16 January 2013

Bad Bloggers Anonymous

Hi, I'm Vonnie, and I'm the worst blogger in the world.

I rock at tweeting, though. A little too much.

Lately I've been neglecting this blog mainly because I've taken a bit of a hiatus from the internet. Instead, I just access Twitter from my phone, check my email, and leave it at that. I've been doing tons and tons of puzzles, so many that I'll have a full art gallery by the time I'm done since I glue them once they are complete.

So I managed to make it through new year celebrations without another trip to the hospital. Rather, I went to my father in law's house, ordered a pizza, and then came home to sit and watch Sex and the City until midnight. Pathetic, but I didn't really want to stay out all night and party, especially when guns usually come up in my other half's childhood neighborhood.

Nothing new is really happening. I'm still going to school, though now I've gone part time. I'm also getting a puppy in April. It will be nice having another puppy companion in the house. I've got a blind Yorkie right now, and he's not much company. He is rather funny when I decide to change the furniture around, bumping into things and such, though he manages somehow.

I felt I needed to make some sort of post before bed. I'll update again soon. While not a lot has happened, there has been a lot that has really happened. I'm having a hard time wrapping my mind around it all.


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