jeans. By far they were the most exciting thing that we got. We also discovered out Walmart doesn't seem to carry collared uniform shirts for girls. Great job, Walmart.

The rest of the day wasn't very eventful. Watched a Top Model cycle 7 marathon, got creative with the little circles reinforcers and did a cute mani, and now I'm sitting with the other half watching Ancient Aliens. Looks like I'm going to have strange dreams tonight!

Goodnight, lovelies!

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