14 November 2012

Walking Dead OMFG

This is going to be another post gushing about the latest episode (Season 3, Episode 5) of AMC's The Walking Dead, so if the series doesn't interest you, or you aren't caught up to the latest season, I'd skip this entry entirely.

Spoiler Alert 

First off, fucking Daryl. I absolutely love fucking Daryl.

I love how much of an integral character he has become, particularly when it comes to holding things together when everything else seems to fall apart. I think what gets me the most is his thing for kids - how he fought for Sophia, and now he's fighting for Lori and Rick's baby. Little Ass Kicker, indeed! I think the part that got to me the most is when he brought back the Cherokee rose for Carol.

Let me say that I refuse to believe Carol is dead. Yes, we saw T-Dog being mauled, and eventually totally nommed. All we saw of Carol was her scarf. I refuse to believe that she's gone mainly because there was no body, only her scarf. That leaves a few possibilities for me: either she's somewhere in the prison and hasn't surfaced, or she's a walker. I don't like the idea that she's a walker, but they didn't give much to go by. Finding only her scarf doesn't scream dead to me.

Then there's Michonne. That fight she and Andrea had before Michonne left was more like a lovers quarrel, in all honesty. I want to see how she is going to play out in the series now that she's on her own, and now that Andrea has seen the strangeness of the Governor's complex.

And Penny? Weirdie McWeird. It's almost as bad as the walkers in the barn, how Hershel and his family saw them as 'people' still. At least he wasn't grooming them until they went all chompy and had to be contained.

Okay, that's all I've got to say on that. Eventually I will get back onto our regularly scheduled programming as a beauty blog.

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