10 October 2012

Hunger Games FTW

Old post is old. I just realized that I hadn't published this, and it was only a draft. Enjoy the geekery.

After a few months of anticipation, I got my copy of The Hunger Games last night. In true need fashion I got the special package with the pendant, which I wear with pride ^_^

Let me just say it was fucking awesome! 

I read all of the books, so I was almost afraid when I heard they were making a movie. 

I wasn't disappointed. Jennifer Lawrence is the perfect Katniss. I cannot wait for the other films to be released. 

I was particularly pleased with how absolutely dreary District 12 was. It was everything that I had hoped for after reading the books. I also adored the hallucination scenes. And Rue! That girl made me cry so hard. It was love from the first moment she appeared in the books, and it was love when she first appeared in the movie. It's hard not to love her, to root for her, to develop an attachment.

I still have to do a full post with all of my China Glaze Hunger Games Collection colors (that I'm missing a few of T_T). I'm so geeked over this series it's not funny. 

I finally got earrings to match the pendant, but they are so heavy that they are almost impossible to wear for more than a few hours. They leave my ears in pain.  

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