26 March 2013

Spooky Empire 2013

Since I didn't get to go to the other con I wanted to attend, I have decided to go to Spooky Empire in Orlando this year.

I've bought the tickets so there is no excuse now, and anyone who tries to stop me can go suck dog buns.

This year Norman Reedus is going to be there, and that is my main reason for going. I really admire him as an actor and as a person. From what I've been told, he is an extremely humble person and very nice to his fans. If I read right, he rescheduled his flight on Sunday just so he could finish up with fans at the con he was at in Ohio. If that's not sweet, I don't know what is.

Now I'm waiting on a friend of mine to work on my cane. I got my cast off today, and I'll have my walking boot until May, so I'm going to need a cast for long distance walking.

I also need to work out some outfits.

My I <3 Daryl and Walking Dead sweatshirt are coming in on Friday. The rest of the things I wear I am going to sew myself. I'm thinking of doing something that is inspired by the Day of the Dead. That would be wicked sweet.

For now, I need to start getting muscle tone back in my leg. My calf has atrophied so much that I now have a leg that looks like it belongs on a young child. It's so skinny compared to my other leg. If the rest of my body matched up, I wouldn't mind being that thin!

23 March 2013

Saturday Night Randomness

Nothing much has changed in Vonnie land. 

I'm still wrapped up to almost my knee thanks to my lovely break. My incisions still itch, and I still have mini bouts of rage/pissiness because I'm so frustrated. It really sucks, this cast life foolishness.

So, to bide my time at home, I've been mostly looking up funny pictures on the internet to lift my spirits, and watching The Walking Dead.

First I wanna share a picture that totally tickled me.

This is wallpaper size, so enjoy Adventure Time fans! One day, I'm going to use this as an insult, probably at a totally random and inappropriate moment. Try saying 'dog buns' and not giggling. 
Can't do it, can ya? 

Watching the hell out of The Walking Dead has really taken my mind off of matters. They are going through so much shit in that show it's hard to really feel down on yourself. 

I do have a bit of beef  - when the hell are we going to see Melissa McBride's name in the opening credits, huh? We get everyone else BUT her and it's pissing me off. 

Carol has been my favorite character from day one. At first, I couldn't really explain it. What would attract me to such a weak human being that has allowed herself to be convinced that she deserves the beatings her husband dishes out on her, to defend him after he has his ass handed to him by Shane? Everyone I know didn't like her because they felt Carol was useless, a waste of space. 
Need I remind you that it was Carol that got everyone out of the CDC? 

I could see something that my friends couldn't. Given the time, even the weakest person will thrive in an environment when they absolutely have to. She could have offed herself after Sophia's death, but she didn't. She carried on. 

Then, between seasons two and three, something changed. She came back as a total kick ass chick. There was a sudden spark, a fire behind her eyes. 
As the season has continued, she's continued to grow. I'm hoping that next season we will really get to expand more on the lesser focused upon characters like Carol, and Milton if the poor guy doesn't meet his end in the last two episodes of this season. 
As for Caryl (the Carol/Daryl ship), I ship it like a mothafucker. What of it? 

Since I'm in a much better mood, it's time for some small Carol/Melissa spam. She's just beautiful. If you have anything negative to say, save that breath for suckin' some dog buns. 

That outfit I find enchanting. I've just never been svelte enough to wear something like that, even at my smallest.

Season 3 Carol ready to stab some walkers in the face with that tire iron. Season 1 Carol would have hesitated, I think. 

 And, for good measure, this one always makes me smile. 

Maybe once something starts going on in my life I'll blog something that is really worth a damn.

For now, stay golden and I'll see you next time, same bat time, same bat channel.

18 March 2013

17 March 2013


Lately I've been going through a lot of changes and made some decisions.

In roughly a year, I will be moving to Georgia with my boyfriend, one of our closest friends, and her children.

We are looking into property with land attached, and have discussed ways of becoming totally self sufficient and pretty much off of the grid as far as power and other means of consumption are concerned. We're going to have our own garden so we can grow and can our own food, I'm going to have chickens for fresh eggs, and we are going to rely on hunting during season to feed us the year round. We also plan on making most of our clothing, personal hygiene supplies, and pretty much anything else that we need that we can make ourselves.

Along with those changes comes the decision that I will no longer be studying finance. It just isn't where my passions lie anymore.

After my experience at the hospital, and my newfound courage when it comes to needles, I think I want to go into the medical field.

This works, mainly for the fact that the second largest hospital in Georgia is located in the city we will be moving to. Bonus number two? It's got one of only two level one trauma centers in the state of GA.

And if I need a change of scenery for a few days, Atlanta is only about an hour or so away. Endless restaurants, shopping, concerts, and cons. Life will be good.

Reflecting my change in attitude and mentality, this blog will be changing as well. I know it's gravitated away from a beauty blog. It did that a while ago. Now this will be my personal space for whatever the hell suits me at the time. It will also be my log of daily life.

I thank all of my followers that were following this fledgling beauty blog, and I hope you don't decide to unfollow because it isn't targeting the same demographic it once did. I've met some amazing people through this experience thus far and hope that you will grow along with  me.

11 March 2013

One Month, Two Years

One month ago today, I had my ankle surgery. Lately it has been hurting even worse than normal, to the point of nausea, so I'm going to go back to the doctor later today. My boyfriend says it is normal, though I am not so sure, and neither is my father. I have pain isolated on the inside of my ankle, as well as swelling on the top of my ankle where it's supposed to bend, and tingling in my big toe.

I have been sleeping harder lately, and I wake up every morning in pain after I've kicked my propping pillows off. I'm in pain right now if I don't have it propped, and even then I feel intense pressure.

Not to mention the cast itches like a total mofo.

I'm hoping to god that this is just normal, that I'm being a worry wart as usual, and that I'll just pop in for an x-ray and bloodwork to determine that it's run of the mill stuff and hope I don't get hospitalized again.

I like the hospital here, don't get me wrong, I just don't wanna go back for more bills.

My other reason for posting this is to take a moment to remember the victims of the tsunamis and earthquakes in Japan two years ago today.

I was scared shitless. I had two loved ones in Japan at the time, one that I was able to get into contact with within the first 24 hours (he was further away from the worst of the damage), and another that took almost three months to find. Every day I searched for him on the missing persons listings hoping to see he had been located.

Even today thinking of that time makes my chest tight.

Please take a moment to remember the lost, and to say a prayer for recovery. Recognize the strength and resilience of the people of Japan.


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