17 October 2012

Getting Better

My sinus infection is slowly getting better. I'm better functioning and able to study, finally. I was afraid I wasn't being productive enough and warned my professors. So far, only one has responded, and has been amazing.

I still hate my week old bouquet smelling nasal spray and my horrid tasting cough medicine that looks like antifreeze, but it works. That's the important part.

In the mean time, I've been blogging way too much, watching cartoons snuggled up with my cat, and watching Charmed like it's going out of style. The later seasons have been coming on TV early in the morning, though I've just started a mini marathon of the first season.

It is sooooo grainy on this HD tv! Doesn't stop me from loving the hell out of it.

Eventually I will get all of the seasons. Eventually I'll get all of the seasons of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, too. Those shows were my favorites in high school, and generally the only bits of television I watched after I got entirely sick of The X-Files after Mulder disappeared. After that, I hated that show. Most of my fashion at the time was inspired by characters in either Charmed or Buffy, haha.

I need to study now. I leave with another song of the night, Love Spit Love's version of How Soon is Now. This song was originally done by The Smiths in 1985. I most fondly remember this version of the song from the movie The Craft (another one of my all time favorites), and then later as the theme song for the show Charmed.

Have a great night, everyone! 


  1. i've been having problems with my nose too :( i wonder if it's just that time of year? and good luck with your studies sweetie!

    1. I am wondering the same thing, really. A lot of my customers have been ill as of late. I'm STILL fighting it, though it's gone from sinus to ear infection. I just can't win XD


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