15 October 2012

The Results Are In

The illness that has been making my life hell for the past week and a half is definitely sinusitis. She said it was caused by a combination of my allergies and smoking.

I now have a slew of medications to take on the daily until this beast is gone.

Until then, I'm bundled and wearing scarves that cover my jaws and ears even though it's about 85 degrees outside. We don't get fall in Florida - just a slightly lower temp with the same awful humidity. I look like a loon out there in my scarves and hats.

My next challenge is to quit smoking, if stress doesn't get to me this time. Another one of my employees called me earlier to tell me he might be quitting, and I'm losing another because of a medical condition. That is all well and good, but I'm the one who has to take up the slack when it comes to picking up shifts. It just so happens that I have a deposition coming up and if both people decide to leave this week, my choices are to either close the store or wind up in contempt of court and face potential jail time.

I'm ready to quit myself, I just don't have a backup job to pay the bills.

I'm sick of all of the drama.


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