09 October 2012

Song of the Night

I'm on a huge 80's kick. I was lucky enough to be old enough to catch some of the music toward the end of the decade and remember watching the videos on Mtv. This one came out the year I was born, but still got airplay for quite a few years after that.

I was SO excited to see Shannon's Give Me Tonight on the Party Monster soundtrack. At the time I was experimenting with the club scene in central Florida, so it almost seemed like it was my soundtrack at the time. There are so many songs that seemed so fit for me and the scene at the time. Listening to it always brings back great memories.

This one will always be one of my favorites - another song that reminds me of my days of leaving the house after 10PM and not coming home until just after dawn, after watching the sun rise over a cup of coffee at Denny's.

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